Patriarch Alexy II Was Poisoned!!

Patriarch Alexy II (February 23, 1929 to December 5, 2008).

This murder of the Russian Pope is an ominous move by Old Rome because the Latin Pope dropped the title: Patriarch of the WEST in 2006!!

Russian Patriarch Alexy II—the Pope of the Russian Orthodox Church–died suddenly of poisoning on December 5, 2008.

The Orthodox observe a 40 day fast twice a year, combine that with the cold weather, and you have a sure recipe for a LONG healthy life!!

Since the Fall of Constantinople, the Russian Patriarchate has looked upon itself as the Third Rome, and the protector of all Orthodox believers.

Patriarch Alexy II (1929 - 2008).

Patriarch Alexy II

As Patriarch of Moscow and all the Russias, Alexy II was Pope of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Before his sudden demise, he was vigorous and strong, and about to lead a new Renaissance for the Russian Orthodox Church.

This resurgence of the Orthodox Church was a NIGHTMARE for the Vatican.

Alexy II was Patriarch of Moscow and all of Russia since 1990.

Alexy II was Patriarch of Moscow
and all the Russias since 1990.

Patriarch Alexy II was just the man to stop the Pentagon and NATO (North Atlantic Terrorist Organization).

After 70 years of brutal atheistic communism, the Vatican was absolutely convinced that her age-old rival was at long last dead . . . and buried:

For seventy years the official ideology of the USSR was "scientific atheism," carefully termed "Marxism-Leninism" for Western consumption. Lenin and Stalin were equal opportunity haters of all religions, but Russian Orthodoxy, state faith of the tsarist empire, was their special target. Khrushchev, who passed as a reformer in the West, confidently predicted that "the last remaining priest would be exhibited at a museum twenty years hence." He did not specify if this cleric would be stuffed or live, but his point was clear. Though Khrushchev fell from power October 1964, the anti-Orthodox campaign did not let up. And yet, on this August afternoon in 1987, it looked as if the sun shone over a service that had been running continually since 1917. The packed cathedral, the icons, the ecstatic believers, the beautiful liturgy, and the exquisite robes of the two patriarchs seemed as if nothing had changed. Only the artificial bright lights of the Soviet television crew and its huge black boom and cameras betrayed the date. (Garrard, Russian Orthodoxy Resurgent, p. 6).

Even though the "Communists" were officially atheist, that did not stop them from adopting the Pope's Gregorian calendar!!

Taking advantage of the collapse of communism, Alexy II was spearheading a spectacular revival of the long suffering church:

Guiding and shaping the resurgence of Russian Orthodoxy has been the ambiguous figure of Aleksy II, patriarch of Moscow and all the Russias. In 1986, as Aleksey Ridiger, chancellor of Moscow, he wrote to Mikhail Gorbachev, president of the USSR and chairman of the CPSU, urging that the church assist in spiritually reviving the motherland. That temerity got him removed from Moscow and transferred to Leningrad. Sixteen years later, Gorbachev, the Soviet Union, and the party were gone. On June 11, 2004, in the Yekaterinisky Hall of the Kremlin Palace, Vladimir Putin, in the presence of the Holy Synod and the cream of Russian bureaucracy, awarded him the Order for Services to the Fatherland, 1st degree. The decree (ukaz) declared it was given for his "outstanding contribution to the strengthening of peace and accord among nations [and] for the revival of [the] historical and cultural heritage of Russia" (Garrard, Russian Orthodoxy Resurgent, p. 6).

The death of Alexy II happend just 3 months after the Georgian aggression against South Ossetia and Abkazia.

Poisoned Patriarch is replaced by pro-Vatican Patriarch!!

Whenever a world leader dies by an assassin's bullet or a "heart attack" and is replaced by a person who completely reverses his predecessor's policies . . . that person was involved in the MURDER of his predecessor!!

New Patriarch Kirill (1946----).

New Patriarch Kirill (b. 1946).

Metropolitan Kirill was "elected" Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia on January 27, 2009.

This new Patriarch vowed to end the so-called East-West schism!!

Newly elected Patriarch Kirill.

Newly "elected" Patriarch Kirill.

Patriarch Alexy II refused ecumenical dialogue with Rome and he was removed for a more compliant Patriarch.

The real Orthodox do not recognize any so-called East-West schism. As the 1st Rome fell into heresy, she excommunicated herself from the body of the Faithful.

Metropolitan Kirill with Pope Benedict XVI.

Metropolitan Kirill with Pope Benedict XVI.

The former Metropolitan Kirill met with Pope Benedict several times.

They discussed ending the so-called East-West schism!!

Pope and Metropolitan at the Vatican.

Pope and Metropolitan
at the Vatican.

Patriarch Alexy II was the first Patriarch of the post Soviet period. During his 18-year reign, the church was transformed from an organization that was once persecuted and later tightly controlled by Soviet authorities to a growing and resurgent church, embraced by two thirds of the people, as well as much of the country's political elite.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and Patriarch Alexy II.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and Patriarch Alexy II.

Patriarch Alexy II was a true Russian patriot as he worked to strengthen and restore Mother Russia after her disastrous defeat in the Cold War.

Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin and Patriarch Alexy II.

Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin and Patriarch Alexy II.

The Latin Papacy has been a bitter rival of the Greek and Russian churches for almost 1000 years.

Here is a report from a Latin reporter about the death of Patriarch Alexy II:

Alexy's death Friday at age 79 deprives the Russian Orthodox Church of its dominant figure, whose stern, bearded mien gave him an almost medieval aura of inflexible righteousness. He often complained that Roman Catholics were poaching adherents among a people who traditionally would have been Orthodox if atheistic Soviet rule had not impeded them."
Without Alexy at the helm, the church's initiatives on that question may go dormant for several months. The church's Holy Synod is to choose a placeholder leader on Saturday, but election of a new patriarch is likely to take six months. Metropolitan Kirill, the church's foreign relations chief who has had extensive contact with the Vatican, appears to be one of the top candidates.
The Moscow Patriarchate said Alexy died at his residence outside Moscow, but did not give a cause of death. Alexy had long suffered from a heart ailment, although on Thursday he had appeared comparatively well while conducting services.

Obviously, Metopolitan Kirill was already chosen to succeed the poisoned Patriarch.

Funeral services for Patriarch Alexy II at Christ the Saviour Cathedral in Moscow.

Funeral services for Patriarch Alexy II at Christ the Saviour Cathedral in Moscow.

Memorial services for the poisoned Patriarch were held at Christ the Saviour Cathedral in Moscow on December 9, 2008.

His final resting place until the great Resurrection morning is Epiphany Cathedral in Moscow.



The final resting place for Patriarch Alexy II is Epiphany Cathedral in Moscow.

The final resting place for Patriarch Alexy II is Epiphany Cathedral in Moscow.

Patriarch Alexy was just one more victim of the ongoing war against the Orthodox Church which started in 1917.

Moscow is the successor of Constantinople!!
According to the prophecy in Daniel chapter 2, the Roman Empire would be divided into 2 halves, and both halves would continue unbroken until the end of time.

Emperor Constantine–the first Pope–built the city of Constantinople as headquarters of the Eastern LEG of the Roman Empire. Constantinople fell to the Moslem Turks in 1453, but the Orthodox church moved to Moscow and found a new home there.

The Eastern Empire is derisively referred to as the BYZANTINE Empire meaning shady or characterized by intrigue; scheming or devious. As Old Rome's main rival, we know who was the author of that appellation.

Constantine XI (1449- 1453).

Constantine XI (1449–1453).
Last Roman Emperor of Constantinople.


Old Rome was fighting vainly with her eastern rival for centuries.

Finally, in 1453, she used the Moslem Turks to conquer Constantinople.

The Orthodox empire moved to Moscow, and Moscow became known as the 3rd Rome.



Sultan Mehmed II (1449-1481).

Sultan Mehmed II (1449–1481).
Conqueror of Constantinople.

The Almighty, who sees all things in advance, had a new home for the Orthodox Church in Russia.

Zoe Palaiologina (1455-1503).

Zoe Palaiologina (1455–1503).
Wife of Ivan from 1472 to 1503.


Zoe Palaiologina was the niece of Emperor Constantine XI.

In 1472, she married the Grand Duke of Moscow, Ivan III.

Due to her influence, Moscow became the 3rd Rome, and depository of the Orthodox faith.




Ivan the Great. (1440-1505).

Ivan the Great. (1440–1505).
Reigned from 1462 to 1505.

Due to her family traditions, she encouraged imperial ideas in the mind of her husband, Ivan. It was through her influence that the ceremonious etiquette of Constantinople (along with the imperial double-headed eagle and all that it implied) was adopted by the court of Moscow.

Double headed imperial eagle.

Double headed imperial eagle.

The double-headed eagle was adopted by Ivan III after his marriage with the Byzantine princess Zoe Palaiologina, whose uncle Constantine XI, was the last Byzantine Emperor.

Russian coat of arms.

Russian coat of arms.

I shouldn't fail to mention that the Julian calendar was exported to Moscow from Constantinople, as well as the Greek based Cyrillic alphabet.

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