At the invitation of Juan and Eva Perón, Dr. Richter arrived in Argentina in August 1948. Juan and Eva gave him an island near Bariloche to duplicate his Thuringia hydrogen bomb facility. Money was no object as Martin Bormann had all the Third Reich confiscated wealth transferred to Argentina.

The Nazis had a top secret island named Huemul where the reactor was located.

In 1948, Juan and Eva Perón asked Dr. Richter to provide them with a hydrogen bomb.

Dr. Richter was delighted to comply, as his boss, Adolf Hitler, would be living just miles from the facility.

Unlimited financing was provided by Martin Bormann.

Adolf and Eva, along with Martin Bormann and his wife, lived in this mansion close to the island.

The operation, code named Operation Huemul, was as top secret as the Manhattan Project in the United States.

Trucks loaded with bricks for Project Huemul
on rafts crossing Lake Nahuel Huapi.

The Argentinean army had a whole battalion of soldiers working night and day on Project Huemul.

Much of the state-of-the-art equipment had to be shipped from Germany and then by plane or train from Buenos Aries.

Martin Bormann supplied unlimited finances for the thermonuclear project.

Thousands of Argentinean soldiers built
the hydrogen bomb facility.

For several months, tons of bricks, cement, and gravel were brought to the island generating shortages in the construction industry in the country.

Framework for the large reactor when
the top was still in progress.

Progress on the island was closely monitored by Juan and Eva Perón.

There is no evidence that any uranium or plutonium was delivered, or used, on the island.

Dr. Richter had promised them a thermonuclear weapon in 2 years and he intended to keep his promise.

Juan and Eva Perón visited the
island several times.

Dr. Richter needed millions of volts of electricity and he was very familiar with Tesla technology. As a matter of fact, Nikola Tesla had a German assistant named Fritz Lowenstein.

Richter constructed a massive
Tesla coil on the island.

Tesla coils can produce millions of volts of electricity and that is the method Dr. Richter used to produce the extremely high temperatures necessary for a controlled thermonuclear explosion.

Tesla technology was used in the 1943 Philadelphia Experiment to make a U.S. Navy ship disappear.

Nothing about Dr. Richter's work was experimental.

A massive 47-ton coil was installed
with the Tesla coil

Dr. Richter may have been the quintessential "mad scientist" but he knew exactly what he was doing. None of his work was experimental as it had all been done before in Thuringia.

A Jesuit priest named Juan Bussolini was a vital part of the team that created the Super. His job description involved a lot more than sprinkling the reactor with "holy water."

Richter and Jesuit priest Juan Bussolini
climbing the steps to Richter's cabin.

More ominously, a Jesuit priest named Juan Bussolini was a vital part of the team that built the reactor.

That Jesuit priest saw the Super as a sure way to fight heresy, namely the "Protestant" religion.

Bussolini also happened to be the "spiritual adviser"to Hitler and Martin Bormann.

Richter and Juan Bussolini discussing
progress on the hydrogen bomb.

By 1951, Dr. Richter made the explosive announcement that he had successfully tested a thermonuclear device on the island.

On March 24, 1951, Perón and Dr. Richter announced a controlled thermonuclear reaction!

The first step to creating a workable thermonuclear bomb was controlling the reaction. Officially, Argentina was the first nation to accomplish that. An atomic bomb is a mere toy compared to a hydrogen bomb or Super. An atomic bomb is based on FISSION and a hydrogen bomb is based on FUSION.

Juan Perón announcing that Argentina
had entered the thermonuclear age.

Around 20 journalists and government officials gathered in the Casa Rosada to hear the earth-shattering announcement: Argentina had entered the thermonuclear age.

A question and answer session followed but Dr. Richter said that the methods he used were "state secrets" and could not be divulged.


Dr. Richter and a delighted Juan Perón
after the press conference.

To ward off the prying questions of the reporters, Richter said that Argentina had to guard against industrial espionage, and he would not divulge any of the secrets of Project Huemul. However, he never mentioned that he used uranium or plutonium in any part of the Super.

News of that announcement spread quickly around the world and Argentina's neighbors were alarmed.

Dr. Richter (in short sleeves) flanked by Colonel Gonzales and journalists after the press conference.

Eva Perón was also delighted with the announcement as she was the driving force behind the whole project.

A Fourth Reich—with HQ in Buenos Aires—was now a distinct possibility.

President Juan Perón and Eva
after the press conference.

The Nazi Super was tiny compared to the monster that the U.S. exploded in 1952. A thermonuclear bomb is useless if you do not have a viable method of delivery.

Aircraft designer Kurt Tank

To drop weapons of mass destruction on their enemies, Juan and Eva needed an air force.

German aircraft designer Kurt Tank was invited to work with Dr. Richter.

The Nazis had an awesome arsenal of secret aircrafts which they hoped to replicate in Argentina.

Kurt Tank presenting the new jet fighter, Palqui II,
to President Juan Perón, Feb.1951.

Naturally, the other countries in South American were alarmed, and felt threatened by a thermonuclear Argentina.

Winston Churchill was alarmed by the prospects of a thermonuclear Argentina!

The British created the German chemical industry, which led to the monster I.G. Farben cartel, and the eventual creation of the Super. Now that Frankenstein monster was out of control and running amuck in Argentina. Brazil felt threatened and they appealed to Churchill for help.

Millions mourned "Saint Eva" as the nation came
to a virtual standstill for over 2 weeks.

Eva Perón was the driving force behind the establishment of a Fourth Reich in Argentina.

She was removed from the scene in July 1952.

Her husband was overthrown in a coup d'etat in 1955, and replaced by a pro-U.S. general named Eduardo Lonardi.


General Eduardo Lonardi

After the timely death of Eva Perón, there was a ferocious battle between the Peronists and the pro-U.S. faction. Finally, in 1955, the sane people won out and Perón was replaced.

The Humuel island facility was moved to the mainland in 1955

After the coup d'etat that ousted Perón, the immediate prospects of a Fourth Reich were terminated. The facility was closed down, and everything was completed gutted. Nothing but bare walls were left behind.

Ruins of the nuclear facility on the island.

In 1955, after the overthrow of Juan Perón, the secret island was closed down, and all the equipment moved to the mainland.

From that time onward, thermonuclear research was conducted at Centro Atómico Bariloche.

Thermonuclear research is now conducted at the Centro Atómico Bariloche on the mainland.

The major part of Centro Atómico Bariloche is underground as Richter preferred that his reactor be located underground. It is not clear if Hitler and Bormann continued to live at the Inalco House.

Project Humuel was also duplicated in Pequeña Argentina!

By 1955, the Mideast was becoming the geopolitical center of the world, and Argentina was about to be pushed to the periphery once again. Winston Churchill was anxious to establish the Edomite state, and the technicians from I.G. Auschwitz were all moving to reborn Edom.

Map of revived Edom in 1948.

Beginning in 1955, copies of all the thermonuclear bomb-making equipment was also installed underground in the Negev desert.

This gave the Edomites a war-winning weapon that could threaten the millions of Arabs with annihilation.

The newly established Edomite state also became known as Pequeña Argentina "Little Argentina" because they were totally dependent on that country's thermonuclear arsenal for their survival.

Map of Pequeña Argentina.

The nuclear technicians were given a crash course in French, as the French were framed, and "credited" with building the top secret reactor.

The Demona reactor in the Negev Desert.

The Edomite nuclear reactor in the Negev Desert is even more sinister and secretive than the one on Heumel Island because it is all UNDERGROUND.

After the Holohoax, the next biggest lie was that the French were responsible for building the vast underground reactor in the desert.

The control room of the Demona reactor.

Today, it is rumored that the Edomites have a huge nuclear arsenal....The real truth is they have a huge THERMONUCLEAR ARSENAL, pointed at all the surrounding nations, and capable of reaching Moscow. That is the only reason why that nation has existed so long on land stolen from the Palestinians. It would be better if they moved to Argentina Grande where there is plenty of room for all of them.

The Fourth Reich was postponed . . . not cancelled!

After the Nazi defeat at the Battle of Stalingrad in February 1943, Hitler began preparing to move to Argentina. To welcome the Führer, and establish a Fourth Reich, Juan Perón and his generals staged a coup d'etat in June 1943.

Generals Farrell and Perón led the
June 1943 military coup d'etat.

In anticipation of a Nazi defeat and Hitler's arrival in Argentina, a top secret group of army officers known as the G.O.U. (Grupo de Oficiales Unidos) staged a military coup d'etat.

That coup d'etat took place in June 1943, and general Pedro Ramírez became the puppet President.

To welcome Hitler, Argentina became a Fascist state modeled after Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy.



General Pedro Ramírez (18841962). President from '43 to '44.

Nelson Rockefeller financed the coup d'etat. He "persuaded" President Roosevelt to appoint him Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs, which was just a smokescreen for his pro-Nazi activities. Rockefeller told the President that he needed to fight "Nazi penetration of South America." In reality, billionaire Rockefeller was the most dangerous Nazi of them all.

Nelson Rockefeller was Coordinator of
Affairs from '41 to '45.


As Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs, Nelson Rockefeller financed the coup d'etat in Argentina.

Billionaire Rockefeller was able to "buy" Juan Perón and the entire G.O.U. military junta.

If "Hillary" Clinton Rockefeller had succeeded in "buying" the Presidency, she would have been Evita Perón on steroids.

"Hillary" Clinton ( b. circa 1947) is the daughter of Nelson Rockefeller.
"Hillary" Clinton ( b. circa 1947) is the daughter of Nelson Rockefeller.

The billionaire Rockefellers have never believed in campaigning for votes . . . because they found it much easier to BUY the voters. In 1974, Nelson Rockefeller almost stole the U.S. Presidency without an election.

Angela Merkel Hitler (b. 1954)
in Argentina.


As a "memorial" to Saint Martin Luther for the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, Angela Merkel Hitler also expected the Fourth Reich to begin this year.

King Francis I of Argentina was "praying" for the success of the Berlin-Buenos Aires-Roma axis.


King Francis I of Argentina wearing the
triple crown in Republican Roma.

Unless our great JEHOVAH had intervened in 1955, a deadly Fourth Reich would have been established in Argentina. He removed Eva Perón from the scene, and the "mad scientist" Dr. Richter was unemployed.

When people like Hitler, Bormann, Perón, Richter die, they are prevented from doing anyl more evil, but the demons possessing them just look for new victims.

Armaggedon was postponed . . . but not cancelled. Saint Cephas said:

JEHOVAH is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering toward us, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. But the day of JEHOVAH will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up (II St. Cephas 3:9-10).

That will be the ultimate and final "BIG BANG." Unfortunately, the corrupt Latin Vulgate Version changed "repentance" to "do penance."

When the Egyptians were pursuing the children of Israel at the Red Sea, JEHOVAH sent his MECHANIC-ANGELS to pull off the wheels of their chariots . . . in order to slow them down:

And it came to pass, that in the morning watch that JEHOVAH looked unto the host of the Egyptians through the pillar of fire and of the cloud, and troubled the host of the Egyptians, and took off their chariot wheels, that they drove them heavily: so that the Egyptians said, "let us flee from the face of Israel; for JEHOVAH fighteth for them against the Egyptians" (Exodus:14:24-25).

In these last days . . . we cannot stop . . . but only slow down . . . Pharaoh's last suicidal charge . . . so all true Christians should become MECHANICS for CHRIST!!

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