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The NIV - Never Improved Version - 1611 Authorized Version.

The King James Version is the most widely read book in history. The Pilgrim fathers brought it to America and founded the greatest civilization in the history of the world. Download the entire text in Acrobat format. God's Word will protect your computer from viruses! Don't wait until you are dead to find out that the Bible is true . . .  it will be too late!!



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7 Reasons why you should only use the Authorized Version!!

1......It is the inspired and preserved Word of God in the English language
(II Timothy 3:16, Psalm 12:7).

2......Jesus said "If you love me keep my W0RDS".......modern version have omitted thousands of His words (John 14:23).

3......All modern bibles are ęcopyright. Under the copyright laws you are supposed to get permission from the author or publisher before you quote anything but a brief excerpt. . . . Imagine asking the Lord for permission before you quoted His Word. The authors of new bibles have ONE thing in the back of their minds . . . "FILTHY LUCRE" The NIV copyright holder is Rupert Murdock......the tabloid king!

4.......The King James Translation is largely the work of William Tyndale. Tyndale had to flee England for fear of his life. He traveled to Wittenberg and there met the Great Martin Luther. Tyndale was greatly influenced by the timeless German translation of Dr. Luther. 

5.......In the Old Testament there is a story of one of King David's mighty men whose hands clave to the sword and he won a great victory over the Phillistines. If Satan can get you to drop your sharp sword and pick up a butterknife . . . he will cut you to shreds. (II Samuel 23:10).

6........It is named after that Great Scot King James I. He is the founder of British North America which eventually became the United States of America.  

7.......Rome hates it!!

The companion volume to the Infallible Word of God is the History of the Scottish Nation by Dr. Wylie. It was in the British Isles that true Christianity was preserved from the face of the Dragon . . . not at Rome. Download here for free and peruse at your leisure.

Each volume is about 650K. and will download in about 2-3 minutes.

A Real Old-Fashioned Education

Education today is such a "cheat." Here is a description of a real education. This was before the invention of printing and books were very difficult to produce. Back then if you didn't know the "Three - Fifties" - as the Book of Psalms in the Old Testament was called, you were considered very ignorant....How many people in the world today know the Book of Psalms by memory?

"The first reader of the seventh-century schoolboy was not a picture book about cat and dog and bird, but the Psalter, or Book of Psalms. The one hundred and fifty glorious songs of David and the other Hebrew lyrists had to be learnt by heart. Bible stories replaced the nursery tale, and the Psalms and the Alleluia supplanted the pagan nursery rhyme. Such had been the practice of the Church since the days of Basil, Chrysostom, and Jerome." Quoted from:

Metlake, George, Life and Writings of Saint Columban, Philadelphia, 1914, p. 93.

"The child must be made acquainted with the Sacred Scriptures as early as possible. The teachings of the Bible are a wholesome antidote against the evil inclinations that manifest themselves even at this tender age; they are the fountain that water the soul. Quoted from:

St. Chrysostom, 60 Hom. in Matthew.


Book of Psalms on Cassette in many languages.

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