History of Protestantism


Dr. J. A. Wylie LL.D.,

in 3 volumes

Dr. Wylie's Monumental History was first published in 1878. It covers a vast period from the beginnings of Christianity to the Glorious Revolution in Great Britain in the year 1688. Over 2000 pages profusely illustrated. It is one of the world's greatest historical works on the Reformation by the Prince of Historians. It contains everything you need to know about the greatest event in history since the first coming of Christ.

It is in Acrobat format, each volume is approx. 2.7MB and takes 10 minutes to download on a slow connection.

Volume 1 Books 1 - 9

Volume 2 Books 10 - 17

Volume 3 Books 18 - 24

Knowledge is power!!..........ignorance is weakness!!

The History contains over 200 illustrations with a total file size of almost 100MB. Too big to download over the Internet.

The CD is available from Ageslibrary.com

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