Princess Diana's omega was pagan Druid cremation instead of Christian burial!!
For over 500 years, deceased members of the Spencer dynasty have been buried in a crypt, in St. Mary the Virgin Church, in Great Brington, Northamptonshire.

St. Mary the Virgin Church.
St. Mary the Virgin Church.

Diana's ashes, along with her father, grandfather, and grandmother, are stored in a vault underneath the 800-year-old church.

IInterior of St. Mary the Virgin Church where Diana's ashes are stored in a vault.
Interior of St. Mary the Virgin Church where
Diana's ashes are stored in a vault.

There is a Latin Church belief that you have to be buried in consecrated ground in order to hear the Last Trumpet on Resurrection Day. Only high ranking clergy and very important people are actually buried inside the churches. Ordinary mortals are supposed to be buried in ground consecrated by a bishop or cardinal.

Albert Edward John Spencer (1892–1975).
Albert Edward John Spencer

Albert Edward John "Jack" Spencer was Diana's grandfather.

Cynthia Ellinor Spencer was her grandmother.

By 1902, the Spencer vault was running out of space.

To save space, Jack's solution was to disinter his ancestors and have them all cremated.

Cynthia Ellinor Spencer
Cynthia Ellinor Spencer

Additionally, the roof of the church was badly in need of repair and he used the lead lined coffins to repair the roof:

He then decided, in middle age, to address the problem in an intelligent but slightly startling manner: the lead of the coffins would be used for repairs to the church roof, and the bodies would be individually cremated, the ashes being given their own individual urn.
Grandfather was present when each coffin was opened. He later recalled how the majority of early Spencers were small men, by modern standards, with red beards that had continued growing after they were interred. Once exposed to air, they quickly started to wither into powdery disintegration.
The newspaper in question, which has long been established at the bottom end of the tabloid market in England, decided this was an opportunity to portray a member of the aristocracy as a depraved gravedigger, disturbing the bones of his ancestors in an inexplicably macabre manner. (Spencer, The Spencers, pp. 317-318).

Instead of digging deeper to make more room, he just had the entire Spencer dynasty cremated. From that time onward, all the Spencers who died were cremated and placed in urns with the rest of their deceased ancestors.

Charles and Diana attending the funeral service for her father.
Charles and Diana attending the
funeral service for her father.

In April 1992, Diana held the ashes of her beloved father in her hands and he was placed with the other Spencers in the family crypt.

Little did she realize that just 5 short years later, she would be joining him in that same crypt.


Diana holding her dearly beloved
Diana holding her dearly beloved
father's ashes in her hands.

After the funeral service for her beloved father, Johnnie Spencer was cremated at the Counties Crematorium:

Outside the family stood for a few emotional moments with bowed heads as the coffin was lifted into the hearse to start the Earl's last journey, towards the crematorium at Milton Malsor. His ashes were to be placed in the family vault beneath the floor of the Spencer chapel, which contains the remains of members of the family dating back to 1522. Only the Earl's immediate family–his widow Raine, her youngest son, Henry, Diana, her two sisters Sarah and Jane, and Johnnie's older sister, Lady Anne Wake-Walker–attended the cremation, but the population of Great Brington turned out to line the streets and pay their last respects to the lord they had all loved. The Prince of Wales went back to the house with Charles and Victoria and stayed on for lunch with Diana and all the family. Raine joined them, but spent most of the time alone in her former bedroom. (Levin, Raine and Johnnie, p. 14).

The beautiful, youthful Princess Diana, whose only ambition in life was to marry a loving, faithful husband, and have at least 4 or 5 children, was cremated in the very same crematorium as her father.

Diana was cremated in the same crematorium as her father!!

According to Diana's brother Charles, the original plan was to have Diana cremated and placed next to her father:

For nearly five centuries members of the family had been placed in the chapel in St. Mary's, Brington. Most recently my grandparents and my father had been buried there; the sealed entrance chiselled open, before being cemented shut again. In 1992, when my sisters and I placed the urn with our father's ashes down in the vault, I had said to the three of them, 'Do you realize, one of us is probably going to have to go through this sort of thing with the other three of us?' It seemed that the first of those occasions had arrived, all too soon.
Yet, just as plans were being made to place Diana with her ancestors, a message came from London that she had specifically requested in her will that her remains be buried in a coffin, rather than cremated. This worried me enormously, because ventilation would be needed; and with ventilation necessarily came some sort of access to the vault. All the ancestral bodies had been tidied up and cremated by Grandfather in the 50s, and the last three burials had been of ashes.
There was also the question of the effect on Brington. The village was already being overrun by tourists and the media, since it was anticipated that this would be the place where Diana would be laid to rest. Put simply, it was doubtful that the village could cope. (Spencer, The Spencers, p. 155)

Firstly, Diana never made a will because none of her fortunetellers warned her that she was about to die. Secondly, any will would be too explosive, and full of revelations damaging to the royal family, so an authentic will would never have seen the light of day.

The hearse bearing Diana's coffin arrived at Althorp on September 7. From that time onward, the media was banned and only her close relations were allowed inside the estate.

Diana's coffin entered Althorp
Diana's coffin entered Althorp
on Sunday, Sept. 7.

On the night of Sept. 7, the hearse bearing the princess arrived at the Counties Crematorium.

Then the "People's Princess" was baked and turned into ashes.

Local residents noticed that the crematorium was smoking that night.

Milton Malsor Crematorium where
Milton Malsor Crematorium where
Princess Diana was cremated.

After the cremation was complete, Diana's brother Charles deposited his sister's ashes next to her father in St. Mary the Virgin Church.

Fake memorial urn and plinth which mark Diana's burial place.
Memorial urn and plinth which mark
Diana's fake burial place.

Every year, visitors from all over the world come to Althorp to pay their respects at her grave site.

Little do they realize that it is a fake or counterfeit burial site and that her ashes are in the family crypt in Great Brington.

Visitors coming to see Diana's
Visitors queuing up to view the
fake grave at Althorp.

There is another site in Britain which is visited yearly by millions of tourists and that is Stratford on Avon–the so-called grave of William Shake-speare....It too is a counterfeit as Queen Elizabeth I was Shake-speare.

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