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Columbus killed Martin Alonso Pinzón—-the Captain of the Pinta!!

Columbus' ship the Santa Marie was wrecked near Santo Domingo on the night of Dec. 25, 1492. He had to sail home on the Niña with Vicente Yañez Pinzón.

Columbus' ship the Santa Marie was wrecked near Santo Domingo on the night of Dec. 25, 1492. He had to sail home on the Niña with Vicente Yañez Pinzón.


The Great Admiral of the Ocean Sea wrecked his own ship the Santa Marie!!

Columbus had to sail home with Vicente, the brother of Martin Alonso.

If Vicente Yañez Pinzón could have read the mind of Columbus about his murderous intentions toward his brother Martin, he would have thrown him overboard on the return voyage, and that would have been the end of Columbus!!

This great admiral of the ocean sea allowed his own ship to be wrecked:

"It pleased Our Lord that at midnight, while I lay in bed, with the ship in a dead calm and the sea as peaceful as the water in a cup, all went to sleep, leaving the tiller in charge of a boy. So it happened that the swells drove the ship very slowly onto one of those reefs, on which the waves broke with such a noise that they could be heard a long league away. Then the boy, feeling the rudder ground and hearing the noise, cried out; hearing him, I immediately arose, for I recognized before anyone else that we had run aground. Very soon the ship's master, whose watch it was, ran up; I told him and the other sailors to take the boat that the ship was towing and cast an anchor astern. He and many others got into the boat, I meanwhile thinking they were going to do what I had told them. But instead they rowed away, fleeing in the boat to the caravel, which was half a league distant. Seeing them flee in the boat, with the water ebbing and the ship was in danger, I quickly had the mast cut away to lighten her as much as possible, to see if we could get her off that reef. But the waters ebbing still farther, the ship would not budge, but began to list; her new seams opened up, and she filled up with water. Meanwhile the caravel's boat had come over to help me, and the Niña's people, seeing that the men in the boat were escaping to save their own skins, would not let them aboard, and they had to return to the ship.

"Seeing no possible way of saving my ship, to save the lives of my crew I left her and went with them to the Niña. Since the wind was from the land, and much of the night was already gone, and we knew not our way out of those shoals, I stood by with the caravel until daybreak, when I promptly made for the ship through the reef, having first sent a boat ashore with Diego de Arana of Córdoba, chief constable of the fleet, and Pedro Gutiérrez, butler of Your Highnesses' dais, to let the king know what had happened, informing him that on my way to visit him (as he had invited me to do the previous Saturday) I had lost my ship on a reef a league and a half from his town. Informed of our misfortune, the king shed tears and immediately sent all his people and many large canoes to the ship. So they and we began to unload, and in a short time we had cleared the whole deck, so helpful was the king in this affair. Afterwards, he in person, together with his brothers and relations, kept careful watch both aboard and ashore to see that all was done properly. And from time to time he sent one of his relatives to tell me not to grieve, that he would give me whatever he had. I assure Your Highnesses that nowhere in Castile would better care have been taken of the goods, so that not a shoestring was missing. He caused all our goods to be placed together near the palace, where they remained until the houses that he gave as storehouses had been emptied. He stationed armed men to watch over those goods day and night; and he and all the other natives wept as if our misfortune were their own." (Life of the Admiral Christopher Columbus, by his son, Ferdinand, pp. 81-82).

The 3 captains of the Columbus voyage of "discovery" followed a map!!

It is very easy to find new islands when you are following a MAP. Columbus had the map of Alonso Sanchez and that took the guesswork out of the voyage of "Discovery."

Martin Alonso Pinzón (1441- to March, 1493), captain of the Pinta.

Martin Alonso Pinzón (1441- to March, 1493), captain of the Pinta.

Vicente Yañez Pinzón (1450 -1523), captain of the Niña.

Vicente Yañez Pinzón (1450 -1523), captain of the Niña.

Christopher Columbus (1436-1506),

Christopher Columbus (1436-1506),
captain of the Santa Marie.

"This day there was much calm and later it blew and they went on their way west until night. The Admiral began talking to Martín Alonso Pinzón, captain of the other caravel, Pinta, about a chart that he had sent to him on the caravel three days before, on which the Admiral had apparently drawn certain islands in that sea; and Martín Alonso said that they were in that region and the Admiral answered that so it seemed to him, but since they had not encountered them it must have been caused by the currents which always had driven the vessels northeast and that they had not traveled as far as the pilots said. And at this point the Admiral said to send the said chart (of Alonso Sanchez) to him. And it having been sent over by means of some cord, the Admiral began to plot their position on it with his pilot and sailors."(The Diario of Christopher Columbus, Tuesday, Sept. 27, 1492).

Columbus arrived in Palos with the blessing of the Catholic sovereigns, the maps and charts of the dead pilot Alonso Sanchez de Huelva . . . but he had no money....Pinzón was rich and had the money so Columbus was forced to share the maps and charts with him. His attitude toward Columbus, after Columbus shared the maps with him, seems to have been: "now I have the maps and the money and don't really need Columbus" . . . That attitude cost him his life!!

Columbus must have visited the Vatican and taken a course in COOKING WITH CANTARELLA. In 1486, 5 shipwrecked mariners died in his house. His Portuguese wife died around the same time . . . and in 1493 —just after returning from the Indies —Martin Alonso Pinzón died when Columbus was a guest in his house.

It was safer to be in a raging storm in the middle of the Atlantic than to be a guest in the Columbus house ... or to invite Columbus to your house.

In 1487, Columbus arrived in Spain and when straight to the Court of the Catholic sovereigns who were then fighting the Arabs or Moors at Santa Fé, Granada. He presented his plans for his great "discovery" but they refused to meet his demands.

In 1491, when the news of the voyages of John Cabot reached the Court, everything changed. Immediately they summoned Columbus and acquiesced to all his demands. They sent him with all haste to the Monastery of Santa Maria de la Rábida near the shipping port of Palos. The head of the monastery Friar Juan Perez de Marchena (Friar Juan Perez) was also the Queen's confessor. Friar Juan Perez was the liaison between the Catholic monarchs, and Columbus and he agreed to arrange everything and get Columbus on his way as quickly as possible.

In 1491, Columbus was dispatched with all haste to the district of Huelva in the Southwest of Spain near Portugal.


The Port of Palos was a busy shipping port and home to Martin Alonso Pinzón and the wealthy Pinzón shipping family. Martin had 2 brothers: Vicente and Francisco. Vicente was captain of the Niña and his brother Francisco was Master of the Pinta.

At first Columbus was prepared to go it alone. The Crown ordered the confiscation of 2 ships and Columbus was allowed to man them from the local jail. The jailbirds were terrified of the trip to the unknown however and the ships were sabotaged. Columbus was desperate. What was he to do?

At that time Columbus turned to a wealthy shipbuilder named Martin Alonso Pinzón. Pinzón had 2 brothers and was an expert mariner. Columbus agreed to share one half of everything if Pinzón would finance the voyage. He agreed to do so and that was his FATAL MISTAKE....Pinzón should have given the maps of Columbus back to the family of Alonso Sanchez (whom he probably knew) and had Columbus arrested for murder and theft.

The Franciscan Friars were behind the plot to substitute Columbus for Cabot!!

The Franciscan Monastery Santa María de la Rábida near Palos was the headquarters of Columbus during the preparation for his voyage of "Discovery." Martin Alonso was taken here after his death at the hands of Columbus.

The Franciscan Monastery Santa María de la Rábida near Palos was the headquarters of Columbus during the preparation for his voyage of "Discovery." Martin Alonso was taken here after his death at the hands of Columbus.


Martin Alonso Pinzón statue in Madrid, Spain.

Martin Alonso Pinzón statue in Madrid, Spain.

Martin Alonso Pinzón was a wealthy shipbuilder and an expert mariner. Columbus turned to him when he failed to get the prisoners from the local jail to man his ships. Columbus had no money, so Pinzón lent him half the money to finance his ship the Santa Marie.

The official records of what really happened are kept in the Archives of the Indies in Seville, Spain.

Archives of the Indies in Seville, Spain, hold the truth about Columbus and the so-called "Discovery." Only the Secret Archives of the Vatican hold more secrets!!


In the year 1508 a lawsuit was brought by the son of Columbus named Admiral Don Diego Colón against the Crown. This son was born when Columbus lived on the island of Madeira.


Folio 1.-Compromise of the lawsuit which was dealt with by those who were appointed for the purpose by the " Consejo de Castilla, Indias, y Inquisición." The suit was brought by the Admiral, Don Diego Colón, whilst he lived, and afterwards by Doña Maria de Toledo, his widow, as " tutora " of their son, Don Luis Colón, as to a Declaration of the Capitulations and Privileges conceded by the Catholic Kings to Don Cristobal Colón. The compromise was made with the Cardinal de Santa Susana, Don Fr. Garcia de Loaisa, Bishop of Sigiienza, President of the Indies and Commissary General of the Tribunal of the " Cruzada."
The children of Don Diego Colón were Don Luis, Don Cristobal ; Doña Felipa, Doña Maria, Doña Juana, and Doña Ysabel. He also left a widow, Doña Maria de Toledo, pregnant, as is borne out by the " tutela," or guardianship .

Testimony of a few of the witnesses in this lawsuit

PEDRO ARIAS.-Affirmed that he knew of the matters referred to in and by the question as is therein contained and expressed; and that the Admiral was in very poor circumstances and maintained by the Friars of the Monastery.
RODRIGO PRIETO.-Stated that Cristobal Colón came to this town (of Palos) provided with a "Provisión," or authority, of the Monarchs to go to search for the Indies; and lived in the Monastery of La Rábida many days, and endeavoured to make up an Armada, but found no one willing to assist him ; and that he then treated with Martin Alonso Pinzón and made an agreement with him, and that if he had not joined hands with him his endeavours to create an Armada would have been hopeless and futile, because he could not find any other people able and willing to assist him; and, as the said Martin Alonso Pinzón was well connected and a very intelligent person and had many relations who were mariners, and who, when they saw
that Martin Alonso Pinzón was actually going with the Armada, they, for liking and sympathy, went with him also.
PEDRO DE MEDEL. Declared that he had heard stated the various matters referred to in the Interrogatory ; and that they were public and notorious.

FRANCISCO MEDEL.-Declared that at the time the armada was being fitted out Martin Alonso Pinzón told him (the witness) that Cristobal Colón had agreed with him (Pinzón) to give him all that he wished or asked for.
ALONSO GALLEGO.--Stated that what he knew about the various matters referred to by this question was that at the time the said Cristobal Colón came to the town of Palos to agree upon and arrange to make this Voyage of Discovery, the witness saw and heard the said Colón say to the said Martin Alonso Pinzón,

"Señor Martín Alonso, let us make this voyage, and if we carry it out, and, through God, discover this land, I promise to you, by the Royal Crown, to divide (equally) with you as though with my own brother" ; and that this which he (the witness) now stated he had himself heard said by the said Cristobal Colón on many occasions."

Columbus wanted to turn back during the voyage!!

"FRANCISCO MEDEL.-Declared that when the armada returned after having made the discovery, Martin Alonso Pinzón came back very ill, and went or was taken from his own house to the Monastery of "La Rabida," and that this witness went there to visit him; and whilst talking with him and asking how he had got on in his expedition, the said Martin Alonso Pinzón told him (the witness) that after having sailed some 800 or 900 leagues Colón lost confidence, became dismayed, and told him "Martin Alonso, we are lost ! What SHALL we do ? Those who saw us start will never see us return to Palos! Let us return!" And that he, the said Martin Alonso Pinzón, replied: "Señor, God forbid that I should return, for I have yet to find, in front of me, the land I am searching for, and not to see Palos!" and that then the said Cristobal Colón had determined upon returning to Spain; and that the said Martin Alonso Pinzón went on and continued his voyage; and that when the said Colón saw that he had no option, followed in the track of the said Martin Alonso Pinzón; and that, before the said Cristobal Colón could overtake him, he (the said Martin Alonso Pinzón) had reached land, and had landed and taken possession of it in the name of the King; and that the land which he had so discovered and demarked was the Island of Santo Domingo; and that when the said Cristobal Colón overtook the said Pinzón and found the land already marked out and taken possession of, it annoyed and weighed upon him greatly; and he told the said Martin Alonso Pinzón that he should have obeyed him (Cristobal Colón) in conformity with the power and authority vested in him (Colón) by the King; and that he, the said Martin Alonso Pinzón had thereto responded: "By (following) your wishes and authority we should have returned to Spain without having discovered the land; I have discovered an taken possession of it, and marked it in the name of the King! To Spain we will now return, and there be heard in justice!"; and that the said Cristobal Colón had become very jealous and unfriendly with him, and told him, (Pinzón) that he ought "to hang him from a doorpost!" and that he, the said Martin Alonso Pinzón, then replied "Is THAT what I deserve for having placed you in the position of honour I have given you, for You to speak to me in THAT manner !!"; and that besides this conversation the witness had publicly heard stated—because nothing else of importance was discussed—that the said Cristobal Colón had wished and attempted to give up this Voyage of Discovery and return ; and that the said Martin Alonso Pinzón had declared in answer that he for his part would not return and was determined to continue the voyage, and had discovered the land; and that if it had not been for him (the said Martin Alonso Pinzón), then the land would never have been discovered; and that those who made these statements were those who had gone with this armada; and that, as such a long period of time had elapsed, he could not now remember their names; and that this was all public matter and knowledge all through his district (Palos, Moguer, Huelva. etc.)."

Columbus was a quest in the house of Pinzón just before he died!!

Pinzón died just a few weeks after his return. He trusted the pirate Columbus and his sponsors and it cost him his life.

The Interrogatories which are to be put to the witnesses who, on behalf of the Fiscal of Their Majesties, are, or will be, presented in the lawsuit existing between Don Luis Colón and his consorts as to the offices of Admiral, Viceroy, and Governor, and other matters, are the following:

Question #1. If they knew the parties to the suit, and if they had known Cristobal Colón and Martin Alonso Pinzón, both deceased.

Question # 22. If they knew that, the first Discovery having been made, the said Cristobal Colón and Martin Alonso Pinzón returned to Spain to give account to the Catholic Kings of the said Discovery ; and that even then the said Cristobal Colón quarrelled with the said Martin Alonso Pinzón because of his wishing to declare to their Majesties all the actual facts and truth; and they returned to Palos, to the house of the said Martin Alonso Pinzón, where they remained together until, being about to go to the Court to make their report, the said Martin Alonso Pinzón died of the illness he had brought with him; and that this is true, public and common knowledge and opinion.

Editor's Note

During the feverish preparation to get Columbus to the New World before John Cabot, events were also moving swiftly at the Vatican. Rodrigo Borgia—a Spanish Cardinal —got rid of his predecessor Pope Innocent VIII, and by spending enormous sums of money managed by just one vote to have himself "elected" Pope. It was this Pope that gave the New World to Spain after the so-called "Discovery" of Columbus.

The eulogists of Columbus never dared to look closely at the records of the Archives of the Indies concerning Columbus. If they did, the Columbus myth would have been shattered a long time ago.


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