Saddam's War Plans Revealed at Last!!

Roman Air Farce -- gods in the air!!

Apollo and Diana spreading the pestilence against Pagan Rome's enemies.

Apollo and Diana spreading the pestilence against Pagan Rome's enemies.

From Raphael's great painting in the Vatican, it depicts the gods Peter and Paul waging biological warfare against the enemies of Papal Rome.

From Raphael's great painting in the Vatican, it depicts the gods Peter and Paul waging biological warfare against the enemies of Papal Rome.

Saddam drops bedbugs in order to start epidemic of smallpox.

Saddam Hussein on his magic carpet ride plans to drop bedbugs or Cimex Lectularius in order to cause an outbreak of smallpox.

Saddam knows that an outbreak of smallpox will cause the medical Inquisition to vaccinate the entire U.S. population. Millions will die as a result of the poisoned needle and Saddam will not have to worry about Pax Americana any more.

The Deadly Spanish "Influenza" of 1918.

In 1911, the U.S. military began compulsory vaccination. Prior to going overseas in 1917, thousands of soldiers were vaccinated. Young men in the prime of life began to drop dead. 675,000 Americans and 25 million people died worldwide from vaccination in the worst epidemic in the history of the world. The medical Inquisition covered it up by calling it "Spanish flu."

The Deadly "Influenza" of 2003.

When millions of people start dropping dead from the vaccines, the present generation of medicine men will obviously call it the flu.....They might even name it the "Saddam flu"....That is why President Bush is so anxious to go to war NOW.....Springtime will be to late and he will have to postpone it until next year. By that time it will be close to the next Presidential election!!

The Rockefeller Syndicate hijacked America on September 6, 1901.

Assassination of President McKinley by a Jesuit assassin on Sept. 6, 1901. The President was a Civil War hero and a Protestant Christian patriot. He loved children and had just waved to a little girl when he was shot by the assassin after shaking his hand.


On Tuesday September 11, 2001, both towers of the World Trade Center in New York City were hit by airplanes and collapsed soon afterwards.

The Rockefeller Syndicate's hijacking of America on Sept. 6, 1901 and the destruction of the Twin-Towers on Sept 11, 2001, was the culmination of 100 years of Jesuitical craft, cunning, duplicity and cruelty.

President Theodore Roosevelt (1901—1909).

Vice-President Roosevelt became President upon the death of President McKinley. His uncles fought for the Confederacy during the Civil War and his father paid for a substitute to fight for him. He founded the Bureau of Inquisition by Executive Order in 1908 which was later changed to the FBI or Federal Bureau of Inquisition.

The Vatican double-crosses Spain.

Spain was the main pillar of the Vatican since the founding of the dreaded Inquisition by Dominic Guzmán the 13th century. She was the first universal empire with vast possessions in the New World. The Vatican double-crossed her and provoked a war between Spain and the U.S. in order to get their boy Teddy Roosevelt into the White House as a war hero. This war added Puerto Rico to the United States as a Commonwealth and started all the trouble with Cuba which continues to this very day. The war cost Spain her empire in the Philippines as well.

Harvard educated "Rough Rider" Roosevelt charging up San Juan Hill in Cuba.

Colonel Roosevelt and his "Rough Riders" on top of San Juan Hill in Cuba.

It is amazing how people get imbued with courage when they are fighting for the devil but their hearts seem to melt with FEAR when they are called upon to fight for the Lord!!

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Editor's Notes

The ONLY safe vaccine is one that is NEVER used!!

Vaccination will give you MAD COW disease!!

A Great Generation is 100 years.

In the Bible, a GREAT generation is 100 years. It took 100 years for the alien force to completely take over the U.S. In Ancient Egypt it was 100 years before the Exodus that the alien force took over Egypt. From the birth of Christ to the completion of the New Testament in 100 A.D. was also 100 years.


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