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Last updated on Sept. 14, 2002.

When medicine man Edward Jenner and Erasmus Darwin stole the theory of evilution from Ancient Egypt and introduced it to the modern world; they opened up a Pandora's box of horrors. The fable that humans and animals are genetically related is the cause of untold evils to the human race and to helpless animals.

Animals are now used in all kinds of gruesome experiments to test drugs and food for human consumption. This cruelty to livings animals is called VIVISECTION from the Latin vìvus, alive. There is NO genetic connection between animals and humans except that they had a common Designer or Creator, 6000 years ago.

God created all living things according to their kind meaning that the boundaries between livings things are not to be broken down by corrupt money hungry drug companies.

Before the great Flood of Noah, they corrupt antediluvians had broken down these walls of separation and God destroyed them all as a result. Doubtless Satan told them that these mutants were an evolutionary advance for the human race:

"There were GIANTS in the earth in those days (before the Flood); and also after that (at the time of Moses), when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bore children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown (Gen. 6:4).

However these Frankenstein monsters were created, they opposed Joshua when he led the invasion of the promised land and David killed one of them named Goliath with a sling and a stone

"And there we saw the GIANTS (Nephilim), the sons of Anak, which came of the GIANTS, and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight" (Numbers 13: 33).

Rats used to test milk for human consumption!!

BOVINE GROWTH HORMONE or BGH -- udder destruction!!

Udder destruction - GIANT cow's udder due to BGH.

Udder destruction -- cow on steroids showing GIANT udder due to BGH.

"Sold in the United States under the Monsanto brand name Posilac, rBGH is injected into cows to increase milk production. Few people would argue that the drug does increase milk production, although in a country that periodically gives away dairy products to deal with the milk surplus it is difficult to understand why we need even more. Aside from well-documented health problems for the cows, including increases in udder infections, there are a series of health issues for humans.
As early as 1995, at a National Institutes for Health conference, the following adverse effects of rBGH were identified:
1. Strong role in breast cancer
2. Special risk of colon cancer due to local effects of rBGH on the GI tract.
3. May play a role in osteosarcoma, the most common bone tumor in children, usually occurring during the adolescent growth spurt.
4. Implicated in lung cancer.
5. Possesses angiogenic properties-important to tumors, some of which secrete their own growth factors to promote angiogenesis.
6. Lastly, the 1995 NIH conference recommended that the acute and chronic effects of IGF-1 in the upper GI tract be determined.

"Americans have been drinking milk from cows treated with rBGH for several years now. When the hormone was approved by the U.S. government, the approval was based on studies of rats fed rBGH that showed no toxicological changes. Had there been any such changes, further human studies would have been mandated.

In the well-publicized 1998 Canadian Gaps Report discussed in the previous chapter, we learn that in fact a large proportion of the rBGH-fed rats, between 20 and 30 percent, showed distinct immunological changes, while some male rats showed the formation of cysts of the thyroid and infiltration of the prostate. These are warning signs for possible immune system effects-and possible carcinogenic effects as well.

The Center for Food Safety and more than two dozen other organizations filed a petition in December of 1998 to reverse FDA approval of rBGH/rBST "We're going to go to the courts and say-you were lied to," said Andrew Kimbrell of the Center for Food Safety. "Essentially it was fraud by the agency and fraud by Monsanto in telling the court that there were no human health effects possible from consuming these products made with rBGH-treated milk. We now know that not to be true."

The Canadian Gaps Report, the banning of rBGH in many countries around the globe, and the findings of a number of studies in the United States and in Europe all point to real, concrete health concerns about bovine growth hormone.

Estimates are that 15 to 30 percent of the milk supply of the United States comes from rBGH-injected cows. Since rudimentary labeling of rBGH milk exists in some communities, including direct labeling as well as the labeling of some milk as "organic," people can avoid feeding their families dairy products containing genetically engineered growth hormones. Where such labeling or alternatives do not exist, there is little choice for people other than turning to chapter 10 in this book and becoming active in nationwide efforts to provide people with the option to consume only the food that they feel is safe for their families (Genetically Engineered Food, Martin Teitel, p. 59)."

Mutano was founded in 1901 by John F. Queeny.

Satano was founded in 1901, the very year of the assassination of President Mc Kinley and the takeover of our beloved country by the alien force.

Monsanto Founder John F. Queeny (1859 --19330)

Olga Monsanto, wife of the poisoner.

Poisoner Queeny was the Roman Catholic grandson of immigrants from Hibernia (Ireland) who were tricked into serving the Pope by Ignatius LIEoLa. The company was named after his wife, Olga Mendez Monsanto. Her Spanish father, Maurice Monsanto, was the son of Don Emmanuel Mendez de Monsanto, an aristocrat who had been knighted by both Queen Isabella II of Spain and King Frederick VII of Denmark. Her German mother, Emma Cleaves, was a daughter of a private secretary to King George IV of Hanover.

The three Monsantos -- father, mother and daughter r -- had abandoned Europe and had taken up residence on sugar plantations on the island of Vieques near Puerto Rico, and on St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands, before moving to New York in 1878.

What is sweeter than HONEY?

The Bible asks the question, "What is sweeter than honey?" (Judges 14:18). The answer: NOTHING.

Thanks to the EVILutionists, man thinks he can improve or modify God's creation. Here is one such example of that folly. Saccharin was the first poison to be manufactured from coal tar by Mutano. It was supposed to be a sweetener and SUBSTITUTE for SUGAR. Huge quantities were sold to the Chinese. It was later proved to be highly carcinogenic.

Saccharin was a substitute for sugar and was made from coal tar.

The Germans originally had the patent on this poison and they moved quickly to shut Monsanto down by lowering the price of their poison.

Monsatan was the first truly "multinational" corporation. A founder with Irish ancestors married a Spanish lady and set up operation in French founded St. Louis with the aid of 3 Swiss chemists in order to compete head on with the Germans.

Later on Monsatan would be infamous for the production of PCB's and Agent Orange which was used against the Vietnamese to destory their forests.

Another poison from St. Louis.

St. Louis, Missouri, is home to another deadly poison producer. We are talking about the BEER industry. Prohibition was the greatest idea to be sanctioned by any nation on earth. U. S. industrial production increased by almost 50% during the 13 years of Prohibition. It is very DIFFICULT to brainwash a SOBER NATION.

A sober nation is a safe, prosperous, healthy, intelligent, happy, nation. Alcohol and vaccination are responsible for almost all mental and physical deformities.!!

Anheuser Bush headquarters in 1911.

Anheuser Bush headquarters in 1911.

Budweiser is the world best-selling poison.

Budweiser is the world best-selling poison.


"The beer business is a queer business. There is death connected with it anyway you take it. Do the beer guzzlers know that every year thousands of rats leap into the beer vats, die and rot there. That fine flavor in your favorite beer may be only the essence of dead rats. You have all heard the term, "The Brewery Rats." Rats are the pests of the brewery. They can smell a brewery farther than a buzzard can smell a carcass. They come in great droves. The brewery can poison them, trap them, or kill them in other ways, but they still come. It is difficult to make a rat proof brewery. Here is what The American Independent says about rats in the beer vats:

"It will be a matter of special interest, now that beer is back, to know that rats are crazy about malt when it is fermenting. They will even climb a ladder to get near the malt in the beer vat. In the days before the coming of Prohibition the brewers had hard work to keep rats out of their vats. Climbing to the top of the vat a hungry rat, crazy to get at the fermenting malt, would lean down toward the beer and presently would fall in. He would go to the bottom and drown, and under the foam on top of the beer could not be seen. Some of the brewers used to keep a paddle with which to fish out the dead rats in the early morning. Often it was impossible to see the rat and he would lie there until the third day when he would gradually swell and rise above the bottom of the vat, so that it was now easier to get the paddle under the dead rat and lift him out of the beer. Of course some vats would be drained off without a single rat in them, while in other vats there would be several rats. Some months ago a bootleg vat in Pennsylvania was raided and it was decided to clean it out to see what it really contained, and in this big vat they found sixty-nine dead rats.

"Many persons have wondered why beer has a bitter and acid taste. May not this peculiar taste come from the flavor of the rats that have lost their lives through their fondness for fermenting malt?

"Persons who are thinking of cultivating a taste for beer would do well to make sure that all rats have been destroyed in the vicinity of the brewery they intend to patronize. Be sure that there is no rat taste in the beer you drink. If the poison has been taken out, it is not real beer."

"But we have got to drink beer, rat essence and all, to balance the budget. Soak the nation's flag in the filthy slop to raise revenue to meet the extravagance of a beer administration. Drink beer morning noon and night. Drink it with your meals. Drink it between your meals. Drink more beer. Just keep drinking beer. Drink it until your stomach rebels against its deadly poison and you puke all over the sidewalk or the bottom of your car, or the floor of your home or wherever you may be. Drink it until your kidneys are rotten. Until your nerves are shot. Until your brain is on fire and tremens drives you to the asylum. Drink it until in your madness you see the flashing tongues of snakes or the hideous faces of dead rats leering from the foam. For beer is filled with the souls of dead rats that have drowned in the brewery vats."

Rat Story Stirs Brewers. From The National Voice. Miss Hubler Fights Beer Barons.

"Authentic expose stories of rats which fall into brewery vats to drown and rot there, have stirred liquor interests all over the country into concerted attacks against those who have given wide publicity to these stories.

Immediately after a radio talk which I made recently, telling how hordes of rats are attracted to the brewery vats by the smell of malt, several brewers and distillers brought tremendous pressure to force my prohibition talks off the air, threatening the radio station with loss of large revenues from regular advertising patrons, if I was allowed to continue with these stories of rats in the brewery vats.

This week, in answer to the rat story over the radio, there came an interesting and amusing letter from a listener in Idaho, which I would like to have given over the radio, but which was censored, because of the pressure exerted by the brewers and distillers.

The letter is too good to keep, even if I can't give it over the air, so here it is:

"We have seen your leaflet "Rats in the Brewery Vats," and cannot resist the temptation to reply to it.

"What injury or damage do you suppose a few rats in a vat of a thousand gallons of beer would do? That would not give a glass of beer enough rat contamination to amount to a single thing. When a rat has decomposed in a beer vat, the hair all sinks to the bottom, and the rotted flesh only rises throughout the contents of the vat when it is stirred up, and this stirring is done only occasionally.

"Such foulness does not reach the lips of the drinker as you seem to suppose, but the beer taste counteracts it until none but new users of the beer ever think they detect the outside taste.

"The pure food and pure drink authorities do not think enough of your remarks to consider them worthy of repeating, for the real value of beer does not lie in its taste, but in the vitamins contained in it. Old users of the drink would not detect the presence of a dead horse in a vat of it, nor even a dead man, for the beer is individualistic, and when once the taste is acquired, it lingers long, and is firm.

"If you women would attend to your OWN business, these rats in the vats would soon be forgotten."

When those fighting for the dry cause can "draw blood" and when brewers and distillers stoop from their mighty thrones to try to get one lone woman "off the air," then we feel that we are really getting somewhere in this fight. --Miss Ethel Hubler, Editor, The National Voice.

It seems that when the Editor of The Rail Splitter worked out the truths that went into this tract "Rats in the Brewery Vats" we started something. This tract has been quoted in over a dozen papers, some of them with large circulation and has consequently been read by millions of people. The fact that it is setting the breweries wild and is worrying the beer guzzlers is all the proof we need that it is getting results. As you can see from the above facts the liquor crowd has been trying very hard to get Miss Ethel Hubler off the air for the reason that she broadcasted the truth as set forth in "Rats in the Brewery Vats." Miss Hubler is a fighter and the booze crowd are going to have a lot of trouble to silence her on this question.

Mice, Snakes, and Toads taken from Beer Kegs says worker in Brewery. From the National Voice.


(The name of this former brewery worker is withheld for obvious reasons).

"A friend and I became handy men at a brewery in southeastern Iowa, where our job was to keep the place "clean."

All of the water used in the manufacture of the beer came from an overflow pond in a pasture, used alike by horses, cows and hogs. Farmers know the habits of these animals and no more need be said as to the purity of the water used in the manufacture of the beer.

One of our first jobs was to scoop the malt overflow back into the vat. Discovering the malt to be full of maggots, we asked the brewer what to do about it.

"Never mind, scoop it in. That don't hurt," the brewer said. Next, we had to repair the empty kegs. These kegs had been filled and refilled. Between times, they were thrown out among the weeds alongside the brewery. Finally, when it became necessary to renovate them, the heads were taken out and the contents noted.

Mice, snakes and toads in various stages of decomposition were found. But we bravely continued our jobs.

Finally we were told to clean the storage vat. Descending into the vat by means of a ladder we heard rats scurrying around. We found rats running around the sills and jumping down into the "lees." Descending into the vat, we found ourselves wading in a loblolly of hair, bones and other beer refuse. We finished the job, but the job finished us, as far as working in a brewery was. concerned.

P. S. The story of a beer vat which contained three bushels of dead rats, when it was drained, comes from William Baxter, author of the Baxter Law in Indiana. In a speech he said that the drinkers of that beer "had been taking their beer off of rat tails, rat noses and rats' everything."

Dead Negro and Dead Mexican Found in Brewery Vat -- The National Voice.

"Not only rats, but the dead bodies of two men, a Negro and a Mexican, came out of a huge beer vat in a brewery in St. Louis, when the vat was emptied, according to an authentic account told this week by an eye-witness of the incident.

"When I was an intern in a St. Louis hospital," said the man now a reputable physician in Los Angeles, "we boys (young doctors), heard of a raid on a brewery, so we went down to see what was going on.
"The vat was being emptied into the sewer. At the last, we saw, not only cooked rats, but bodies of a Negro and a Mexican, who had been drowned by accident, taken out of the vat.
"This did not seem to astonish the spectators, because worse things had been found in the beer vats at other times," the physician said this week, in describing the incident

Rats in the vats is from the book From Beltshazzar to Roosevelt by William LLoyd Clark, pages 61--65).


Clark, William Lloyd, From Belshazzar to Roosevelt, Rail Splitter Press, Milan, Illinois, 1933.

Teitel, Martin & Wilson, Kimberly A., Genetically Engineered Food, Changing the Course of Nature, What you Need to Know to Protect Yourself, Your Family, and Our Planet., Park Street Press, Rochester, Vermont.

Lappe, Marc, Against the Grain: Biotechnology and the Corporate Takeover of Your Food.

Forrestal, Daniel J., Faith, Hope and $5.000: the Story of Monsanto: The Trials and Triumphs of the First 75 Years, Simon & Schuster, New York, 1977. (The writer of this book was a former employee of Monsanto). If you can find any books exposing Mutano please tell us about them.

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Editor's Note.

A company named Monsanto is the maker of BGH. It is no coincidence that it was founded in 1901; the year of the assassination of President McKinley and the takeover of our beloved country by the alien force.

If those money hungry corporations really want to produce super crops why don't they use BAT GUANO?

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