Spain Almost Eliminated Brazil in 1807

As compensation for giving up her North American territorial claims,
Spain was promised Brazil!!

The 2 requirements for a good referee are a thorough knowledge of the rules . . . and impartiality....If a team has the referee on their side, it is worth at least 4 extra players....Players can also be bribed to throw the game because only the U.S. Constitution makes bribery a crime!!

Nobody who visits Brazil can miss the huge statue of Christ the Redeemer.

Iconic Christ the Redeemer
Iconic Christ the Redeemer
statue in Rio de Janeiro.

The iconic statue of Christ the Redeemer dominates the Rio de Janeiro skyline.

Unfortunately, the statue has a long-haired Christ, but at least he is not wearing a HAT!!

Jewish males never wore hats except for the high priest when he ministered in the Temple.

A close up view of Christ
A close up view of Christ
the Redeemer statue.

The rivalry between Spain and Portugal began over 500 years ago when Portuguese Salvador Fernandez Zarco a.k.a. "Christopher Columbus" arrived back in Spain after following a map to Santo Domingo. Spanish Pope Alexander VI granted the entire New World to Spain, and published a Bull specifically aimed at the Portuguese:

Furthermore, under penalty of excommunication late sententie to be incurred ipso facto, should anyone thus contravene, we strictly forbid all persons of whatsoever rank, even imperial and royal, or of whatsoever estate, degree, order, or condition, to dare, without your special permit or that of your aforesaid heirs and successors, to go for the purpose of trade or any other reason to the islands or mainlands, found and to be found, discovered and to be discovered, towards the west and south, by drawing and establishing a line from the Arctic pole to the Antarctic pole.... Let no one, therefore, infringe, or with rash boldness contravene, this our recommendation, exhortation, requisition, gift, grant, assignment, constitution, deputation, decree, mandate, prohibition, and will. Should anyone presume to attempt this, be it known to him that he will incur the wrath of Almighty God and of the blessed apostles Peter and Paul.
Given at Rome, at St. Peter's, in the year of the incarnation of our Lord one thousand four hundred and ninety-three, the fourth of May, and the first year of our pontificate. (Papal Bull granting the New World to Spain, May 4, 1493).

By placing one of their own in Rome, Spain was able to preempt the Portuguese, even though it was common knowledge that "Columbus" was Portuguese.

Portuguese Zarco/Columbus
Portuguese Zarco/Columbus

"Christopher Columbus"the man of 1,000 faceswas Portuguese.

The Portuguese hated him because he went to work for Spain, and the Spanish hated him because he was Portuguese!!

You won't find any statues of "Columbus" in Brazil.

"Christopher Columbus"
"Christopher Columbus"

Even since the Portuguese first set foot in Brazil, the Spanish considered them trespassers.

In 1807, Portugal and Brazil were almost eliminated from the map!!

Tiny Portugal was invaded by bitter rivals Britain and France in 1807. Portugal did have some fine harbors that the Spain coveted but the real prize was Brazil.

Admiral Sir Sydney Smith
Admiral Sir Sydney Smith

In November 1807, Admiral Sir Sydney Smith blockaded the mouth of the Tagus River leading to the capital of Lisbon.

Simultaneously, general Jean-Andoche Junot led an invading army south from France.

The message to the Portuguese royal family was clear: abdicate and depart for Brazil.

General Jean-Andoche Junot
General Jean-Andoche Junot

At that time, Portugal was ruled by a mentally unstable queen regnant, and her son João or John was the de facto ruler of the country. At the beginning of her reign in 1777, the queen clearly demonstrated her support for the Jesuits by firing the Marquis de Pombal.

Prince regnant John VI (1767 -1826). Reigned from 1799 to 1826.
Prince regnant John VI (1767–1826). Reigned from 1799 to 1826.

In 1807, Maria I was queen regnant of Portugal and her son John VI was prince regnant.

The combined threat from the British armada and the French army was enough to cause them to set sail for Brazil.

The royal family sailed away to Brazil on Nov. 29, 1807.


Queen Maria I (1734 - 1816).
Queen Maria I (1734–1816).
Queen from 1777 to 1816.

By 1815, the Tabernacle of David, or United States of Israel, was supposed to disappear from the map of the New World, and tiny Portugal was supposed to become part of Spain.

The New World after the
The New World after the
1783 Treaty of Paris.
EspaƱa circa 1813.
España circa 1813.
Proposed New World
Proposed New World
map circa 1815.

Thanks to our Great JEHOVAH, the diabolical plot failed, but it was not because Britain, France, and Spain did not make a supreme effort to alter the map of the New World.

Contrary to dunce Charles Darwin, nothing has changed for the better in 500 years except for the establishment of the state of Israel in the wilderness. Mankind just gets worse and worse as time draws to a close:

He does not delight in the strength of the horse; he takes no pleasure in the legs of a man. JEHOVAH takes pleasure in those who fear him, in those who hope in his mercy (Psalm 147:10-11).

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