Just in time for St. Patrick's Day on March 17, 2004.

What a contract between St. Patrick and Rockefeller!!

St. Patick refused to pass the plate or take any money from his converts. Here is a quote from his Confession:

"For even though I am ignorant in all things, nevertheless I attempted to safeguard some and myself also. And I gave back again to my Christian brethren and the virgins of Christ and the holy women the small unasked for gifts that they used to give me or some of their ornaments which they used to throw on the altar. And they would be offended with me because I did this. But in the hope of eternity, I safeguarded myself carefully in all things, so that they might not cheat me of my office of service on any pretext of dishonesty, and so that I should not in the smallest way provide any occasion for defamation or disparagement on the part of unbelievers (Confession of St. Patick)."

On the other hand here is a quote about the money-maniac Rockefeller:

"WHEN the late Senator Hanna said of John D. Rockefeller, "Money mad, money mad, sane in every other respect but money mad," he gave the true biographic clue to the man's character. No candid study of his career can lead to the conclusion that he is a victim of perhaps the ugliest, the least reasonable of all passions, that for money, money as an end – a victim, for the passion has mastered all other ambitions and cravings – has made itself supreme and is in his eyes worthy of what it has cost him.
It is not a pleasant picture that such a reflection arouses – not the portrait of a gentleman one would like to know – this money-maniac secretly, patiently, eternally plotting how he way add to his wealth. (John D. Rockefeller, A Character Study)."

Rome can NEVER love the Irish people because their patron saint is St. Patrick. The pope despised and tried to destroy the missionary work of St. Patrick by sending his deputy Palladius to stop him. Rome will try and use them to expand her empire but when they have fulfilled their usefulness she will discard them without the slightest remorse!!

Rome turns Irish priest into an atheist