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President Truman and the Atomic Bombing of Japan!!

On August 6, 1945, a uranium atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, Japan. On August 9, another bomb—a plutonium bomb— was dropped on Nagasaki, Japan. This year is the 62th anniversary of that dreadful event.

President Harry Truman (1883-1972).
President from April 12, 1945 to Jan. 20, 1953.

President Roosevelt was poisoned and died suddenly on April 12, 1945. His Vice-President, Harry Truman was sworn in the same day.

Roosevelt HATED Harry Truman and never took him into his confidence or prepared him in any way to assume the duties of President. President Truman described Roosevelt as "the coldest man I ever knew."

President Truman had no knowledge of the Manhattan Project but he did suspect that vast quantities of money were being spent on a super-secret project.

President Truman was a Baptist but ALL the hierarchy in the Roosevelt Reich administration were Roman Catholics by religion.

Harry Truman might never have become President if it was not for the sudden death of President Roosevelt on April 12, 1945.

The reasons for the sudden death of President Roosevelt!!

There were at least 2 main reasons for the sudden death of President Roosevelt on April 12, 1945:

1 President Roosevelt had an agreement with Stalin and Churchill that Russia should conquer Berlin.
2 President Roosevelt was willing to receive a delegation of atomic scientists.

President Roosevelt met with Joseph Stalin and Prime Minister Churchill at Yalta in February 1945. It was agreed at that conference that the Russians should take the Nazi headquarters of Berlin. This was only fair since the Russians had lost over 20 million men defeating Nazi Germany and Berlin was the last lair of the Fascist beast.

By mid April 1945, the Russians were just over 100 miles (160 kilometers) from Berlin. However, the Allies were advancing swiftly across Germany at the same time and the Nazis were very anxious to surrender to the British or U.S. forces. Berlin lay within easy reach of the Allies.

It was at that critical juncture in world history that President Roosevelt died suddenly....Joseph Stalin understood immediately that Roosevelt was murdered and that the agreement between the Big Three would be null and void. Berlin could surrender to the Allies and Hitler and his henchman might yet escape their just retribution.

Stalin ordered an immediate all out assault on Berlin with absolutely no consideration for the casualties involved (about 80,000 Russians killed, 275,000 wounded). Berlin was finally taken by the Russians on May 2, 1945.

Roosevelt was ready to meet with a delegation of atomic scientists

President Roosevelt had an appointment to meet atomic scientist Leo Szilard on May 8th, 1945. Szilard wanted to discuss the possibility of giving the Japanese a demonstration of the terror weapon before dropping it on a city. Here is a quote from Assistant President Byrnes himself:

"A few days after the committee was appointed, President Truman referred to me a letter addressed to President Roosevelt by Dr. Albert Einstein, dated March 25, which was in President Roosevelt's office at the time of his death at Warm Springs. In it Dr. Einstein requested the President to receive Dr. L. Szilard, "who proposes to submit to you certain considerations and recommendations." After citing Dr. Szilard's reputation in the scientific field, Dr. Einstein went on to say that Dr. Szilard was concerned about the lack of adequate contact between the atomic scientists and the Cabinet members who were responsible for determining policy. Dr. Einstein concluded with the hope that the President would give his personal attention to what Dr. Szilard had to say" (Byrnes, All In One Lifetime, p. 284).

President Truman was out of the country during the A-bombing of Japan!!

In order to prevent President Truman from meeting with the scientists, he was SENT OUT OF THE COUNTRY to Potsdam, Germany, to meet with Stalin and Churchill. Unlike Roosevelt who flew to his meetings, Truman left by slow moving ship on July 6, and did not return until August 7—the day after the bombing of Hiroshima.

67 atomic had signed a petition against the use of the bomb but Leahy, and Groves prevented Truman from seeing it . . . until after his return!!

Baptist President Truman was framed by Vatican/Pentagon conspirators!!

Baptist President Truman was FRAMED by Rockefeller/Pentagon conspirators, Leahy, Groves and Byrnes. The President was in over his head to begin with and Byrnes told him that if U.S. lives were lost in the invasion of Japan and the bomb was available . . . but not used . . . he could be impeached....He was also told by Byrnes that he had to justify the enormous cost of the Manhattan Project to the taxpayers.

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