"Fire shall consume the tabernacles of bribery" (Job 15:31).

All the gold that was left over from financing Nazi Germany was shipped to Canada in 1940; this gold was used to finance the armaments industry, and bribe the United States into becoming an ally of Britain in her war with agent Adolf....What a perfidious, knavish trick!!

In 1959 British secret service agent Ian Fleming published a book entitled Goldfinger. Ian Fleming was a profane man of the world like his alter ego James Bond. Bond hid his Walter PPK pistol in a thick book entitled The Bible Designed to be Read as Literature.

The story centers on the investigation by MI6 operative James Bond into the gold smuggling activities of Auric Goldfinger, who is also suspected by MI6 of being connected to SMERSH, the Soviet counter-intelligence organization. As well as establishing the background to the smuggling operation, Bond uncovers a much larger plot, with Goldfinger planning to steal the gold reserves of the United States from Fort Knox.

Navy Commander Ian Fleming
Royal Navy Commander Ian Fleming (1908–1964).

During World War II, Royal Navy Commander Ian Fleming worked under Sir William Stephenson.

Stephenson had 2 entire floors at 630 5th Ave., Rockefeller Plaza, New York City, in the British Empire state.

Stephenson's job was to make the U.S. an ally of Britain . . . no matter what the cost!!

Sir William Stephenson
Sir William Stephenson

In Washington City, Fleming worked with his fellow spies Roald Dahl, George Gallup (pollster), Ivar Bryce, David Ogilvy (advertising), Charles E. Marsh etc., etc. Newspaper publisher Marsh was responsible for launching the political career of Lyndon Johnson.


The theme of the book is about a SMERSH agent named Auric Goldfinger, who plans on stealing all the gold stored at Fort Knox, Kentucky, and transporting it to the Soviet Union.

Goldfinger called it Operation Grand Slam!!

Goldfinger was assisted by a small army of Germans, Koreans, and the "Mafia."

Goldfinger book cover.
Goldfinger book cover.

In 1964 the book was turned into a blockbuster movie starring Sean Connery as James Bond and Gert Fröbe as Goldfinger. The movie was released by an MI6 front company named United Artists.

The U.S. "Gold Bullion"
The U.S. "Gold Bullion"
Depository, Fort Knox, Kentucky.

Operation Grand Slam was all about SMERSCH stealing Uncle Sam's gold bullion in Fort Knox, Kentucky.

In reality, all the U.S. gold bullion is now owned by the Bank of England, and hidden away in the vaults of the Bank of Canada.

An entire army guards the nonexistent gold at Fort Knox.
An entire army guards the
nonexistent gold at Fort Knox.

The movie ends with the villain Goldfinger killed, and the U.S. gold bullion saved by British secret service agent James Bond....What a charade, as "Uncle Sap's" gold bullion is now the property of the Bank of England, and is stored safely in the vaults of the Bank of Canada.

Much of the U.S. gold bullion stored in Fort Knox did originally come from the Bank of England as payment for Cash and Carry and Lend-Lease during World War II.

Winston Churchill's Operation Fish

Since the dawn of history about 6,000 years ago, kings have been obsessed with gold (Heb. zahab). The ancient Egyptians buried their pharaohs in gold coffins believing that gold was the "flesh of the gods." The boy-king Tutankhamun was enshrined in three gold coffins.

The sun worshipping Philistines believed gold was the sweat of Dagon, and when they captured the Ark of the Covenant, JEHOVAH plagued them with hemorrhoids and mice. As a result of the deadly plagues, the Philistines decided to send back the Ark to Israel, with an offering of golden hemorrhoids and golden mice:

Then they said, "What shall be the trespass offering which we shall return to him"? They answered, "five golden hemorrhoids (Heb. techor) and five golden mice (Heb. akbar), according to the number of the lords of the Philistines: for one plague was on you all, and on your lords." (I Samuel 6:4).

The Romans were also obsessed with possessing gold to finance their war machine and they called gold the "sinews of war."

Only Imperial Spain has exceeded the British monarchy's love and lust for gold. Brutal conquistadors like Christopher Columbus, Hernán Cortés, Francisco Pizarro, etc., etc., lived for only one thing: acquiring gold to fight the blessed Reformation in Europe.

Montagu Norman
Montagu Norman

Immediately after becoming prime minister in May 1940, Winston Churchill ordered the transfer of all of Britain's gold bullion and securities to Canada.

Churchill called it Operation Fish!!

The ostensible reason was to keep it out of the hands of Hitler, in reality, the gold was used to bribe the U.S. into becoming an "ally" against Germany!!

Winston Churchill (1874 - 1965).
Winston Churchill (1874–1965).
Prime Minister from 1940 to 1945.

The governor of the Bank of England, Montagu Collet Norman, and the chancellor of the exchequer, Sir Howard Kingsley Wood, worked closely with Churchill in the top secret transfer of the greatest combined load of treasure ever transported by land or sea.

Even before Churchill became prime minister, an initial shipment of gold was made to Canada on the Emerald commanded by Augustus Willington Shelton Agar—one of their most trusted men.

HMS Emerald circa 1940.
HMS Emerald circa 1940.

An initial shipment of gold was made in October 1939 on the Emerald.

The battleship Revenge led the conveys that conveyed the gold and securities to Halifax, Nova Scotia.

HMS Revenge circa 1940.
HMS Revenge circa 1940.

Under the strictest secrecy, all the gold and securities were shipped from Portsmouth Harbor.

Commanding the Revenge was Admiral Ernest Russell Archer, and miracle of miracles, not one ship was fired upon by the prowling Nazi U-boats:

Just how the bullion bearers managed to elude the U-boats and their deadly tin-fish will remain one of the more intriguing mysteries of the war. Although Britain was more or less sealed off, there was never any claim that traitors and spies or fifth columnists did not exist, so it is quite incredible that the enemy never received a tip-off. Even more remarkable was the fact that the news never leaked out in Canada or America. It would have been so easy. The United States was still neutral and maintaining diplomatic relations with the Germans who were in direct contact with Berlin, while Canada was known to be swarming with enemy agents. (Draper, Operation Fish, p. 10).

The answer to that question is very simple: Churchill contacted his secret agent Adolf and told him not to attack the gold conveys.

Emerald's crew unloading the
Emerald's crew unloading the
gold in Canada.

The massive gold bullion was unloaded at Halifax, Nova Scotia, and then placed on a train for Montreal.

Curious onlookers were told that the crates contained FISH.

Some crew members remarked that the fish were mighty heavy.


Royal Canadian Mounted Police guarding
Royal Canadian Mounted Police
guarding the gold train in Canada.

The transfer of gold and securities was the greatest combined load of treasure ever transported by land and sea.

The Bank of Canada in Ottawa, Ontario.
The Bank of Canada in Ottawa, Ontario.

The gold bullion was placed in the Bank of Canada.

The securities ended up in the Sun Life Building in Montreal.

During the Civil War, British gold arrived in Canada to destroy the Union.

In 1940, gold arrived to make an "ally" of the United States!!

The Sun Life Building
The Sun Life Building
in Montreal.

Miraculously, after the 10-year Great Depression, the U.S. economy began to revive again around June 1940. The gold and securities were used to finance Cash and Carry and Lend-Lease for the British "war effort."

The French Operation Fish!!

The French government knew beforehand that Hitler was coming. As a result, all the French and Polish gold was moved from Paris and hidden in secret locations close to the French coasts.

Before World War II, the French had amassed a phenomenal hoard of gold–2,430 tons. The governor of the Bank of France, Pierre Fournier, took steps to see that Hitler did not get his hands on the French gold:

When it became apparent to Fournier that his suspicions had been well grounded and Hitler's true intentions lay in the conquest of Europe, he drew up further plans that were as original as they were bold. With the utmost secrecy the bulk of the bullion, which was in the Bank's vaults in the rue de la Vrilliére, Paris, was discreetly moved to fifty-one caches which were strategically sited so as to have reasonable access to naval ports on the Mediterranean and Atlantic coastlines. When war did come the secret storage bases contained 2,226 tons of pure gold ingots and sacks full of rare and valuable coins. (Draper, Operation Fish, pp. 171-172).

At that time the U.S. was officially neutral, so the French could not take their gold directly to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

The French cruiser Marseillaise.
The French cruiser Marseillaise.

By November 1939 the French government knew that Hitler was coming.

As a result, they moved their gold (2,430 tons) near their coasts, and just before Hitler invaded, the gold was loaded on ships and sent to Canada.

French sailors from the Marseillaise loading gold aboard a railway wagon at Halifax.
French sailors from the Marseillaise loading the gold aboard a railroad car at Halifax.

The French cruiser Jeanne d'Arc was under the command of Rear Admiral Pierre Rouyer. The gold aboard the Jeanne d'Arc was the largest single shipment of gold ever undertaken in the entire history of the world.

The French cruiser Jeanne d'Arc.
The French cruiser Jeanne d'Arc.

Even though the French government were partners in crime with Nazi Germany and Britain, they did not trust the British with their gold.

The French and Polish gold was loaded on trains and taken to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

French sailors unloading gold from the cruiser Jeanne d'Arc in Canada.
French sailors unloading the gold from the cruiser Jeanne d'Arc in Canada.

Did it ever occur to the French army that if they fought like Jeanne d'Arc . . . Hitler would never cross their borders???

The Polish government demanded the return of the gold after the war, but Poland was now officially "Communist," so their request for the return of the gold was denied!!

The French under general Charles de Gaulle demanded the return of their gold, but since Europe was threatened by a Soviet invasion, their gold remained in "safekeeping" in the Federal Reserve Bank of New York!!

The real Operation Grand Slam began after August 15, 1971

The main goal of the British monarchy is to steal all the world's gold because the golden rules states that "whoever has the gold, makes the rules." On August 15, 1971, President Nixon made his famous speech demonetizing the dollar.

Quaker Richard Nixon should have been President in 1960, but Joseph P. Kennedy bought the White House for his son Jack, with British gold from the Bank of Canada.

President Nixon (1913-1994).
President Nixon (1913–1994).
President from 1969 to1974.

On August 15, 1971, President Nixon made his famous speech divorcing the dollar from gold.

This removed the last barrier to a totally fiat or paper currency.

After 1971, all the gold from Fort Knox and the Federal Reserve Bank was moved to the Bank of Canada.


Secretary of the Treasury John Connally.
Secretary of the Treasury
John Connally.

The removal of all the gold from Fort Knox to Canada was the true Operation Grand Slam. In the great American pastime called baseball, a grand slam is a home run with the bases loaded. In a sacrifice play, the batter bunts the ball but the batter is usually sacrificed to advance the runner to the next base.

The British monarchy sacrificed their gold in order to gain control of the U.S. government, with the intent of later winning the game by moving their gold (plus the U.S. gold) back to Canada....What a perfidious trick by Goldfinger....No wonder the sun never sets on the British Empire . . . because God can't trust them in the dark!!

The 2 Goldfingers!!

A game winning grand slam for the British monarchy would be the resurrection of the CONfederacy. Times may change but the old British strategy of divide and conquer never does.

Stephen Poloz (b. 1956).
Stephen Poloz (b. 1956).

Goldfinger Stephen Poloz is governor of the Bank of Canada.

He reports directly to the governor of the Bank of England, Canadian Mark Carney.

Both men are subjects of Queen Elizabeth II whose official title is Fideo Defensor—Defendor of the Latin Papacy!!

Why is the Monroe Doctrine not enforced in Canada???

Mark Carney (b. 1965).
Mark Carney (b. 1965).

These 2 Goldfingers serve the British monarchy and they control most of the world's gold reserves. All fiat currencies like the U.S. dollar eventually become worthless, and only currencies backed by real money like silver and gold endure.

President Lincoln knew that it was SUICIDE to allow your deadly enemy on your undefended border. Had he lived, the President would have enforced the Monroe Doctrine. The Spanish and French were forced out of the New World . . . but the U.S. committed SUICIDE by allowing the British to remain!!

Let US pray that the Canadians join the United States of Israel . . . or join all the rest of the New World Republics . . . and that the Toronto Blue Jays win the World Series . . because they can afford to buy the best players in the world!!

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