Operation Barbarossa—the annihilation of the Soviet Union—had to be postponed until June 22, 1941.


In the Spring of 1941, Hitler was ready to invade the Soviet Union with the largest invasion force in the history of the world. This invasion force was supplied with oil by the Rockefeller owned Standard Oil Co., and trucks by the Ford Motor Co.

The Serbs forced a postponement of the invasion by up to 5 weeks. This delay was fatal for Hitler and changed the course of World War II.

Napoleon Bonaparte made the same fatal mistake in 1812 when he waited until June 24 to invade Russia.

Hitler should have cancelled the invasion until the following year if he had any hope of success!!

By the time he got to Moscow, General Winter took over and that was the handwriting on the wall for him. The outcome of the war was already settled by the end of 1941.

The Serbs forced Hitler to postpone the invasion of Russia!!

"But the most damning proof of the Vatican involvement in the war industries came from an even more unusual source - this time from Yugoslavia, from a friend of the present author, General Bora Mirkovich. When in 1941 Yugoslavia signed a pact with Hitler, General Mirkovich, on March 27, 1941, unseated the government abrogated the pact, and brought Yugoslavia in on the side of the Allies. The importance of the move was tremendous, and directly affected the course of the Second World War. That this was so was proved at the Nuremberg trials. "It became crystal clear that ... the decision of 27 March 1941 to chose certain destruction of their homes and country by Hitler, rather than the dishonor of being his accomplices, had a decisive effect upon history."
Hitler's war-plan was totally upset. "Hitler reacted immediately. He at once summoned a meeting of his generals and the commanders of his satellites. In his secret report of this meeting, held on that same day, he underlined that 'the beginning of the Barbarossa operation will have to be postponed for up to four weeks."' (Barbarossa was the code name for the attack against Russia.) The four weeks' delay forced upon Hitler by General Mirkovich was decisive for the whole war, according to Karl Ritter, German Foreign Office Liaison Officer with the Nazi High Command. "This delay," he stated, "cost the Germans the winter battle before Moscow, and it was there that the war was lost." (Quoted by Anthony Eden, British Foreign Minister, later Lord Avon, in his Memoirs.) Winston Churchill that same morning told the British people: "I have great news. Early this morning the Yugoslav nation found its soul."(Vatican Billions, pp. 144-145).

Roosevelt waited until June 1944 before opening a second front!!

Roosevelt waited until June 1944 before opening a second front. By that time, the war was all but over, and Russia should have been allowed to invade Italy and liberate the Italians—and ALL the Europeans—from the Papacy for good.

Belgrade was bombed again in 1999

Chinese Embassy was bombed by the Roosevelt Reich in the Spring of 1999.


Belgrade in Yugoslavia was bombed again by the Roosevelt Reich in the Spring of 1999. Horrific damage was inflicted on the civilian infrastructure including the destruction of the electric grid and the water supply.

The war ended when the Serbs capitulated and the Pentagon occupied Yugoslavia and set up hugh military bases there as a precursor to another invasion of Russia.


Editor's Notes

200,000 Nazi soldiers were tied down in Yugoslavia during the war. They were desperately needed by Hitler on the Russian Front or to oppose the Allied landing at Normandy. This is how the Serbs are reward for their sacrifices!!

With the collapse of Nazi Germany, many of the Hitlerite war criminals escaped and fled to the United States. They managed to take over at the Pentagon and continued the war against the Orthodox church from their new hideout.

The Vatican has been feuding vainly with the Orthodox Congregation for over 1000 years. That there exists a congregation right across the water from Italy that refuses to submit . . . while nations 3000 miles away are bowing down . . . is more than Rome can endure!!

The Yugoslav army is the most powerful in that part of the world. They must be defeated first before the invasion of Russia takes place. Then the Pope can tell the world that Fatima has been fulfilled at last. . . .What a dirty rotten trick!!

The only thing that Rome likes about Mr. Lincoln's Republic . . . is the dollar bill and the MILITARY. When Russia is defeatedthanks to the Protestant U.S. taxpayersit will be their turn next.

The Greek congregation are the oldest. . . .Christianity came from the East. The Apostle Paul had his headquarters in Antioch, Syria.He brought the true Faith to Britain. 3 centuries later, that Gospel was carried by St. Patrick to the Scots of Ireland. They returned the favor by evangelising Caledonia, Britain, and Europe during the Dark Ages.

The worlds owes NOTHING to Rome for preserving true Christianity. Here are the 3 main differences between the Greek and Roman churches:

  1. The Greek churches still maintain the proper date for Easterat the time of the Jewish Passover.
  2. Their clergy are allowed to marry and they do not recognize the false jurisdiction of the Bishop of Rome.
  3. The Greek congregations are also subject to the lawful rulers in their countries. They do not try to usurp power and send Nuncios to foreign countries.

Serbia Info News.

Hitler's most catastrophic mistake!!

Russian General verifies every thing we say on this site and he makes no claim to being a Christian!!

Jesuit oath in action in Yugoslavia


Manhattan, Avro. Vatican Billions, Chick Pub., Los Angeles, 1983.

Eden, Anthony, Memoirs (1939-1945), Boston, 1965.

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