In the Isle of Patmos, Saint John saw a vision of 7 Congregations, which foretold the history of Christianity until the end of time. The period of time we are now entering is called Thyatira, when Jezebel was riding the Beast, and the Papacy was a veritable sewer of corruption:

Nevertheless I have a few things against you, because you allow that woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess, to teach and seduce my servants to commit fornication, and to eat things sacrificed to idols (Apocalypse 2:20).

As the successor of the Messiah, Saint John had a thorough knowledge of the Old Covenant, and the confrontation between Elijah the Prophet and the deadly Queen Jezebel
( I Kings 19:2).

Pope John X.
Pope from 914 to 928.

In Roma, the 10th century is known as "the rule of the harlots," or the pornocracy.

Pope John X was fathered by a previous "Holy Father" named Sergius III.

Theodora—mistress of Pope Sergius—was the mother of the pontiff.


Pope Sergius III
Pope from 904 to 911.

The young Pope John was originally archbishop of Ravenna before Theodora recalled him to Roma and made him Pope. She wanted to be close to her son. Another mistress of Pope Sergius named Marozia wanted her son in that position, so she had him smothered to death with a pillow.

Pope John XI.
Pope from 931 to 935.

The infamous Marozia was a veritable Jezebel on steroids, and the precursor to Lucretia Borgia.

She had several children by Pope Sergius III.

Pope John XI was her favorite, so she eliminated Pope John X, and made her 21-year-old son pontiff.


The infamous courtesan Marozia

The 5-year-reign of Pope John XI was considered a long reign during the 10th century when the life span of most ponfiffs was very short indeed.

Pope John XII.
Pope from 955 to 964.


Pope John XIII was a German youth named Octavian and he assumed the triple crown at the age of 18.

Pope Pius XII crowned Otto I as fake "Roman Emperor" in 962.

Pope John made it clear to the new "Roman Emperor" that his kingdom did not include the city of Roma . . . or the Papal States.


Fake Emperor Otto I (912973).
Reigned from 962 to 973.

On February 12, 962, fake "Roman Emperor" Otto I and Pope John called a synod in Roma to finalize their relationship. The pontiff made it clear to him that even though he was called "Roman Emperor," his jurisdiction did not included the City of the 7 Hills.

Pope John XIII
Pope from 965 to 972.

On Christmas Day in 967, Pope John XIII crowned Otto II—son of fake "Roman Emperor" Otto I—as co-emperor.

The following year his father died suddenly, so Otto II was crowned as fake "Roman Emperor" of the German nation.

"Roman Emperors" were always in a state of confusion, because their jurisdiction did not include the city of Roma.


Fake Emperor Otto II (955983).
Reigned from 973 to 983.

Fake Roman Emperor Otto II was made joint-ruler of Germany in 961, at an early age, and his father named him co-Emperor in 967 to secure his succession to the throne.

His father also arranged for Otto II to marry the Byzantine Princess Theophanu, who would be his wife until his death. When his father died after a 37-year reign, the 18-year-old Otto II became absolute ruler of the fake "Roman Empire."

Pope John XIV.
Pope from 983 to 984.

Pope John's birth name was Peter Canepanoza, so it is beyond belief that he did not take the name Peter in honor of St. Peter.

After reigning for just 1 year, Pope John XIV was given the poison chalice and sent to St. Peter.

With Otto II out of the way, "Antipope" Boniface VII engineered his demise, and he in turn was sent to St. Peter a year later.

"Antipope" Boniface VII.
Pope from 984 to 985.

The 10th century was a very, very dangerous time to be a Pope . . . or a fake "Roman Emperor." Any "Roman Emperor" who tried to rule in Roma was soon given the poison cup.

Pope John XV.
Pope from 985 to 996.

One of the good things to emerge from the disastrous reigns of the Popes was the founding of the Capetian dynasty by King Hugh Capet.

St. Louis, and Philip the Fair—who suppressed the Knights Templar—were members of that dynasty.

That great dynasty was cursed by Jacques de Molay, and became extinct in 1328.


Hugh Capet (939996).
Reigned from 987 to 996.

The emergence of France as a great nation began with Hugh Capet. Even the French language was standardized about that time. That dynasty played a large role in the history of the Knights Templar and the Crusades.

The word anti, as in Antichrist, means a substitute or surrogate....In modern parlance it means IDENTITY THEFT. An Antipope was not an atheist who sought to abolish the Papacy, but a rivals of the then reigning Pope.

"Antipope" John XVI.
Pope from 997 to 998.

Pope John XVI has been called an "Antipope."

Since every Pope is an Antichrist, that means that an Antipope is actually a "good" Pope!

That is why his reign only lasted a few months. Pope Gregory forced "Antipope" John XVI to resign, and that pontiff was sent to St. Peter in 1001.


Pope Gregory V.
Pope from 996 to 999.

As the year 1000 AD approached, Catholics were told that the world was about to end, and the best way to prepare for the Judgment Day was to be poor....Millions did sign over their property to the Church, and it was duly notarized by the Papal canon lawyers.

When nothing happened, they realized that they had made a colossus mistake . . . and many tried to retrieve their property . . . but it was too late!

Pope John XVII.
Pope from May to Sept 1003.

Millennium fever and fervor gripped Western Europe as the year 1000 approached, and millions give all their worldly goods to the Church.

Pope Sylvester II encouraged this "millennium madness" as it greatly enriched the Church.

Pope John XVII reigned as pontiff from May to September 1003.


Millennium Pope Sylvester II
Pope from 999 to 1003.

That pontiff did not live long enough to enjoy the windfall that the Vatican received at the beginning of the new millennium.

Pope John XVIII.
Pope 1004 to 1009.

Fake "Roman Emperor" Otto III (9801002) died suddenly from poisoning in 1002.

After his timely death, the powerful Crescenzii family ruled Roma.

Pope John XVIII owed his election to the influence and power of the Crescentii clan.



Coat of arms of the
Crescenzi family.

The 10th century was indeed the darkest of the Dark Ages, but incredibly, things actually got worse as the new century unfolded.

Pope John XIX
Pope from 1024 to 1032.


On March 26, 1027, Pope John XIX crowned Conrad II as fake "Roman Emperor."

He was the founder of the Silesian dynasty.

The infamous Frederick Barbarossa was his descendant.




Conrad II (9901039).
Reigned from 1027 to 1039.

There was no Pope John XX because "Antipope" John XVI was recognized as a legitimate Pope for many years. When he was eliminated from the list of legitimate Popes, the numbering system changed.

The so-called "Battle of Hastings" as
depicted on the tapestry.

The Babylonian Captivity of Britannia in 1066 happened between the reigns of the next 2 pontiffs.

That event has been immortalized by the Bayeux Tapestry, which presently hangs in a museum in Normandy.

King Harold pulling an arrow out of his eye and
then receiving a sword slash on his thigh.

It is not an exaggeration to state that the Babylonian Captivity of Britannia was as revolutionary an event as the Constantinian Revolution of 313 AD.

Pope John XXI.
Pope from 1276 to 1277.


Pope John's birth name was Peter Juliani, so it is beyond belief that he did not take the name Peter in honor of St. Peter.

He was the first Pope from the newly created country of Portugal.

His reign fell within the years 1260 and 1290, when Joachim of Fiore predicted that the "Third Age" of the Holy Spirit would begin. Muslims call Mohammed the "Holy Spirit."



Joachim of Fiore

When the first date of 1260 failed to bring about this Third Age, a new date of 1290 was proclaimed. This new date was measured from the time Christ began his public ministry at 30. When that didn't materialize, a third date of 1335 was proclaimed.

Pope John XXII (12441224).
Pope from 1316 to 1334.

Pope John XXII was the second Avignon Pope.

A desperate struggle ensued for control of Roma because the German "Roman Emperors" could never understand why they were called "Roman" but did not reign over Roma.

With no Popes at Roma, it was also an open invitation to the Muslims to invade and inaugurate the "Third Age."


The massive Palace of the
Popes at Avignon.

Even after Pope Gregory XI was forced to return to Roma by Catherine of Sienna in 1377, the schism continued. Popes Clement VII and Benedict XIII continued to reign as pontiffs at Avignon.

Pope John XXIII (1370-1419).
Pope from 1410 to 1415.


Baldassaree Cossa was crowned as Pope XXIII at the Council of Pisa in May 1410.

Today, he is considered an "Antipope."

At that time there were 3 "Holy Fathers," all claiming to be the genuine successors of St. Peter, and excommunicating their rivals.

In 1415, Saint John Hus was burned alive at the stake because he advocated getting rid of ALL of the Popes . . . forever!


Saint John Hus (13691415)
was burned alive at the stake

Catholics backing the wrong Pope were also liable to be burned alive at the stake, as was the case of Joan of Arc in 1431.

"Jovial" John XXIII.
Pope from Oct. '58 to J
une '63.

The last Pope named John in the nightmarish Papal dynasty was Angelo Giuseppe Roncalii, who took the name John XXIII.

Many Americans were wary of imperious Pope Pius XII, so "jovial" John eased the way for the "election" of John F. Kennedy.

Like most of the previous Johns, John XXIII had a very, very short reign before he was sent to St. Peter.


The inauguration of
John F. Kennedy,
January 20,

The conspirators in the Kennedy assassination prepared every detail with minutest care, but they also believed that President Kennedy having the name JOHN would make the coup d'état successful. Obviously, they were very, very wrong about that. Unfortunately, so many people had to die to cover-up their grave miscalculation.

Pope John XXIII was the last Pope named John in the nightmarish Papal dynasty! The best way to rescue Catholics . . . and Muslims . . . from the Babylonian system is to present the true history of the Papal dynasty:

Flee out of the midst of Babylon, and deliver every man his soul: be not cut off in her iniquity, for it is the time of JEHOVAH's vengeance; he will render unto her a recompense (Jeremiah 51:6).

And I heard another voice from heaven saying, "Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues" (Apocalypse 18:4).

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