How the "Bank" of Rome Creates "Federal" Reserve Dollars out of Nothing!!

Albert Einstein said:

"Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world"

Thomas Jefferson said:

"I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies."

Maier Amschel Rothschild said:

"Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation and I care not who writes its laws"

The "Federal" Reserve Bank loans the U.S. government their own "money" at usury or interest!!


The Federal Reserve Bank only creates the Principal - not the usury or interest that it lends to the U.S. government. Therefore the usury can NEVER be repaid and the end result is foreclosure and bankruptcy.

In 1765, the Bank of England demanded that the American Colonies pay taxes in British specie or coins which the people did not possess. If they had borrowed from the Bank of England to pay the tax, the end result would have been the same: foreclosure and bankruptcy with the Bank owning everything!!

It's the same fatal bite of that old Serpent the Devil and Satan which deceiveth the whole world (Rev. 12:9).

No wonder that usury is called nashak or the bite of a serpent in the Bible.


The power of compound interest or usury.

This graph is an example of ONE Rockefeller billion placed in the bank in 1900 at 6% usury and compounded annually. At 6% interest the money doubles every 12 years. There is a rule called the Rule of 72 for calculating usury rates. Divide the usury rate by 72 and the quotient will give you the approximate number of years that it takes the money to double:

The rule of 72

Usury at 4% percent

=15 years approx.
Usury at 6% percent

=12 years approx.
Usury at 8% percent

=9 years approx.

Divide the usury rate by 72 and that will give you the approximate number of years for the money to double.

There is a more precise way to calculate usury using the computer calculator. Most computers have calculators. The formula to calculate principal plus interest for one billion dollars is this:1.000.000 multiplied by 1.06 raised to the power or exponent of 96 equals 268.759.030 billion dollars!! You can also cheat and go here!!

How the "Bank" of Rome creates Federal Reserve Notes out of nothing!!

Step 1 in "money" creation

The "Bank" of Rome

Fiat "money" creation begins when the "Bank" of Rome decides that the U.S. is ready for another bite from that old serpent the Devil. They instruct their American branch —the Federal Reserve Bank — to order Congress to raise the debt limit by $1 billion.


Step 2 in "money" creation

The U.S. Congress

Congress obeys the "Federal" Reserve Bank and instructs the U.S. Treasury to print $1 billion interest bearing bonds and sell them to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

Step 3 in "money" creation

The U.S. Treasury

The U.S. Treasury prints the$1 billion interest bearing bonds and sells them to the Federal Reserve Bank!! As security or collateral they offer the INCOME TAX collected from the taxpayers. The U.S. Treasury prints only the Principal . . . not the usury or interest.


Step 4 in "money" creation

"Federal" Reserve Bank of New York

The "Federal" Reserve or the Fed buys the usury bearing bonds and credits the U.S. Treasury for $1 billion. The government must now pay back the bonds with INTEREST. As the interest was not created, it can NEVER be repaid with "Federal" Reserve Dollars!!

In a closed monetary system like the U.S., only "Federal" Reserve Notes are legal tender to pay back the bonds. Gold and silver are REAL money and could be used to repay the debt but they are stored in Switzerland and credited to the account of the "Bank" of Rome.

Since the Treasury only printed the PRINCIPAL —not the usury or interest —the money can NEVER be repaid.... The end result is bankruptcy and foreclosure for the government. This is the very same scam that the Bank of England tried to impose on the Colonies when they made specie or coin the only means to repay the king's tax.

Here is another example of money creation by the Federal Reserve Bank. The diagram is from The Truth in Money Book by Theadore R. Thoren and Richard F. Wagner. Thoren and Wagner were experts n the Federal Reserve System and monetized debt creation. However they were not aware of the Secrets of the "Bank" of Rome and the real identity of the moneychangers and their crusade to destroy this country by debt and usury.

The American people have to pay usury on their own money. Not even the Mafia could have dreamed up a more stupendous scam than this!!


Usury is the ONLY cause of inflation!!

Growth of usury on the Federal debt follows an exponential curve e.g., 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, etc, etc.

Inflation robs a currency of its purchasing power until eventually it buy NOTHING. Before the fall of the Roman Empire, the government debased the currency by clipping the coins and adding less and less silver and gold. Inflation does the same thing to a paper currency as the paper becomes worthless and people lose all faith in the fiat. Eventual collapse can be postponed by printing more and more "money" but eventually the day of reckoning finally arrives.

Editor's Notes

John D. Rockefeller (Mr. Usury) in 1872.


Federal Reserve Founder John D., said:

"Among the early experiences that were helpful to me that
I recollect with pleasure was one in working a few days for
a neighbour in digging potatoes—a very enterprising, thrifty
farmer, who could dig a great many potatoes. I was a boy of
perhaps thirteen or fourteen years of age, and It kept me very
busy from morning until night. It was a ten-hour day. And
as I was saving these little sums I soon learned that I could
get as much interest for fifty dollars loaned at seven per cent. — the legal rate in the state of New York at that time for a year—as I could earn by digging potatoes for 100 days.
The impression was gaining ground with me that it was a good thing to let the money be my slave and not make myself a slave to money" (Ida Tarbell, History of the Standard Oil Co., p.41).

What a pity he didn't stay digging potatoes... The world would be a much better place today.

John D. Rockefeller was the founder of the "Federal" Reserve Bank. He was a typical usurer. Letting other people do the work and then reaping the benefits. It is a shame that the pious hypocrite NEVER heard a sermon on usury when he attended the Euclid St. Baptist Church every Sunday.

Even though the "Federal" Reserve Bank has the name FEDERAL in it's title, it has no connection with the Federal Government except that it OWNS the government.... The President of the U.S. and Secretary of the Treasury do not sit on its board!! The Chairman is appointed for a period of 14 years. The President does appoint him but that is just a formality as the Fed can easily ruin an uncooperative President by causing a recession or depression.

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