Fatima is alive and well

April 29, 1998

A new NATO expansion treaty will put U.S. troops on Russia's border thanks to the American taxpayers. The new countries are Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic.


U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright confers with Pope John Paul II in Vatican

This is just the latest chapter in a war that has been going on for over a millennia. The Vatican has been feuding vainly with the Orthodox Church for over 1000 years. Napoleon failed to deliver Russia, Hitler failed too, and now the Vatican has a new lay partner to do her dirty work. With communism gone it is very difficult for her to find an excuse to invade Russia that the American people will support with their tax dollars.

If we want a modus operandi for the invasion we have to consider a few of her actions in past history. We begin with England. Before the Roman Norman invasion of William the Conqueror in 1066, that country was in a state of chaos. It was without unity and therefore without power. Angle, Saxon and Dane fought endless battles and wasted their blood in endless strife.

The next example is Ireland about a century later. Before the Norman Roman Catholic invasion of Ireland (1169) that country was also in a state of chaos. Brother fought against brother and clan against clan. Finally, the deposed King of Leinster Dermot MacMurrogh asked the English Roman Catholic king to help him regain his throne. The invaders never left.

Japan is the next example. First to arrive in Japan were the Jesuits. They were welcomed by the Japanese Emperor. Then followed the Dominicans and Franciscans. These groups soon began to fight among themselves and civil war seemed imminent. This would have meant an invasion of the Spanish or Portuguese to help one side or the other. Thank God the Japanese Emperor saw through this subtle scheme of conquest and expelled them all. Unfortunately Japan was sealed of from the outside world for centuries and Protestant missionaries were excluded also.

The next example is Vietnam. That country was in a state of chaos when the U.S decided to intervene. Catholic persecution against the majority Buddhist population led to a breakdown in the South Vietnamese army and the subsequent American military involvement.

Once the American forces are in place, we can expect the very same thing to happen. Chaos inside Russia with the call for an invasion to restore order, or maybe a Roman Catholic Cardinal like Mindsventy "persecuted" and world opinion calling for an invasion to restore religious freedom.!!

Rome's ultimate objective is the supplanting of the Russian Orthodox Church by Roman Catholicism and the exchange of ambassadors. Then she can tell the world that the Virgin Mary's prophecy of Fatima has been fulfilled.

What a dirty rotten trick!!

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