Wall Street and FDR


Antony C. Sutton

Roosevelts and Delanos
Chapter 2
Politics in the Bonding Business
Chapter 3
FDR: International Speculator
Chapter 4
FDR: Corporate Promoter
Chapter 5 Making Society Work for the Few
Chapter 6 Prelude to the New Deal
Chapter 7 Roosevelt, Hoover, and the Trade Councils
Chapter 8 Wall Street Buys The New Deal
Chapter 10 FDR; Man on the White Horse
Chapter 11 The Corporate Socialists at 120 Broadway, New York City
Chapter 12 FDR and the Corporate Socialists


Socialists on Wall Street
• Why many Wall Streeters who invested in the Bolshevik Revolution also bankrolled FDR
• The NRA: Wall Street's reward for dumping Herbert Hoover?
• The powerful men who commuted between the White House and 120 Broadway • FDR's 11 corporate directorships
• How Wall Street insiders turned the Federal Reserve System into a money machine for the elite • Unearthed: the 1841 NRA-like scheme written by a 19th-century cousin of FDR
• FDR translates government contracts into personal profits: the case of the naval guns • How Wall Streeters in New Deal guise helped buy off Big Labor - then used it
• The international financiers who liked Mussolini and loved FDR • The Swope Plan: blueprint for the corporate state
• Why some money men backed FDR in 1932 • FDR's vending machine interests
• The "Butler Affair": the truth about the plot to install a dictator in the White House • The three musketeers of the NRA. Their Wall Street ties
• How politics helped make FDR rich in the bond business • FDR attempts to revolutionize the construction industry. Why he failed
• Huey Long's prophetic warning about Bernard Baruch and other New Deal financiers • FDR's scheme to profit from confiscated German patents
• How FDR tried to profit by hyperinflation in the Weimar Republic • How the captains of industry running the NRA punished their fellow businessmen
• FDR's $200,000 debt to the money men • Wall Street's attempt to create a private army of 500,000 men to "support the President"
• The dime's worth of difference between corporate socialists and radical socialists • Strange facts surrounding the Warm Springs Foundation, FDR's biggest investment
• Was FDR really the friend of the common man?  

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