Pope Borgia BURNED Italian Reformer Saint Girolamo Savonarola!!

Guidantonio Vespucci (uncle of Amerigo) was the chief opponent of Saint Girolamo and the enforcer for Pope Borgia in Florence!!

Saint Girolamo Savonarola (1452-1498).

Girolamo Savonarola was a Florentine Dominican monk who was HORRIFIED by the scandalous conduct of Pope Borgia and his many bastard children. He was the forerunner of Martin Luther, but unlike Martin Luther, the only "bible" available to him was the corrupt Latin Vulgate Version of Jerome. He was a spellbinder and great crowds flocked to hear his sermons.

In August, 1490, Savonarola began his sermons in the pulpit of San Marco with the interpretation of the Apocalypse. His success was complete. All Florence thronged to hear him, so that from his sermons in the cathedral he acquired a constantly growing influence over the people.

He denounced in no uncertain terms Pope Borgia, Lorenzo de Medici, and the corrupt lives of the Florentines.

Among those who listened to his sermons was a moneychanger named AMERIGO VESPUCCI from the House of Medici. In 1491, his father sent him to Spain to finance the voyage of PIRATE Christopher Columbus.

Perhaps Vespucci felt he could avert the doom of Babylon by stealing the New World from John Cabot and Richard Amerika.

Saint Girolamo and the Bible

Our Florentine saint was mighty in the Scriptures but unfortunately the only "bible" available to him at that time was the corrupt blunt sword of the Roman Catholic Latin Vulgate Version. Even with that mighty handicap our hero held the hell bound spellbound as he expounded the Holy Scriptures:

"Nevertheless, when it was a question of convincing others, silencing the conceit and importunity of the learned, or of winning general belief for extraordinary things, the authority of a book was indispensable in that age. But what authority could he accept save that of the Holy Scriptures, the only book in which he had faith? Who would dare to resist the word of the Lord? The Bible had been the surest guide of his youth, the consoler of his griefs; it had educated and formed his mind. There was no verse in it that he had not committed to memory, no page that he had not commented on, and from which he had not derived some idea for his sermons. By force of study and meditation he had ceased to regard the Bible as a book. It was a world, a living, speaking, infinite world, in which the past, present, and future were revealed to him. He could not open the Holy Scriptures without feeling exalted by the thought of reading the Word of God, and he discerned in it the microcosm, as it were of the whole universe, the allegory of the whole history of the human race." (Villari, Life and Times of Giralomo Savonarola, pp. 117-118 ).

Bonfire of the Vanities—Saint Girolamo cleaned up filthy Florence!!

The great crusading Reformer Savonarola was a true disciple of the Apostle Paul. When the Apostle Paul preached the Gospel at Ephesus, the people came and burned the accursed images and books of Diana of the Ephesians:

"Many of them also which used curious arts brought their books together, and burned them before all men: and they counted the price of them, and found it fifty thousand pieces of silver."(Acts 19;19).

Savonarola encourages the people of Florence to do the same and thousands of pagan books, filthy pictures, lewd literature, dice, playing cards, etc., etc. were destroyed. It was called the BONFIRE OF THE VANITIES!!

Under his anointing preaching, all the dens of vice (prostitution) closed as did the theater with their lewd plays and shows. Gambling dens and the racetrack closed also as FLorence became a literal HEAVEN ON EARTH for the short time that the Saint ruled the Republic.

Saint Girolamo was tortured and burned by order of Pope Borgia!!

Borgia tried to "buy" Savonarola by making him a Cardinal. Savonarola refused to be bribed so the Pope used other tactics. He got the Franciscan monks to speak out against Savonarola and then excommunicated and arrested him. He was tortured and put to death by burning. Savonarola refused to renounce his beliefs unto death.

Saint Savanorola monument in Ferrara, Italy.

Statue of Saint Girolamo Savonarola at the Reformation Monument in Worms, Germany.

This GREAT Reformer was only 46 years old when he was strangled and burned. Had he lived . . . Florence . . . and not Wittenberg . . . would have been the birthplace of the Glorious Reformation!!

Borgia instituted the selling of indulgences!!

It was the selling of God's free pardon that enraged Saint Martin Luther and led to the blessed Reformation. Borgia instituted that fraud by selling a pardon to those who could not come to Rome for the Jubilee Year of 1500. Had the great Savonarola lived, the Reformation would have begun in FLORENCE . . . not Wittenberg:

"The second plan was the selling of indulgences, a thing that had never been done before: these indulgences affected people who had been prevented by reasons of health or by business from coming to Rome for the Jubilee; the journey by this expedient was rendered unnecessary, and sins were pardoned for a third of what it would have cost, and just as completely as if the faithful had fulfilled every condition of the pilgrimage.
For gathering in this tax a veritable army of
collectors was instituted, a certain Ludóvico della Torre at their head. The sum that Alexander brought into the pontifical treasury is incalculable, and some idea of it may gathered from the fact that 799,000 livres in gold was paid in from the territory of Venice alone." (Dumas, The Crimes of the Borgias, pp. 151-152).

Borgia and his "crime family" inspired Mario Puzo to write The Godfather!!

In 1969, Italian-Cabotian writer Mario Puzo wrote a worldwide bestseller entitled The Godfather. Don Vito Corleone and his son Michael were really based on the real life careers of Alexander Borgia and his son Cesare. However, the Mafia were CHOIRBOYS compared to the Borgia crime family:

"Mario was fascinated with Renaissance Italy, and especially with the Borgia family. He swore that they were the original crime family, and that their adventures were much more treacherous than any of the stories he told about the Mafia. He believed the Popes were the first Dons—Pope Alexander the greatest Don of all.
For most of the years we spent together, Mario told Borgia stories. Their escapades both shocked and amused him, and he even rewrote some of the incidents to make them contemporary enough to put in his Mafia books.
"(Puzo, The Family, p. 371).

Here is a quote from page 304 of this wonderful Puzo exposé of the Borgia crime family:

Fantastic history of the Borgia crime family by Mario Puzo. Wonder why this great tome has not been made into a movie??

"But it was the Borgia clan that Filofila made the target for his most scabrous verses.

He sang out in rhyme about their orgies in the Vatican, their murders in Rome and in all the city-states of Italy. His verse was eloquent, his prose exquisite, when he took up his pen to claim that Pope Alexander had used simony to purchase the papacy, or that he had twenty natural children. He had betrayed the Crusades, stealing money from Peter's Pence to pay Cesare Borgia's soldiers, making his son master of Romagna and forcing the Papal States to heel. And for what? To support his family, his bastard children, his mistresses, his orgies. And even more: as if committing incest with his natural daughter were not enough, he had taught her to poison his rich enemies in the college of cardinals and then traded her off in marriage more than once to cement his alliances with other powerful families of Italy. One marriage was annulled; the other ended in widowhood—that condition brought about by her own natural brother, Cesare Borgia."
(Puzo, The Family, p. 304).

The Pope's executioner, Don Michelotto, killed this poet and chopped his body up into several pieces before throwing it over the wall of the Palazzo Orsini in Rome. This was the way that Pope Borgia ended freedom of the press back in Renaissance Italy!!

Unfortunately, Mario Puzo does not mention the greatest crime of all: the theft of the New World by Borgia, Amerigo Vespucci, Portugal, and Spain.

The Godfather was made by a Vatican owned film studio!!

Little did the movie makers realize that they were filming the Borgia clan in action when they made The Godfather. Here is a quote from the book The Vatican Exposed:

"During this time Michele Sindona developed a close working relationship with Charles Bludhorn of Gulf & Western. The new friends engaged in trading worthless stocks back and forth at face value to create a false market. In 1972 the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission demanded a halt to the two men's ceaseless exchange of securities.
Also during this time, Gulf & Western—through its motion picture company, Paramount Pictures—was filming The Godfather, a glamorous look at life in the Mafia. Immobilaire, the giant real estate and construction firm Sindona had purchased from the Vatican, owned Paramount Studios in Hollywood, where the film was shot. Through arrangements with Bludhorn, profits from the Coppola epic flowed into Sindona's banks and companies along with millions from the Mafia's international narcotics trade. Life, indeed, was imitating art"
(Williams, The Vatican Exposed, p. 125).


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