Wernher von Braun in SS uniform

Heinrich Himmler, Reichführer SS visits Peenemünde . The man in the black SS uniform standing behind Himmler is Wernher von Braun. To the left of Himmler is Major General Walter Dornberger, commanding officer of the Peenemünde Rocket Facility.

In April 1943, Heinrich Himmler visited Peenemünde. Von Braun was REQUIRED to wear his uniform on that all important day. This is the ONLY photo of him in the death's head uniform. At that time, the dreaded Gestapo SS took over the facility. Wernher von Braun was promoted to Sturmbannfüehrer: the equivalent of Major in the U.S. Army. Most of these top Nazis were later brought to the U.S. They were intimately acquainted with the rockets of Dr. Robert Goddard.


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