The golden age under President Eisenhower ended disastrously in November 1960 when JFK was "elected" to the Presidency of the United States by a mere 100,000 votes. JFK's Vice President was a Senator named Lyndon "Landslide" Johnson. 2 men with such totally different backgrounds cannot be imagined. Kennedy was a Yankee from Massachusetts and Johnson was a Confederate from Texas. Additionally, Kennedy was secretly divorced from Durie Malcolm and a divorced man would never be elected President.

Both men ran on the same ballot so nobody had a choice between the 2 men. It was definitely not one man one vote even though the U.S. Constitution calls for separate

The PERSON having the greatest Number of votes for President, shall be the President. The PERSON having the greatest number of votes as Vice-President, shall be the Vice-President. (Twelfth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution).

The Amendment calling for separate votes for President and Vice President was ratified on September 25, 1804. It's hard to get a husband and wife to agree on anything so how can you have 2 completely opposite individuals on the same ballot!!

During the Cuban Missile Crisis, when the fate of the entire world hung in the balance, Vice President Lyndon Johnson played no role in the secret negotiations that avoided Armageddon. The Kennedy Brothers kept him completely in the dark despite the fact that he was just one heartbeat from the Presidency.

Kennedy-Johnson banner.

2 men of such dissimilar backgrounds could not have been found in any country.

Kennedy was the playboy son of a multimillionaire from Massachusetts and Johnson was a Confederate from Texas.

Johnson's exemplars were Fidel Castro of Cuba and François "Papa Doc" Duvalier–military dictator and President for Life of the "Republic" of Haiti.

President Kennedy's inauguration on Jan. 20, 1961.
President Kennedy's inauguration
on Jan. 20, 1961.

If Kennedy and Johnson were on separate tickets, only Texans would vote for Johnson, so how could he become Vice President of the entire country?

The first Presidential jetliner was delivered to President Eisenhower in 1959

President Eisenhower was the first President to fly on a jetliner.
The first Boeing 707 was delivered on May 12, 1959. Exactly one month later, colonel Albertazzie took it up on its first official trip. He flew General White and a delegation of Air Force brass to Colorado Springs, Colorado, for the commencement exercises of the first class to be graduated from the Air Force Academy. To celebrate the Air Force's first Boeing 707 flight, Albertazzie and his crew issued commemorative cards to the passengers as souvenirs of the event. (The Flying White House, p.187).

The plane was delivered to Andrews Air Force Base under the authority of the Special Air Missions (SAM) which was responsible for transporting VIP's.

That plane was a Boeing 707-137A with the designation SAM 86970. It was part of the Military Air Transport Service (MATS).


The Boeing 707-137A was equipped with state of the art communications equipment, an operating theater, and spying cameras.
The Boeing 707-137A was equipped with state of the art communications
equipment, an operating theater, and spying cameras.

In the spring of 1960, President Eisenhower planned a groundbreaking trip to Moscow on the new jet. The CIA decided that it would be a great opportunity to spy on the Soviets by fixing high resolution cameras underneath the plane:

Then, out of Dulles's (devilish) mind came another daring plan. The President's own aircraft was to be outfitted as a spy plane. There is no indication that Eisenhower approved this clandestine undertaking. Indeed, it is doubtful that he even knew about it.
Project Lida Rose was born inside the CIA late in 1959. The name was borrowed from a hit song in the Broadway show Music Man–a tune, ironically, that Ike liked.
The interior of one of the Boeings, SAM 970, had been specially configured to serve the President and other high officers of the government. With clearance from Defense Secretary Thomas S. Gates Jr. and top brass of the Air Force, SAM 970 soon became the object of attention by a CIA team that quietly attached itself to SAM at Andrews Air Force Base. (The Flying White House, p.195).

That trip by the peace-seeking President was sabotaged by CIA agent Gary Francis Powers.

President Kennedy's Presidential jet arrived in October 1962

The first jet to be designated exclusively for Presidential use was a Boeing 707-137C and it arrived in October 1962. President Kennedy hated the paint job, and he wanted to make the jet more representative of the Presidency, so Jackie contacted a notable French industrial designer named Raymond Loewy.

Raymond Loewy
Raymond Loewy

French born Raymond Loewy designed the exterior paint scheme for the Boeing 707-137C Presidential jet.

The new style Air Force One was operational in October 1962.

The 707-137C had no ventral fin at the rear.

Raymond Loewy designed the exterior
Raymond Loewy designed the exterior
of Kennedy's Air Force One jetliner.

The white and blue motif with the words "United States of America" in capitals was the work of Loewy. The presidential seal was added to both sides of the fuselage near the nose, and a large American flag was painted on the tail.

The exterior of the Presidential jet as designed by Loewy.
The exterior of the Presidential jet as designed by Loewy.

As in the case of President Eisenhower, Kennedy didn't realize that the SAM 970 was given the exact same paint scheme and also given the designation SAM 2600. It seems that all the higher-ups in the government knew about the assassination except the Kennedy Brothers.

President Kennedy arrived in Dallas on a SAM 970 alias SAM 26000

According to the "bible" of the assassination, written by William Manchester, the Presidential party departed Andrews Air Force Base on a Boeing 707-137:

Aircraft 26000 departed Andrews at 11:05 EST. For a fleeting instant the great rotunda of the Capitol lay under the swept-back left wing like a squat chess piece; then they were up and away, zooming toward the Southwest at 550 mph. Colonel Jim Swindal was a story-book pilot, a rakish Alabaman with a Terry-and-the-Pirates profile, and he had a dream plane to fly–a hundred tons of gleaming machinery, exquisite appointments, and air-conditioned, soundproof cabins. Boeing called it a 707; the Air Force, a VC-137; but under any of its various names it had become known to the world as the personal flagship of the American President. (Manchester, The Death of a President, p. 65).

Manchester knew that it was not the Presidential jet but a look-alike or substitution.

Colonel James Swindal
Colonel James Swindal

Colonel James Swindal was the captain of Air Force One.

Swindal knew that the jet was the original SAM 970 painted to look like the SAM 26000.

Belgian born general Godfrey McHugh was military aide to President Kennedy.

McHugh's duties included supervising Air Force One.

General Godfrey McHugh

After the short flight from Fort Worth, Air Force One landed at Dallas Love Field about 11:38. Whenever the President exited Air Force One he was always at the FRONT of the plane but this time he exited the back.

The President and Jackie exiting
The President and Jackie exiting
the plane at Love Field.

President Kennedy and has wife exited the back of the plane at 11:50 a.m.

The plane that Kennedy exited was a Boeing 727-137A because it had a big stabilizer or ventral fin on the rear of the jet.

Right behind the President's head can be seen the ventral fin of a 707-137A.
Right behind the President's head can be seen the ventral fin of a 707-137A.

To the untrained eye the 707-137A and the 707-137C looked very similar. However, both planes had many dissimilar features and a pilot or mechanic would have recognized them immediately.

When Jackie landed she was handed a big bouquet of red roses. At the previous stops, she was handed a bouquet of yellow roses.

Such an audacious execution meant only one thing: A coup d'etat with Lyndon Johnson as President for Life. Under such a dictatorship, the conspirators would never have to answer to the American people for their crimes.

William Greer
William Greer

Just past Dealey Plaza, Secret Service driver William Greer slowed the limousine.

Secret Service agent Roy Kellerman turned around and shot the President in the throat.

The President tried to duck by slumping over toward Jackie.


Roy Kellerman
Roy Kellerman

The President was greatly restricted in his movements by a back brace he wore. When the first shot entered his throat, he was instantly paralyzed and slumped over toward the left.

A bullet enters the President's throat.
A bullet enters the President's throat.

Roy Killerman's bullet entered the President's throat.

Only one person was ideally situated to blow a big hole in the left side of the President's head.

That person was his wife Jackie.

This frame of the Zapgruder film shows the President's head exploding.
This frame of the Zapgruder film shows the President's head exploding.

Immediately after the shot to her husband's left temple, the "Pink Panther" leaped out of her seat. That was the signal for Secret Service agent Clint Hill to join her in the back.

Bystanders reported that the limousine actually stop momentarily. That was to allow Clint Hill to board and finish the job so ignobly begun by Killerman and the "Pink Panther."

Jackie's leap was the signal for Clint Hill
Jackie's leap was the signal for Clint Hill
to join her in the back seat.

After the pistol shot to her husband's head, the "Pink Panther" leaped out of her seat.

That was the signal for SS agent Clint Hill to join her in the back.

That was the perfect moment for Hill to administer the coup de grâce in the dark triple underpass.



SS agent Clint Hill was joining Jackie
to finish off the President.

At that critical moment, the limousine entered the dark triple underpass without any cameras or curious observers.

SS agent Clint Hill
SS agent Clint Hill
(b. 1923).

Clint Hill fired the last of the 3 shots that killed President Kennedy.

His .38 caliber bullet tore a big hole in the left side of the President's head.

The trauma team at Parkland were experts but Clint Hill's last shot just blew all the President's brains out.

Clint Hill, Jackie's bodyguard.
Clint Hill, Jackie's bodyguard
and partner in crime.

After emerging from the dark triple underpass, William Greer hit the gas and headed straight for Parkland Hospital. Dr. Robert McClelland was one of the doctors who tried desperately to save the President's life. His handwritten report is part of the Warren Commission Hearings:

The cause of death was due to massive head and brain injury from a gunshot wound of the left temple. There was monumental loss of blood after external cardiac massage failure & EKG activity was gone. (Warren Commission Hearings, vol. XVII, p. 593, 11).

The President was pronounced dead at Parkland Hospital, and the next step was a mandatory autopsy by the doctors to determine the exact cause of his death. Doctors who spoke out about the condition of the President's body jeopardized their medical careers . . . and even their lives!!

High treasonthe President's body was altered on Air Force One!!

Within minutes the President arrived at the trauma center at Parkland Hospital. The medical personnel tried in vain to save him. At that time all the doctors noticed a small throat wound and that the back of his head was

The mortally wounded President
The mortally wounded President
was rushed to the nearby
Parkland Hospital.

President Kennedy was already dead when he arrived at the hospital.

All the medical personnel who saw the body noticed a small throat wound and a massive wound to the left rear of the head.

Without an autopsy, the SS grabbed the body and sped to Love Field in a hearse.

The hearse making a quick getaway
The hearse making a quick getaway
from Parkland Hospital.

A fierce struggle ensued between the doctors and the Secret Service for control of the body. The body snatchers won, and the deceased President was placed in a casket, loaded on a hearse, and rushed to the airport for a speedy getaway:

It was exactly 2:08 P.M. Admiral Burkley, who entered the hearse by the rear doors, squeezed his chunky frame behind Mrs. Kennedy. He had to make himself very small. Clint Hill and Godfrey were there, too, and three agents were cramped in front. Kellerman was on the right as usual, but Andy Berger was behind the wheel. This was the only time in these last days that Bill Greer did not chauffeur the president. Preoccupied by paper bags, he was temporarily lost in the warren of halls, and Kellerman was unwilling to wait. The prospect of a pitched battle in the presence of the young widow had intimidated them. They were determined to reach the airport and take off before the imaginary reinforcements could arrive and overpower them.(Manchester, Death of a President, p.307).

No pitched battle ensued because the Dallas police did not follow the hearse or try and prevent the airplane from taking off.

The hearse arrives at Love Field. In the background can be seen the
The hearse arrives at Love Field. In the background can be seen the Vice Presidential plane.

In a little over 2 hours, President Kennedy was going back on the plane–but this time in a casket. Sic transit gloria mundi.

According to the conspirators, the President's body was then placed in the back of the plane.

President Kennedy's body was loaded
President Kennedy's caskey was loaded
on the plane by the conspirators.

According to the conspirators, the heavy casket was maneuvered up the ramp and placed in the back of the plane. Unfortunately for them, detailed drawings of the interior of the Presidential jet exist.

Plan of Air Force One.
Plan of Air Force One.

A plan of Air Force One from William Manchester's book, and a cutaway of Air Force One from the February 21, 1967, edition of Look magazine.

The interior of the 2 planes were completely different!!

A cutaway view of Air Force One showing the coffin in the back.
A cutaway view of Air Force One
showing the coffin in the back.

Immediately after the body was placed on the plane, it was taken to the operating theater, where the surgeons were ready to alter the body. The President's body needed major alterations to make it look like he was shot from the rear. They had 3 hours to accomplish their ghoulish task.

Johnson was sworn in with his
Johnson was sworn in with his
hands on a Roman missal.

According to Manchester, Lyndon Johnson took the oath of office in the stateroom of Air Force One.

The stateroom on Air Force One looked nothing like that.

While Johnson was sworn in, the President's body was already in the operating theater.

That "stateroom" was not a part of
That stateroom on the 970 was completely different from the 26000.

As soon as the plane landed around 6:00 p.m. Kennedy's body was taken out the opposite side of the plane and placed in a waiting helicopter. Then it was flown to Walter Reid Medical Center and placed in an ambulance.

An empty casket was unloaded at
An empty casket was unloaded at
Andrews Air Force Base.

The casket without the body of the President was taken out and placed in a hearse.

The 3 hours when Johnson had sole command of the U.S. armed forces was the most dangerous time in the entire history of the world.

The failure to kill "Oswald" spoiled all his plans for WWIII.

President Johnson made a brief speech after landing.
President Johnson made a brief speech after landing.

A bitterly disappointed Johnson made a brief speech after landing. The failure of his co-conspirators to kill "Oswald the Commie" ruined his plans to start World War III while he was still on the specially equipped jetliner.

General Curtis "Mad Bomber" LeMay was standing by at SAC!!

At the very time of the assassination, general Curtis "Mad Bomber" LeMay was standing by, waiting for the command from Lyndon Johnson to launch his bombers. All Johnson was waiting for was the news that Oswald the "Soviet defector" was dead.

General Curtis LeMay
General Curtis LeMay

In a thermonuclear war, the side that strikes first is the winner!!

LeMay was just waiting for the chance to launch his bombers.

LeMay didn't want to do a "Pearl Harbor," so the excuse that the "Soviets" killed the President was enough for his warped mind.


SAC HQ, Omaha, Nebraska.
SAC HQ, Omaha, Nebraska. The peace
was locked and loaded!!

General LeMay would also have help from Fidel Castro in Cuba. Castro had "Soviet" nukes left over from the Cuban Missile Crisis. All Castro had to do was fire one of them at Guantánamo Bay Naval Base.

Had that conspiracy succeeded, millions of Russians would have died. That vast nation would have been radioactive for centuries, and the U.S. would have been forever a pariah among the nations.

High treasonthe President's body was altered on Air Force One!!

The body of the President that left Dallas in a casket looked nothing like the body that arrived in Bethesda Naval Hospital. After the surgeons on the plane were finished altering the body, he was placed in a body

That plain coffin was loaded into a helicopter, and then flown to Walter Read Medical Center in Washington City. Then it was transferred to an ambulance for the short ride to Bethesda Medical Center.

Bethesda Naval Hospital.
Bethesda Naval Hospital.

Eyewitnesses said that the slain President's body arrived by ambulance at the rear of the hospital.

When they opened the plain coffin, they noticed the President was wrapped in a body bagthe kind used for dead soldiers on the battlefield.

Admiral Burkley performed the autopsy on President Kennedy. He also signed the death certificate.

Admiral George Burkley.
Admiral George Burkley (1902–1991).

Everyone who assisted at the autopsy was sworn to secrecy. Anybody who had "loose lips" was soon suicided, had a fatal car accident, or died shortly of "cancer."

Kennedy autopsy photo.
Kennedy autopsy photo.


When the doctors in Dallas later saw the autopsy photos they were incredulous.

They looked nothing like the wounds they had seen at Parkland Hospital.

Only the 3-hour plane ride gave the plastic surgeons the time to alter the body.

Another view of the President's head.
Another view of the President's head.

The bare-faced coup d'etat was supposed to begin with Lyndon Johnson declaring the Soviets responsible for the assassination. The men at the Pentagon were anxiously awaiting for their "commander in chief" to give the word for World War III to begin.

Lyndon Johnson's exemplars were Fidel Castro and "Papa Doc" Duvalier!!

Before Lyndon Johnson seized the reins of power, he looked to the Cuban and Haitian dictatorships as role models for his new dictatorship.

President Fidel Castro
President Fidel Castro
(b. 1926).

With the help of the CIA, both men came to power about the same time.

Both men expected to be President for Life.

In Lyndon's new "Republic," he expected J. Edgar Hoover's FBI to play the same role at the Tonton Macutes in Haiti.


President Duvalier
President Duvalier

At the time of the assassination, Jackie and Lyndon's good friend, George de Mohrenschildt, was in Haiti. After the assassination, "Papa Doc" boasted to George that his voodoo actually killed President Kennedy.

We can thank our Great JEHOVAH that the diabolical plot failed and that most of the conspirators are now dead. However, the demons that inhabited and controlled them are sill alive, and more desperate that ever, because they know that their time is short. Ominously, the CIA, FBI, and the Jesuits are still here and more sinister than ever.


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