Assassination of the Kennedys Solved at Last!!

President Kennedy was assassinated for 2 reasons:

In 1963, President Kennedy signed the nuclear test ban Treaty outlawing nuclear testing in the atmosphere, outer space and underwater.
Immediately after the President's death, the 25th Amendment was introduced which almost made Nelson Rockefeller President for life!!

The Kennedy assassination had all the marks of the Rockefeller dynasty. They alone had the motive, political power, and money to carry out the assassination and then their TOTAL control of the media enabled them to hide this fact from the world!!

When J. F. Kennedy decided to run for President in 1960, the Rockefeller's were incensed. Kennedy had good looks and brains which was totally lacking in their mutant genes. The Rockefellers already owned Washington D.C. through their ill gotten fortune which was acquired by bribery, kickbacks and blackmail.

The Kennedys were upstarts as far as they were concerned and they were not about to share their fief with any newcomers.

The Rockefeller crown prince at that time was named Nelson. His pollsters told him that NOBODY in their right mind would vote for him so he decided to steal the Presidency without an election. Even in his home state of New York he had to spend at least 25 million dollars to be "elected" Governor.

The deeply laid plot was to give Kennedy the election and then have him assassinated. After his assassination, the Vice Presidency would be vacant and Rockefeller planned to introduce an Amendment to give the President the power to APPOINT a Vice President. The 5 main conspirators were Nelson Rockefeller, Richard Nixon, Lyndon Johnson, Henry Kissinger, General Alexander Haig, Donald Rumsfeld. There were many, many more involved in the cover up but these were the 6 core conspirators:

The men behind the assassination of President J. F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy.

Nelson Rockefeller

President Nixon


President Johnson.

Henry Kissinger

General Alexander Haig

Donald Rumsfeld

President Kennedy was setup by the above men in order to make

Nelson Rockefeller King!

President John F. Kennedy (President from 1961 to '63).


Lyndon Johnson was Vice President under President Kennedy from '61 to '63.

Very rare photograph of co-conspirators Johnson and Rockefeller taken 2 months after the assassination of JFK's brother, Bobby, in June 1968.

Rockefeller had Bobby Kennedy Assassinated too!!

Robert F. Kennedy, assassinated on June 6, 1968.

  Bobby Kennedy, the brother of JFK, had a very good chance of winning the Presidency in 1968. That is why Rockefeller, Nixon and Johnson gave the order to have him assassinated. Had he been elected President, Bobby would try to avenge his murdered brother and kick the Rockefellers out of Washington for good.

Immediately after the assassination of President Kennedy, Johnson was sworn in as President. Johnson was prohibited by the Constitution from appointing a Vice President. That means that from Nov. '63 to Jan. '65 there was no Vice President of the United States. That was no problem however because in the event of Johnson's death there was a clearly marked succession to the Presidency. That order was:

Number 1
Number 2
Number 3
Speaker of the House of Representatives
President pro tempore of the Senate
Secretary of State

Unfortunately for President Kennedy, there was a multi-billionaire whose lust for power was exceeded only by his lust for sex.... That man was named Nelson Rockefeller. Rockefeller used this tragedy to ram through a Constitutional Amendment and have the order of succession changed. He did it in almost record time — 20 months.

Rockefeller knew that he would NEVER be elected President..... Kennedy was no saint . . . but at least he didn't wear the PHONY mantle of piety that the (Baptist!!) Rockefellers did. Kennedy was a Roman Catholic and NOT a Jesuit. There is a world of difference. He received MILLIONS of votes . . . whereas Rockefeller knew that even though he controlled both political parties at the top of the pyramid, his support among the vast throng of middle Americans was virtually nil.

President Kennedy would NEVER give the Pentagon carte blanche to start WW III and wage nuclear war on the Soviet Union. Nelson visited his boss in Rome just 2 months before the assassination:

"Late in September (1963), unaccompanied by Happy, Rockefeller went to Rome for an audience with the Pope, a most unusual circumstance and not entirely free of public relations overtones. But the depressing situation (his recent divorce and remarriage) was not entirely changed (Rockefeller's Follies, p. 67)."

After the secret passage of the 25th Amendment, Rockefeller was able to force Vice President Spiro Agnew and President Nixon to resign. Then he ordered President Ford to APPOINT him to the position of Vice President —only a heartbeat away from the Presidency of the United States.

Kennedys arrive at Love field Airport

President Kennedy and his wife Jacqueline arrive in Dallas Love Field Airport on Nov. 22, 1963.

Mrs. Kennedy is presented with a bouquet of RED Roses!!

Mrs. Kennedy is presented with a bouquet of RED Roses!!

"....How funny - red roses for me."

Mrs. Kennedy later said this about the bouquet of red roses:

"Three times that day in Texas we were greeted with bouquets of the yellow roses of Texas. Only in Dallas they gave me red roses. I remember thinking: How funny --- red roses for me."

President Kennedy assassinated

Motorcade passes Dealy Plaza in Dallas, Texas.

Secret Service agent helps Mrs. Kennedy

Mrs. Kennedy helps Secret Service agent Clint Hill climb into the car.

President Kennedy is hit by at least two bullets, one through the throat and another blows off the back of his head as his entourage casually watches the cold-blooded murder. This public execution also served as a warning to any future Presidents to co-operate . . .  or face the same fate.

Mortally wounded President is rushed to Parkland Hospital

The mortally wounded President is rushed to Parkland Hospital.

President Kennedy entered the American Presidency at a momentous time in world history. According to the INFALLIBLE chronology of the Bible, the world entered its 6000 year in 1958, and Pope Pius XII died in that same year.

This turning point in world history also marked the beginning of the ecumenical movement and Rome's last great desperate attempt to take over the world.

In Asia, the Vatican's beachhead was a small country named Vietnam. A fanatical Catholic named Diem was installed as President and he was the centerpiece of their entire Asia strategy. Soon after taking power he began to implement his persecution of the Buddhist majority which comprised 85 percent of the country's population.

President Diem of South Vietnam

President Diem of South Vietnam

President Diem initiated a reign of terror against the Buddhist majority. This led to passive and non-violent resistance and suicides by fire in the streets.

Suicides by fire

Suicide by fire before the Roman Catholic Cathedral of Saigon.

President Kennedy (not wanting to be a one term President) ordered Diem to let up on the persecutions . . . but he refused. World opinion forced Kennedy to choose between his church and his political career and his decision cost him his life.

Finally the order went forth for Diem's removal and Buddhist Officers dragged him from the church and riddled him with bullets. This occurred on Nov. 2, 1963.

Assassination of President Diem and his brother Ngo, Nov. 2, 1963.

Assassination of President Diem and his brother Ngo, Nov. 2, 1963.

Meanwhile, back in the U.S., the Catholic Hierarchy was horrified. Diem was a favorite son, all their hopes of making Asia Catholic were pinned on him. To add insult to injury the order to get rid of him had gone forth from the first Catholic President of the U.S. President Kennedy had been elected President with the help of the Hierarchy and had the effrontery to put his own political career ahead of his duty to Mother Church. He had double-crossed them and now he would pay with his life.

The fateful decision was made - Kennedy must be sacrificed. Better for one man to die than that the Catholicization of Asia should perish. This was carried out 3 weeks later on Nov. 22, 1963.

Madam Nhu, sister in law to President Diem and wife of the head of the dreaded secret police clearly blamed Kennedy for her husband's assassination. She wrote from Rome to Mrs. Kennedy:

"I do not know you, but you must understand now what a wife feels when told that her husband has been brutally done to death. What has come to you is only one effect of the frightful injustice of which my husband was an innocent victim . . ."(Italics added).

Vice President Johnson with his hand on Roman missal. Notice now calm Jackie is!!

Lyndon Johnson is sworn in as President by Judge Sarah T. Hughes just hours after the assassination. Judge Hughes brought a small Bible for the swearing in ceremony, but it was substituted for a Roman Missal (Mass book) that was found on the plane. . . .This was a completely illegal act as the President of the Unites States must take the oath of office with his hand on the Bible before he is the lawful President. Mr. Lincoln kissed the Bible when he was sworn in!!   

Lee Harvey Oswald is liquidated

Dead men tell no tales. The lone assassin Lee Harvey Oswald is conveniently liquidated.

Mrs. Kennedy took charge of the funeral arrangements. She had a copy of a book on the funeral of President Lincoln brought to her and she ordered it to be followed exactly - even to the design of the catafalque in the White House. . . . Mrs. Lincoln almost died from grief on the death of her husband!!

Funeral of President Kennedy

Funeral of President Kennedy.

Mrs. Kennedy prays for her dead husband

Mrs. Kennedy prays for the soul of her dead husband at the graveside.

Rome teaches that one becomes a Christian by sprinkling with water, and most people eventually end up in Heaven after an indefinite stay in Purgatory. That is why murder is no big deal to her. . . . If this is how Rome treats her friends . . . it's a lot safer being her enemy!!


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Red Roses from Texas is another very rare book on the assassination. Mr. Gun devoted only a short paragraph to the Diem and Kennedy killings, but he predicted that one day the truth about the interrelated murders would come out. He interviewed Madam Nhu in Los Angeles and he said that she clearly blamed Kennedy for the murder of her husband.

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