The most important verse in the entire Holy Bible was omitted from the original Latin Vulgate Version of Jerome because the Roman Catholic "holy trinity" of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph replaced the Father, the Word, and the Holy Spirit!

In the past, heretics who denied the Holy Trinity were called ARIANS. However, the Popes were not ARIANS because they believed in the counterfeit "holy trinity" of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph!

Jesus Constantine brought women's lib or suffrage from Britannia when he convened the Council of Nicaea in 325.

The Catholic "holy trinity" of Jesus, Mary,
and Joseph in Bethlehem.

At the Council of Nicaea, Jesus, Mary, and Joseph made their debut at members of the "holy trinity."

Jesus was/is Jesus Constantine, Mary or Maria is Isis, Athena, or Minerva, and Joseph is the "Holy Spirit."

Some infamous Josephs include Emperor Franz Joseph, Nazi Joseph Goebbels, and "Communist" Joseph Stalin!



The dying Joseph depicted with
Jesus and Mary.

Satan rages against every verse of Holy Scripture, but there is one verse in particular that arouses the wrath of Apollyon to a fever pitch. That verse is I Saint John 5:7, where the 3 Heavenly Witnesses, or Holy Trinity is clearly delineated.

Beginning in 303, a storm of persecution hit the Christian Congregation, Under pain of death, all copies of the Holy Scriptures were ordered to be handed over for burning.

That great tribulation lasted for 10 years and hundreds of thousands of Christians persisted. Millions of books—both Christian and pagan—were consigned to the flames. Amazingly, the Pilgrims in Plymouth Plantation suffered great tribulation for 10 years until deliverance finally came for Israel in the Wilderness in 1630.

Emperor Jesus Constantine (272–337). Misruled from 306 to 337.

Counterfeit Christian Jesus Constantine presided as "bishop" over the Council of Nicaea.

Around 330, he ordered Christian historian Eusebius of Caesarea to send him 50 copies of the Greek Holy Scriptures for his "inspection."

Constantine assembled a team of Latin "scribes" to omit and change all verses that did not agree with his new "Constantinian Christianity."

That was the genesis of the corrupt Latin Vulgate Version!


Eusebius of Caesarea

Eusebius of Caesarea had no option but to comply with the demands of counterfeit Constantine . . . or lose his head:

It happens, through the favoring providence of God our Saviour, that great numbers have united themselves to the most holy church
in the city which is called by my name. It seems, therefore, highly requisite, since that city is rapidly advancing in prosperity in all other respects, that the number of churches should also be increased. Do you, therefore, receive with all readiness my determination on this behalf. I have thought it expedient to instruct your Prudence to order fifty copies of the sacred Scriptures, the provision and use of which you know to be most needful for the instruction of the Church, to be written on prepared parchment in a legible manner, and in a convenient, portable form, by professional transcribers thoroughly practiced in their art. The catholicus of the diocese has also received instructions by letter from our Clemency to be careful to furnish all things necessary for the preparation of the copies; and it will be for you to take special care that they be completed with as little delay as possible. You have authority also, in virtue of this letter to use two of the public carriages for their conveyance, by which arrangement the copies when fairly written will most easily be forwarded for my personal inspection; and one of the deacons of your church may be entrusted with this service, who, on their arrival here, shall experience my liberality. (Eusebius Life of Constantine, Book XXXVI).

That was tantamount to sending copies of the Holy Scriptures to Apollyon himself for his inspection. It was typical of Jesus Constantine to try and bribe everybody with his liberality. That was how he made converts to his church!

Painting of Jerome (340– 420)
Painting of Jerome (340– 420)
by El Greco.

From 330 to 383, Constantine's team of "scribes" worked on the new translation, omitting and changing any verses that did not agree with the theology of his new "Constantinian Christianity."

In 382, Pope Damasus ordered a monk named Jerome to give his name to the new translation which he "prayed" would replace the Old Latin or Italia version of 150 AD.

By that time Roma was the counterfeiting capital of the world!

Pope Damasus I (305-384).
Pope Damasus I (305–384).
Pope from 366 to 384.

Pope Damasus I was one of the most belligerent pontiffs who damned everybody who refused to convert to Roman Catholicism!

I Saint John 5:7 was missing from the original Latin Vulgate Version!

The one verse in Scripture that clearly teaches the doctrine of the Holy Trinity was omitted from Jerome's version. The companion verse that clearly teaches the divinity of Christ remained, but the name Theós was omitted:

And evidently great is the mystery of godliness, which was manifested in the flesh, was justified in the spirit, appeared unto angels, hath been preached unto the Gentles, is believed in the world, is taken up into glory (I Timothy 3:16, Douay-Rheims Version).

Typically for that translation, the scribes did their utmost to downplay the divinity of the Messiah.

Augustine of Hippo Regius (354-430).
Augustine of Hippo Regius
430) writing the Koran.

North African Christians never accepted the new "Constantinian Christianity," and the corrupt Latin Vulgate Version of Jerome.

That was the reason why Augustine wrote the unholy Koran to replace the Old Latin Version.

The version that Saint Patrick used in Hibernia was the Old Latin Version, so Pope Boniface I ordered Palladius to replace it with his corrupt Latin Vulgate Version.


Pope Boniface I.
Pope from 418 to 422.

The great stronghold of Christianity that was North Africa was swept away by the locust plague from the desert known as the Muslim Saracens. Their so-called "holy book" denies the fundamental Christian doctrine of the Holy Trinity:

People of the Book, do not transgress the bounds of your religion. Speak nothing but the truth about God. The Messiah, Jesus son of Mary, was no more than God's apostle and His Word which he cast to Mary: a spirit from Him. So believe in God and his apostles and do not say 'Three.' Forbear, and it shall be better for you. God is but one God. God forbid that he should have a son (Sura 4:171, Parallel Arabic-English text).

Their so-called "holy book" also advocates beheading anybody who refuses to deny belief in the Holy Trinity:

When you meet the unbelievers in the battlefield strike off their heads and, when you have laid them low, bind your captives firmly. Then grant them their freedom or take ransom from them, until War shall lay down her burdens (Sura 47:1).

The Saracenic reign of terror was replaced by the Terrible Turks, and beheading was also their favorite method of execution!

Erasmus said the verse was spurious because he could not find it in any Greek manuscripts!!

Erasmus of Rotterdam is famous for collating the Greek New Testament that sparked the blessed Reformation. Erasmus scoured Europe looking for Bible manuscripts, but he claimed that he could not find one Greek manuscript that contained the 3 Heavenly Witnesses.

However, he did not look very carefully, and he chose to ignore several Greek manuscripts that contained the verse in a library in Zurich, Switzerland.

Desiderius Erasmus

Erasmus scoured Europe for copies of Greek manuscripts. He claimed that he could not find one Greek manuscript that contained I Saint John 5:7, so he rejected the verse as spurious.

Erasmus was a close friend of Sir Thomas More, and in his Dialogue Concerning Heresies, More wrote about seeing "old and fair English Bibles in the houses of his friends."

Naturally, those Bibles were for the eyes of the clergy only and could not be perused by the laity.


Sir Thomas More

Erasmus produced a parallel Greek-Latin translation so that "scholars" could see the difference between the two versions. Obviously, I Saint John 5:7 was missing from the Greek version, so Erasmus implied that it was a later interpolation.

Unfortunately for Erasmus, many English Christians were familiar with the verse because it was included in the New Covenant or New Testament of Saint John Wycliffe.

Saint John Wycliffe

Saint John Wycliffe—the Morning Star of the Reformation—was a professor at Oxford University.

While teaching at the university he discovered a copy of the Old Latin Version.

That version included the all-important verse, and it was included in the English version of the Latin Vulgate!

Erasmus was forced to include it in his 1522 edition of the Greek New Testament.


Babylonians burning the bones
of Saint John Wycliffe.

That is how the English version of the Latin Vulgate included a verse which was missing from the Latin Vulgate in the Vatican library....For translating the Bible into English from the Old Latin Version, the Babylonians dug up and burned his bones . . . 44 years after his death!

Sir Isaac "Newton" and author Edward Gibbon were bitter foes of the 3 Heavenly Witnesses!!

Sir Isaac "Newton" is famous for his massive Latin tome entitled the Principia—the greatest work of science fiction ever written....Because none of his peers could understand it, "Newton" saw that as proof of his superior intelligence!

As a professor at Trinity College, Cambridge, "Newton" spent many years studying the history of Christianity in order to disprove the Holy Trinity!

Bust of Sir Isaac "Newton"

During his lifetime, "Newton" was afraid to publish his heretical views so all of his theological books were published after his death.

His Two Notable Corruptions of Scripture attacked I Saint John 5:7 and I Timothy 3:16.

Gibbon is famous for his massive 6-volume History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.

That "historian" didn't know that Emperor Jesus Constantine and George Washington were born in Britannia!


Author Edward Gibbon

Gibbon couldn't refrain from using his poison pen to vent his sarcasm at the 3 Heavenly Witnesses:

The memorable text which asserts the unity of the THREE who bear witness in heaven, is condemned by the universal silence of the orthodox Fathers, ancient versions, and authentic MAS. It was first alleged by the Catholic Bishops whom summoned to the Conference of Carthage. An allegorical interpretation, in the form perhaps of a marginal note, invaded the text of the Latin Bibles, which were renewed and corrected in a dark period of ten centuries. After the invention of printing, the editors of the Greek Testament yielded to their own prejudices, or those of the times; and the pious fraud, which was embraced with equal zeal at Rome and at Geneva, has been infinitely multiplied in every country and every language of modern Europe). (Gibbon, Decline and Fall, VI, pp. 291-293).

If both of those men were alive at the time of Saint John Wycliffe they would have been delighted to carry the firewood that burned his bones!

A 19th century Bible manuscript was pawned off as the oldest Bible in the world!!

The burning issue during the 19th century was the identity of the true Greek text of the New Testament. In 1844, "biblical scholar" Constantin von Tischendorf set out for Egypt in order to "discover" the oldest Greek manuscripts of the New Testament.

Before sailing to Cairo, he stopped off at the Vatican, where he had a private audience with Pope Gregory XVI. That was the same Pope Gregory who condemned Bible Societies as "pests."

Constantin von Tischendorf, S.J.

In 1844, sinister Jesuit Constantin von Tischendorf "discovered" a Greek version of the New Testament in St. Catherine's Monastery in Mount Sinai, Egypt.

It was hailed in England as the oldest extant copy of the New Testament. Obviously, it was missing I Saint John 5:7.

When Greek paleographer Constantine Simonides saw the manuscript in Liverpool, he realized immediately that it was the same manuscript that he had written in Mount Athos!



Constantine Simonides

As a brilliant young paleographer, Constantine was commissioned by his Uncle Benedict—head monk in the Mount Athos Monastery—to produce a copy of the Greek Bible as a present for Tsar Nicholas I of Russia:

About the end of the year 1839, the venerable Benedict, my uncle, spiritual head of the monastery Panteleemon in Mount Athos, wished to present to the Emperor Nicholas I of Russia, some gift from the sacred mountain, in grateful acknowledgement of the presents which had from time to time been offered to the monastery of the martyr. Not possessing anything which he deemed acceptable, he consulted with the herald Procopius and the Russian monk Paul, and they decided upon a copy of the Old and New Testaments, written according to the ancient form, in capital letters, and on parchment. (Cooper, The Forging of Codex Sinaiticus, p. 150).

The Bible was to look authentic as a work produced in the 4th century. He was assisted by the monks and he called the finished manuscript Codex Simonides.

Mount Athos Monastery in Greece.

Around 1839, Constantine Simonides was commissioned to produce a copy of the ancient Greek Bible as a present for the Tsar of Russia.

Constantine used the ancient Greek script and it was written on ancient unused parchment!

That Bible never reached the Tsar because it ended up in the Saint Catherine's Monastery where it was "discovered" by Tischendorf.



Saint Catherine's Monastery in Mount Sinai
where Tischendorf "discovered" Codex Simonides.

Simonides could identity the manuscript as his own work because of certain identifying marks he had placed in the text. However, he was ruthlessly attacked by the Jesuits because they planned on using that counterfeit to replace the traditional Greek Textus Receptus.

Simonides met an untimely death in 1867 because he refused to keep silent about the massive fraud perpetuated by the Jesuits!

Tischendorf made 3 trips to the Mount Sinai Monastery. The first trip he returned with 43 pages of the codex to Leipzig University in Germany. The second trip in 1853 he returned empty-handed. His third trip was sponsored by Tsar Alexander II of Russia, so the remainder of the manuscript ended up in the Russian National Library in St. Petersburg.

The Joseph Stalin double sold Codex Sinaiticus to his British sponsors!!

In 1933, the Joseph Stalin double regime was broke so the double decided to sell Codex Sinaitiucs to the British Library for £100,000.

That was a colossal sum during the Great Depression!

Imagine a "Communist" dictator raising money by selling a very rare "Bible" manuscript!

It was not incongruous because "Stalin" and Codex Sinaiticus were both fakes!


The British Library purchased Codex Sinaiticus
from the Joseph Stalin double in 1933.

The codex is now split into four unequal portions: 347 leaves in the British Library in London (199 of the Old Testament, 148 of the New Testament), 12 leaves and 14 fragments in the Saint Catherine's Monastery, 43 leaves in the Leipzig University Library, and fragments of 3 leaves in theRussian National Library in Saint Petersburg.

The Vatican Library collection of manuscripts and books is just the tip of the iceberg!

The Vatican Library is aboveground and contains a vast collection of books and manuscripts. However, the bulk of the Vatican collection, dating back 2000 years, is located in the Secret Archives!

The Vatican Library is located aboveground,
but access is strictly limited.

Most of the manuscripts and books written during the past 2000 years are kept in the vast Secret Archives.

The archives are purported to stretch for 30 miles (48 km) under the city of Roma.

Copies of the original Latin Italia version are kept there.


The Vatican Secret Archives contains
millions of manuscripts and books!

That is the one place on earth where you can see complete, uncorrupted copies of the Holy Scriptures. Of course, they are off limits to the public, and anybody seeking access to the aboveground library is carefully vetted!

The twin of Codex Sinaiticus is called Codex Vaticanus, and all of the modern versions of the "Bible" are based on the those 2 corrupt manuscripts! Of course, they all omit the 3 Heavenly Witnesses!

The Messiah promised to preserve his WORDS to all generations:

The words of JEHOVAH are pure words, as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times. Thou shalt keep them O JEHOVAH, thou shalt preserve them from this generation forever (Psalm 12: 6-7).

As much as Apollyon rages against the Holy Scriptures he cannot change one single WORD because he is a spirit....What is beyond belief is the fact that throughout the long centuries he has found a legion of human helpers to do his diabolical work:

For I testify to everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book: If anyone adds to these things, Elohim will add to him the plagues that are written in this book; and if anyone takes away from the words of the book of this prophecy, Elohim shall take away his part from the Book of Life, from the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book (Apocalypse 22:18-19).

Changing the Scriptures did not begin with Jesus Constantine because the scribes in Jerusalem were changing the Hebrew Scriptures during the 40 years prior to the destruction of Old Jerusalem.

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