Plaza de los Cibiles in Madrid, Spain.

These pictures show the 18th century Fountain of Cybele created by José Hermosilla and Ventura Rodríguez. The figure is of the Roman goddess Cibeles in a chariot drawn by two lions.


During the first 3 centuries of Christianity, Spain (Iberia) was inhabited by Celtic people like the Gauls (French), Britons and Irish (Scots). During the 10 great persecutions from pagan Rome, Spain produced hundreds of thousands of martyrs for the Lord like St. John and Antipas. At the Fall of the Roman Empire, barbarians from the North called Visigoths invaded and conquered Christian Spain.

The Moslem Moors invaded Roman Catholic Visigothic Spain in 711 and the Spanish were at war for almost 800 years to expel them....The Vatican financed both sides in the centuries long war.... When the Moors withdrew in 1492, the Spanish character was cruel and hardened by the brutal Reconquista wars that they produced MONSTERS like Borgia....Satan now had a perfect killing machine called the Spanish Inquisition—without morals and without mercy—to unleash on the New World natives and block any attempts by other nations to colonize the New World!!

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