Everything that happened in the geopolitical world since 1945 all happened before during the 70 years before the Jewish Messiah began his ministry.

Thousands of Nazi war criminals escaped to Argentina via Spain, using what became known as the RATLINES. Their escape was facilitated by spymaster Allen Dulles in Switzerland.

Juan Perón's ancestors came from Italy, and Eva's ancestors came from the Basque region of Spain. An Argentine is an Italian who speaks Spanish but considers himself an Englishman.

Living in a poverty stricken area of Argentina, Eva's mother had no husband, so she had to open a "boarding house" to support herself and the 5 children. "Boarding house" is a polite term for a brothel or bordello.

General Juan Perón (18951974).
Vice President from 1944 to '45.
President from '46 to '55.

General Juan Perón was the Marcus Antonius of Argentina and his wife Eva "Evita" was Cleopatra.

"Actress" and femme fatale Eva was Jezebel on steroids, and like the Old Covenant Jezebel, she provoked her husband to do much evil in the sight of JEHOVAH (I Kings 21:25).

She was the South American Empress Wu Zetain and Hillary Clinton.

Eva "Evita" Perón

Adolf Hitler, Martin Bormann, and the other top Nazi war criminals were offered asylum on one condition: provide Argentina with a nuclear arsenal.

Indeed Argentina was an insane asylum . . . run by the inmates....Juan had previously met Hitler during a trip to Berlin in early 1941. Both dictators had discussed the coming invasion of Russia, and naturally Perón was confident that it would be an overwhelming success.

Adolf Hitler with his infamous moustache.
Adolf Hitler (1889

According to the most reliable reports, Adolf and Eva arrived via submarine sometime in May 1945.

Hitler had previously met the Führer but it was the first time that Eva met Eva Braun.

Martin Bormann, the "Brown Eminence," was delayed departing from Europe because the wealth of the defunct Third Reich had to be transferred to Argentina via Switzerland.


Martin Bormann

That included the financial assets of the chemical colossus named I.G. Farben. Here is a quote from a very well researched biography of Bormann:

Martin Bormann arrived in Argentina on a Monday morning, May 17, 1948, aboard the steamer Giovanna C, out of Genoa, Italy. Wearing what resembled the garb of a Jesuit, he entered Argentina on a Vatican passport identifying himself as the Reverend Juan Gomez. (Farago, Aftermath: Martin Bormann and the Fourth Reich, p. 216).

Bormann was the financial wizard of the Third Reich, and he was responsible for the safe transfer of the colossal assets of behemoth like I.G. Farben, Krupp, Thyssen, BASF, etc., etc.

Cardinal Santiago Copello

These 2 purpled prelates were the senior RoMAN Catholic clerics in Argentina, and they were the de facto rulers of the country.

It was their job to see that the Nazis arrived safely, and were then provided with the tools to make a nuclear Fourth Reich happen as quickly as possible.

The HQ of the resurrected Reich was to be Buenos Aires "Fair Winds."


Cardinal Antonio Caggiano


After the top Nazis were comfortably and securely settled in Argentina, the next step was the building of a nuclear arsenal for Juan and Eva.

Argentina tested a thermonuclear bomb in 1951

By 1947, there was only one nuclear power in the world and that was the United States. Juan and Eva quickly began to redress that imbalance. That was not an easy task for a country with no industrial infrastructure whatsoever.

Dr. Friedrich Bergius

Nobel Prize winner Dr. Friedrich Bergius was just one of the hundreds of Nazi physicists who were responsible for creating a nuclear Fourth Reich.

Dr. Ronald Richter was another prominent scientist who gave Juan and Eva a nuclear arsenal.

Dr. Wilhelm Westphal was another expert in atomic physics who worked on Juan and Evita's "Super."


Dr. Ronald Richter

The site chosen for nuclear research and production was a very, very remote location on the western side of the country, close to the Andes Mountains.

Bariloche is about 850 miles, 17 hours
by car, from Buenos Aires.

It was an incredible logistical feat for the Nazis to move all their top secret equipment from Germany to the far west of Argentina.

That location, called Bariloche, was also the residence of Hitler and Bormann.

No uranium mines were located anywhere near the island because Dr. Richter didn't need uranium.

The Nazis had a top secret island named
Huemul where the reactor was located.

Here is a quote from a book about Perón by a British reporter named Frank Owen:

He called a Press Conference to the Casa Rosada on the 23 March 1951 to 'reveal facts of transcendental importance on the outcome of experiments made in the Argentine Republic for the controlled release of nuclear energy. Perón then disclosed that on 16 February, 1951, at the main plant for the production of atomic energy on the island of Huemul in an Andean lake, near San Carlos de Bariloche, a thermonuclear test had been carried out under the supervision of technical experts. The Director gave credit to the United States (and none to Britain) for the development of the atomic bomb, but said that his own success in the field was to be employed entirely for peaceful purposes. This great work is designed exclusively for the greatness of the nation and the happiness of its people,' he declared (Owen, Perón: His Rise and Fall, p. 161).

That reporter certainly knew the difference between an atomic bomb and a hydrogen bomb or "Super." The United States did not explode a thermonuclear weapon until November 1952, on the Enewetak Atoll, in the Pacific Ocean.

Ruins of the nuclear facility on the island.

Judging from the extent of the ruins, the island was a veritable "Devil's Island" of nuclear research.

In 1955, after the overthrow of Juan Perón, the secret island was closed down, and all the equipment moved to the mainland.

Thermonuclear research is now carried out in the Centro Atómico Bariloche on the mainland.

Centro Atómico Bariloche is now a
thermonuclear research facility.

We can thank our great JEHOVAH that so far no Argentinean weapons of mass destruction have yet been used.

In 1947, Eva went on a triumphant European tour . . . but slighted King George VI

Eva's triumphant European tour could be compared to Cleopatra visiting Republican Roma in 46 BC. That was her very first time out of the country, and the uneducated girl from the backwoods was overwhelmed by the experience.

By 1947, World War II was barely over and many of the Nazi war criminals were still escaping to her country via Spain. It was a real slap in the face to all the millions who perished fighting Hitler.

Fascist dictator Franco welcoming Eva at
Barajas airport, June 8, 1947.

Millions gave their lives to defeat Nazism and Fascism but dictator Franco still survived.

His country was the main transit point for the escaping war criminals.

Franco gave Eva a triumphal welcome and conferred on her the Grand Cross of "Isabel the Catholic."

Eva greeting adoring crowds in the
Plaza de Oriente in Madrid.

Franco knew all about the nuclear program in Argentina because he had helped the scientists to escape from Germany. He confidently expected a Spanish "atomic bomb" very soon. That was why he was fawning over Eva and treating a former prostitute like a queen.

After being wined and dined in Spain, Eva's next stop was the Vatican and a private audience with Pope Pius XIII.

Eva looked radiantly
healthy in Roma

Eva looked radiant in Roma with absolutely no signs of the "cancer" that was to consume her just 5 years later.

Eva had a private audience with Pope Pius XII. What they discussed has not been revealed, but the Argentinean nuclear arsenal must have been uppermost on his mind.

At the end, Eva was given a rosary beads, and the Pope told her that it would protect her from all evil.


Eva on her way to a private audience
with Pope Pius XII, June 27, 1945.

The entire trip, called the "Rainbow Tour," was a whirlwind of activity for the 28-year-old Eva. Not once did she display any of the symptoms of the "cancer" that was to consume her body just a few years later.

French Foreign Minister George Bidault
greeting Eva at Orly Airport, July 12, 1947.


Her next stop was France, where she was warmly greeted by Foreign Minister George Bidault, who noted how beautiful and healthy she looked.

On July 22, Eva was invited to a special luncheon at the Rambouillet castle, hosted by President Auriol and his wife.

Eva also visited Notre Dame Cathedral to pray for the souls of the thousands of French killed by the Nazis!!

Eva at Notre Dame Cathedral with
Cardinal Roncalli—the future Pope John XXIII.

After Paris, Eva visited Switzerland, where she had top secret business to transact with the Swiss bankers. On her way home she visited Portugal, and then took a ship back home to Argentina.

Winston Churchill was "not amused" by Eva's slight to his sovereign!

Winston Churchillgrandson of Queen Victoriawas "not amused" by the snub to cousin George. That a former prostitute like Eva should fail to make a courtesy call on the Royal Family was more than a breach of etiquette . . . it was downright rude. Winston was also alarmed by the "blowback" from the Nazi scientists in exile.

King George VI.
King from 1936 to 1953.

Eva snubbed King George VI, who rallied his country against the Nazis and Fascists.

Winston Churchill was not happy that a former prostitute from the backwoods of Argentina was now hobnobbing with European royalty and heads of state.

Winston knew that he had created a Frankenstein monster and the "blowback"was giving him nightmares!!


Prime Minister Churchill was deeply
troubled by "blowback" from Argentina.

For an insane asylum like Argentina to acquire nuclear weapons was incomprehensible . . . when his own country was not yet a nuclear power.

Winston knew that sooner or later, Argentina would try and grab the Falkland Islands. Winston also knew that Argentina had its covetous eyes on BRAZIL, and a nuclear armed Argentina would try to add that vast nation to the Spanish empire. There was also the possibility that Argentina would nuke the United States and blame it on the Russians.

Eva delivering a speech,
January 9, 1950.

For the past 500 years, the British Secret Service has removed their enemies by the poison cup. No other nation has excelled them in that department.

That was Winston's solution to the Eva Perón dilemma.

In January 1950, while delivering a speech, Eva fainted right in front of Dr. Oscar Ivanissevich.



Dr. Oscar Ivanissevich

The Minister of Education, Dr. Oscar Ivanissevich, removed her appendix, but gave her a little "cancer" in return. Here is a quote from a bestselling biography of Eva:

It is hard to specify when the first signs of illness appeared, since Evita's health had always been delicate. The generally accepted date is January 9, 1950. On that day Evita was inaugurating the new seat of the taxi drivers' union when she fainted in front of Dr. Oscar Ivanissevich, Minister of Education. Three days later, Ivanissevich removed Eva's appendix and also diagnosed cancer of the uterus. (Alice Dujovne Ortiz, Eva Perón, p. 260).

How very convenient. Monarch or president, the court physician still holds the power of life and death over the ruler. After that operation, it was all downhill for Eva. From the time that Dr. Ivanissevich gave her the "cancer," Eva survived an incredibly long time.

A very ill Eva casting her ballot for
President, November 11, 1951.

Eva's best work was done in bed, so on November 11, 1951, she cast her ballot for President from her "workbench."

She finally went to meet her Maker on July 26, 1952.

She was only 33-years-old; just 6 years younger than Cleopatra when she joined Marcus in the Shades.


Millions mourned "Saint Eva" as the nation came
to a virtual standstill for over 2 weeks.

Her funeral was one of the largest outpourings of "grief" for any head of state in the entire history of the world. Not even Winston Churchill's funeral in 1965 exceeded it. Another reason for the huge crowds was the stiff jail sentences handed out to anyone who didn't show up and pay homage to "Saint Eva"

The Bergoglio family circa 1957.

Mario Jose Bergoglio and his wife Regina were caught up in the national mourning hysteria that was the funeral of "Saint Eva."

The future Pope Francis—Jorge Mario Bergoglio—was 16 at that time and he walked past her embalmed corpse.

Did Hitler and Bormann also attend her funeral?


Pope Francis (b. 1936).
Pontiff since 2013.

Immediately after her death she was compared to Christ, Mary Magdalene, Joan of Arc, Queen Elizabeth I etc., etc. A petition was even sent to Pope Pius XII to canonize "Saint Eva."

It is impossible to determine where the bones of Eva are now located because her body was missing for 16 years. Supposedly, she is now buried in Buenos Aires, but nothing is certain because that country is still an insane asylum . . . run by the inmates....Only one thing is certain: Eva will come to life again at the Last Trumpet on Judgment Day.

President Juan Perón was ousted in a military coup d'etat in 1955

In order for Winston Churchill to shut down the nuclear reactor, Juan Perón had to be removed from office. Juan was just a puppet of Eva, and with her out of the way, the major obstacle was removed.

General Eduardo Lonardi

Perón was overthrown by a pro-U.S. general named Eduardo Lonardi.

He only lasted 2 months in that position because he was overthrown by another general named Pedro Eugenio Aramburu.

It seems that "cancer" is the favorite way of getting rid of people in Argentina because general Lonardi died from "cancer" in March 1956.

General Pedro Aramburu

The struggle to keep the Nazis working on the nuclear arsenal was intense because that country changed presidents quicker that most people change their clothes.

Arturo Frondizi Ercoli (1908
President from '58 to '62.

Arturo Frondizi Ercoli was the 3rd President after the ouster of Juan Perón.

He only lasted 4 years in that position before he also was ousted by the military.

At least that ex-President did not die of cancer.

José María Guido was the 4th President after Juan Perón.


José María Guido (1910
President from '62 to '63.

By 1963, the threat of a nuclear armed Argentina had definitely receded because Churchill ordered the nuclear scientists to pack up and move to the Mideast. Argentina was once more relegated to a sideshow in world affairs as the world's attention was focused on the reborn state of Edom.

The Nazi scientists reestablished their thermonuclear reactor in the Negev Desert!!

After the overthrow of Juan Perón, the top secret facility on Heumel Island was totally demolished, and the nuclear reactor was duplicated in the Negev Desert. The German scientists were also given a crash course in FRENCH.

The Demona reactor in the Negev Desert.

The Edomite thermonuclear reactor in the Negeg Desert is even more sinister and secretive than the one on Heumel Island because it is all UNDERGROUND.

After the collapse of the Perón regime, the scientists were ordered to pack up and move to Edom aka Israel.

After the Holohoax, the next biggest lie was that the French were responsible for building the vast underground reactor in the desert.

The control room of the Demona reactor.

France was the last nation of earth to introduce weapons of mass destruction in the volatile Mideast. Moreover, the French always had good relations with the Arabs. It was the French that who built the Suez Canal, and Algeria was a vital part of the French Empire until 1962.

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