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Pax Americana Equals Pax Romana!!

In this exposé, we use Americana for the Rome controlled "U.S." and Cabotia for the Protestant U.S.

Last updated on May 6, 2004.

Pope John Paul II and President Bush at the Vatican.

Pope John Paul II and President Bush at the Vatican.

  Pope John Paul II urges President Bush to hurry up and fulfill Fatima before he dies, during a strategy session at the Vatican on July 23, 2001. Just 50 days later the WTC was bombed giving the Pentagon the excuse to surround Russia with military bases.

The United States of Cabotia that we all knew and loved has been taken over by an alien force....This alien force is called the Society of Jesuits—the Gestapo of the Vatican. They will do ANYTHING to bring our beloved land under the iron heel of Rome.

Ignatius LIEola (1491-1556). Co-founder of the Jesuits.

Ignatius LIEola (1491-1556). Co-founder of the Jesuits.

  The alien force was founded by Ignatius LIEola on August 15, 1534, to fight the Glorious Reformation of Saint Martin Luther which began on Oct. 31, 1517, with the posting of the 95 Theses on the congregation door at Wittenberg, Germany.

Until their suppression by all the Roman Catholic monarchs beginning in 1750, they were responsible for the Thirty Years' War, the Spanish Armada, the St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre in France, etc., etc.

They were so wicked and corrupt that even the devil himself became ashamed of them and they were finally banned from every Catholic country in Europe including Japan and China. They were finally and permanently outlawed by the Pope himself in 1773.

Pope Clement XIV banned the Jesuit Order by a perpetual decree!!

Pope Clement XIV (1769-1774).

Pope Clement XIV (1769-1774).
A victim of the cantrella of Borgia!!

  On July 21, 1773, this "infallible" Pope banned the Jesuit order by a perpetual decree never to be rescinded. It cost him his life as he was given the cup of Borgia shortly thereafter and died a horrible lingering death.

"And to this end a member of the regular clergy, recommendable for this prudence and sound morals, shall be chosen to preside over and govern the said houses; so that the name of the Company shall be, and is, for ever extinguished and suppressed" (Portion of Bull of Suppression of Pope Clement XIV).

As soon as the Bull was issued, all the Roman Catholic sovereigns of Europe put it into effect. In Spain and Portugal they loaded the Jesuits on ships and sent them to Italy. Italy however did not want them:

"Torrigiani obeyed Ricci's injunction to the letter. When after some days' sailing the first vessels arrived before Civita Vecchia, they were received by cannon shot. The poor Jesuits, who thought they were near the end of their sufferings, and had smiled at the sight of the promised land, were furious when they saw themselves rejected from a country in which they knew that their General had the utmost influence, and loudly accused him of being the author of all their miseries. The Spanish commander, not wishing to employ violence, and to land by force of arm, coasted away towards Leghorn and Genoa, but there too they were refused a landing. A similar fate was reserved for them on their first approach to Corsica; and only after having been for six long months at the mercy of the winds and waves, were those unfortunate monks, decimated by illness, fatigue, and old age, permitted to disembark in Corsica, lately ceded by Genoa to France, and where Paoli at that same moment had begun to fight for independence." (G. B. Nicolini, History of the Jesuits, p. 358).

Nobody wanted these sons of LIEola in their territory and they finally found a refuge on CORSICA:

King Louis XV was the driving force behind the Jesuit ban!!

King Louis XV was the driving force behind the banning of the Jesuits. He knew that they were the instigators of the 7 Years' War (1756-1763) or the first world war.

King Louis XV.

King Louis XV.
1710 to 1774.
King of France from 1715 to 1774.


The 7 Years' War cost France her colonies in the New World and in India.

The king and his ministers insisted that the Pope ban them perpetually.

Pope Clement XIV was very, very reluctant to do so as he knew that the move would cost him his life. The Pope relented however and the Jesuits were perpetually banned in 1763.

It is not a coincidence that Pope and king died the following year.

Only one more Bourbon king reigned over France and he was executed during the French Revolution in 1793.

Napoleon Bonaparte was born on the island of Corsica!!

The world was told that Carlo Maria Buonaparte was the father of Napoleon. He could not possible be the REAL father. The Jesuits were famous or rather infamous for seducing the wives of kings and rulers in the confessional. The offspring of such unions were often passed of as legitimate children.

Island of Corsica, just south of France, was a haven for the Jesuits.

Island of Corsica, just south of France, was a haven for the Jesuits.


It just so happens that the man who shook the world for 20 years was born on Corsica in the year 1769. His name: Napoleon Bonaparte.

The Jesuit "Fathers" were dumped on the island and many of them had Rasputin like power over women.

It is almost a certainty that a Jesuit priest was the "father" of Bonaparte in more ways than one.

The Jesuits were determined to get their revenge on the kings of Europe who followed the French lead in banning them.

The Bonaparte dynasty was greatly used by the Jesuits in the years following the French Revolution.

Pope Pius VII removed the perpetual ban of his predecessor!!

Pope Pius VII (1800-1823).

Pope Pius VII (1800-1823).

  In 1814, this "infallible" Pope removed the "perpetual" ban of his predecessor and restored the Jesuits. In 1801, he signed a Concordat with Napoleon Bonaparte and crowned him Emperor of France in 1804.

"On Sunday, the 7th of August 1814, Pius VII, went in state to the church of the Gesù, celebrating himself the mass before the altar consecrated to Loyola; heard a second mass, immediately after which he caused to be read and promulgated the bull by which the Society of Jesus was re-established according to the ancient rules" (J. B. Nicolini, History of the Jesuits, p. 439).

Pope Pius VII crowing Napoleon Emperor of France.

Pope Pius VII crowing Napoleon Emperor of France.


Napoleon III, Emperor of France (1852-1870).

Napoleon III, Emperor of France (1852-1870).

This man was Emperor of France during the U.S. Civil War. He was the nephew of Napoleon Bonaparte and was the main prop of the Pope's temporal power. He had 5,000 soldiers garrisoning the Papal States. With the fall of the Papal States in 1870, the Jesuits told their slaves to emigrate to the U.S. and take over this great Republic in order to restore the fallen Papal kingdom in Italy.

How the Alien Force took over the U.S. Government!!

President William McKinley (1897-1901).

William McKinley
President from1897-1901.

  President William McKinley (another great Scot) and a Civil War hero was the last really genuine Christian and Rome-free President. He was assassinated by a Jesuit assassin named Leon Czolgosz on Sept. 6, 1901.

The President's Vice-President was HARVARD "educated" WAR HERO Teddy Roosevelt.

Teddy Roosevelt became President and completely reversed all the policies of his predecessor.

He paved the way for Rockefeller to establish the "Federal" Reserve Bank thus making the Great Depression possible in 1929.

Teddy Roosevelt paved the way for the founding of the "Federal" Reserve Bank

HARVARD "educated" President Theodore Roosevelt (1901-1909).

Theodore Roosevelt.
President from 1901-1909.

  HARVARD "educated" Teddy Roosevelt became President when our beloved President William McKinley was assassinated.

Roosevelt was the nephew of notorious rebel James D. Bulloch, rebel spy master to Great Britain and commerce raider shipbuilder in Liverpool, England.

Rough Rider Roosevelt became a war hero in the Spanish-American War when he charged up San Juan Hill with guns blazing.

His father wasn't so gung-ho during the Civil War because he paid $200.00 for a substitute to fight for him.

This opened the way to the White House for Roosevelt as a war hero!!

Roosevelt's "Uncle Jimmy"

HARVARD "educated" President Theodore Roosevelt (1901-1909).

Rebel spy master James D. Bulloch

  Bullock was an uncle of Theodore Roosevelt and a notorious rebel. Only Robert E. Lee did more for the rebel cause. Before the war, he was an officer in the U.S. Navy and that is where he received all his shipbuilding training!!

He was Confederate spy master to Great Britain and the father of the CIA. He was responsible for building commerce raiders in Liverpool, England, to prey on Union shipping.

There was no pardon for his war crimes and he feared to ever return to the U.S. He died in Liverpool, England in 1901.

A Bonaparte to head up the FBI—"Federal" Bureau of Inquisition!!

Charles Joseph Bonaparte, Attorney General from 1906 to 1909.

Charles Joseph Bonaparte, Attorney General from 1906 to 1909.

  Another Bonaparte. . . .to destroy the Cabotian Republic....This man was the grand nephew of the Emperor and attorney General under Roosevelt from 1906 to 1909.

He founded the Bureau of Inquisition which later became know as the "Federal" Bureau of Inquisition or the FBI. He also founded an organization called the American Protective League which spied on patriotic people who exposed Rome's activities. People confused it with the patriotic U.S. Protective Association or the APA.

Roosevelt served a second term and swore that he would not run for the Presidency a third time. He was succeeded by his Vice-President William Howard Taft.

President Taft refused to charter a Bank and he was defeated by Roosevelt

William Howard Taft.
President from 1909 to 1913.

  President Taft refused to go along with the unconstitutional imperial Presidency of his predecessor so Roosevelt decided to have him removed.

Here is how he pulled it off. Roosevelt broke his promise never to seek a third term to the Presidency. He ran under the Progressive Party or the Bull Moose Party. Of course this is the old Roman battle tactic of divide and conquer your enemy.

He split the Republican vote and gave the election to Rockefeller stooge Woodrow Wilson. Wilson was a Democrat.

Rome's tactics of divide and conquer!!

Election Results of 1912

Presidential Candidate
Popular Votes
Electoral Votes
Wilson (D)
Roosevelt (P)
Taft (R)

President Wilson was a tool of Rockefeller to establish the "Federal" Reserve Bank!!

Woodrow Wilson.
President from (1913-1921).

  College Professor Woodrow Wilson was a real tool of the Jesuits. In Oct. 1913, he signed the Income Tax Amendment into law. This tax was an exact duplicate of the Pope's tax on his slaves during the darkest time of the Dark Ages:

"In 1166 indulgence was conceded to those contributing to a tax imposed by Henry II in his dominions in response to a papal appeal for aid in behalf of the Holy Land. The tax was two pence from each pound of the payer's revenues and from each pound's worth of his personal property for one year, and one penny there from for each of the four succeeding years. Henry's instructions to his French subjects arranged for chests with three locks, of which the priest and two parishioners should have the keys, to be located in every parish church. Each contributor was to compute his liability under oath and deposit the resulting sum in the chest. Whoever observed his oath scrupulously would be relieved of one-third of his enjoined penance. For this decree the king had the approval of a council of barons and bishops, but whether the indulgence was authorized by the bishops or by the pope does not appear" (Papal Revenues during the Middle Ages, vol. I, p.115).

Woodrow Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act in 1913

In 1913, by Executive Order he signed the Federal Reserve Act which placed the finances of the U.S. in private hands and was modeled on the European Banking System. In 1917, he got the U.S. involved in WW I.

The private Federal Reserve Bank gained control of the entire U.S. economy and paved the way for the Great Depression in 1929 which enabled FDR to seize power in the U.S. and Hitler in Germany.


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