The month of August is named after Augustus Caesar who was the first Roman Emperor. After defeating Antony and Cleopatra he inaugurated a golden era of peace called the Pax Romana. Around 4 BC, during the month of August (Hebrew Tammuz), the angel Gabriel appeared to the virgin Miriam in Nazareth, and announced (Annunciation) that she was going to be the mother of Immanuel....9 months later Miriam gave birth to the WORD made flesh in Bethlehem (Isaiah 7:14, Micah 5:2, Saint Luke 1:27, Saint John 1:14).


The angel Gabriel appearing to the virgin Miriam in
The Annunciation, by Leonardo da Vince.


In August 70 AD, the Messiah returned spiritually with great power and military might to put an end to the abominable animal sacrifices in the Temple which he made obsolete by his death and Resurrection (Daniel 9:27, Saint Matthias 24:15, Hebrews 10:12).

"Kaiser Bill" boasted of "lunch in Paris, and dinner in Saint Petersburg!"

Under the direction of the Winston Churchill doubles, the Second Reich constructed a fearsome armada of battleships and cruisers....It was the German equivalent of the "Invincible" Spanish Armada. On land, "Kaiser Bill" had an awesome juggernaut that he was confident would conquer France and Orthodox Russia simultaneously!

There were 2 Caesars in Europe when the "Great War" started in 1914: one in Berlin and the other in Saint Petersburg.

A WC double as First Lord
of the Admiralty.

In October 1911, King George V appointed a Winston Churchill double to the position of First Lord of the Admiralty.

That was just a year before the sinking of the Olympic aka Titanic.

The Churchill double promised the "German sausage" that the Panama Canal would be ready for his dreadnoughts to transit in 1913.



"Kaiser Bill" (18881941).
Misruled Germany from
1888 to 1918.

In 1911, war almost broke out between Germany and France over the Second Moroccan Crisis. "Kaiser Bill" dispatched a warship to French Morocco but the crisis was resolved peacefully because the canal was not yet finished.

Churchill assured his cousin that the canal would open in 1913 but a landslide delayed the opening until August 1914.

Theodore Roosevelt (1858–1919).
"Accidental" President from
Sept. 14, 1901 to March 4, 1909.

Demagogue Theodore Roosevelt seized power after assassinating President McKinley in September 1901.

His top priority was the Panama Canal so he engineered a coup d'etat in Columbia that separated Panama from Columbia.

He ordered the builders to "make the dirt fly" so that the canal would be ready by 1913.

"Republican" Roosevelt wanted "Democrat" Woodrow Wilson in the White House in 1913 so he ran for President as a "Bull Moose" candidate, thus guaranteeing "Mr. Thirteen's" election!


Woodrow Wilson (d. Feb. 3, 1924).
President from March 4, 1913, to
March 4, 1921.

Woodrow Wilson became President in March 1913, and since his "lucky number" was 13 he was "praying" that the canal would be ready for the Kaiser's fleet during that year!

battleship Kaiser was anxiously awaiting
the opening of the Panama Canal.

Construction of the Second Reich's armada began in 1897 and accelerated after 1901 when gold stolen from South Africa began to flow into Germany.

Admiral Von Tirpitz was in charge of the massive naval construction, and it was the marine equivalent of the Vickers-Maxim-Krupp machine guns.



The SS Ancon was the first ship to transit
the canal, August 15, 1914.

After "Kaiser Bill" had lunch in Paris and dinner in St. Petersburg, he expected his "invincible" armada to transit the Panama Canal and terrorize the "Pacific" Ocean.

As usual, it was the mighty Russian nation that saved the world from British/Prussian tyranny.

General Paul von Rennenkampf

In August 1914, Nicholas Dagmar dispatched patriotic Russian General Paul von Rennenkampf to East Prussia.

In no time at all the general had the Prussians on the run and fleeing back to Berlin.

As a result, Germany had to withdraw 2 army corps and a cavalry division from France.

However, General Alexander Samsonov was a complete failure!


General Alexander Samsonov
(1859August 1914).

Here is a quote about that fateful intervention by a Winston Churchill double....As usual, it is only half the TRUTH:

And at that culminating moment the Russian pressure began to produce substantial effects. Honour must ever be done to the Tsar and Russian nation for the noble ardour and loyalty with which they hurled themselves into the war. A purely Russian treatment of their military problem would have led the Russian armies into immediate withdrawal from their frontiers until the whole of their vast mobilization was completed. Instead of this, they added to a forward mobilization an impetuous advance not only against Austria but against Germany. The flower of the Russian Army was soon to be cut down in enormous battles in East Prussia. But the results of their invasion were gathered at the decisive point. The nerve of the German Headquarters failed. On August 25 two army corps and cavalry of the German right were withdrawn from France. On August 31 Lord Kitchener was able to telegraph to Sir John French "Thirty-two trains of German troops were yesterday reported moving from the western field to meet the Russians." (Churchill, The World Crisis 1911–1918, p. 147).

General von Rennenkampf was not able to stop the Prussian juggernaut, so General Samsonov was supposed to support him. Samsonov turned out to be a complete failure, so General von Rennenkampf was denied the prize of entering Berlin and ending the war.

That was the reason why the Churchill doubles decided that the Nazis were going to conquer France first before invaliding Russia in 1941.

Field Marshal Helmuth von Moltke (1848–1916).

Field Marshal Helmuth von Moltke was Chief of the German General Staff from 1906 to 1914.

He was supposed to guarantee that "Kaiser Bill" would have "lunch in Paris and dinner in St. Petersburg."

"Dead Head" fired him in September for failing to enter Paris as planned!

He was replaced by General Erich von Falkenhayn who introduced poison gas to the Western Front in April 1915.


General Erich von Falkenhayn

The introduction of deadly poison gas by General Erich von Falkenhayn failed to end the stalemate on the Western Front.

The war on the Eastern Front also turned into a deadly stalemate until the "Communist" Revolution knocked Orthodox Russia out of the war.

"Dead Head" Crown Prince Wilhelm

By spring 1918 the Prussians were just 30 miles (48 km) from Paris.

When the Crown Prince heard that the Marines were blocking his advance on Paris he ordered his most fanatical, husky Huns into the battle.

It was Armageddon in the Wood, and the Marines called it "Hell in the Wood."

General Richard von Conta commanded the fanatical Army Group German Crown Prince regiment.



General Richard von Conta

The huge Krupp long range gun named "Big Bertha" began lobbing shells into the city. Panic reigned as the Parisians began to flee the city. Not since August 1914 was the city in such grave danger!

With rifles and bayonets the "Devil Dogs" chased
the Boche out of Belleau Wood.

During the Battle of Belleau Wood the Marines earned the sobriquet "Devil Dogs."

Their mode of fighting up close with rifles and bayonets alarmed the Boche.

They were accused of "unsoldierly conduct," even though the Prussians used poison gas and flame throwers!


"Devil Dogs" recruiting poster.

With their reputation as pugnacious warriors firmly established, the Marines participated in many more battles, until the Boche had enough of the "Devil Dogs," and "Kaiser Bill" called for an armistice on November 11, 1918.

On the very eve of victory in November 1918 President Woodrow Wolfson agreed to the armistice. After losing hundreds of thousands of brave men the Doughboys expected to march triumphantly into Berlin and end Prussian militarism forever!

The war resumed in 1939 because Winston Churchill assured cousin Adolf that the "Devil Dogs" would not be sent to Europe to fight his Nazis!

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