Why Another Book About Vietnam?

The word that caused so much hard feelings, disgust and hatred: Vietnam. Some call it a disgrace, some a police action. When soldiers came back battered, they were looked down upon, humiliated. The U.S. lost face in the sight of the world. Why bring up the subject again? Because Vietnam was actually a religious war. A religious war triggered by the Vatican, the whore of Revelation, chapters 17 and 18.

Avro Manhattan, world authority on Vatican politics, has blown the cover on the real reason our boys suffered and died in Vietnam. He traces their death to the Vatican's passionate desire to make Asia Roman Catholic. Vatican agents hatched and plotted the Vietnam War. American soldiers were serving the Vatican in their desperate struggle to survive the jungles, the hell of warfare, pain, death and destruction. It was all engineered by the whore and her Jesuits.

The manipulation of our Presidents was a masterpiece. God help us to realize that this organization, condemned by Jesus Christ, will continue her bloody march through history until He comes again. Christians must know what the Vatican is up to. If the Lord Jesus devoted three chapters in the Book of Revelation to this organization it behooves Christians to be on their toes and awake as they were at the time of the Reformation. Without wisdom the people perish. Knowledge is power, ignorance is weakness.

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