Emperor Constantine and his mother/wife Helena were the founders of the Latin Papacy and the city of Constantinople. Jesus Constantine was the grandson of Roman Emperor Caracalla and his mother/wife Julia Domna.

Emperor Septimius Severus was the husband of Julia Domna. Septimius means SEVEN and Severus means SEVERE. A literal rendering of the name would be "Severe Seven."

The Emperor was indeed severe as he waded through rivers of blood in order to mount the throne of the Caesars.

Septimius Severus (145–211).
Septimius Severus (145–211).
Emperor from 193 to 211.

In 187 AD, Carthiginian Septimius Severus married fellow Canaanite Julia Domna while on a trip to his hometown in Africa.

He was 42 and she was 13.

In 193, he was proclaimed Emperor of Roma, and Julia became Julia Augusta.

Empress Julia Domna
Empress Julia Domna

Julia Augusta quickly gave birth to 2 boys: Bassianus Antoninus (Caracalla) and Publius Septimius Geta. In 208, the entire family set out for Britannia. At that time the main outpost of the Roman Empire in the West was in Londinium (London) and not in the Caledonian wilderness.

Emperor Severus was 63 at the time and his wife was 34. The Emperor was suffering from gout and had to be carried on a litter. Having the Emperor along would lend legitimacy to any baby born to his wife during their 3-year stay in Britannia.

Emperor Caracalla
Emperor Caracalla

Bassianus (Caracalla) was a year older than his brother Geta. When their father was poisoned in early 211, they became co-Emperors.

While fighting "barbarians," the depraved Caracalla was having sex with his own mother.

Britannia was shrouded in secrecy before the advent of the Romans and incest was quite common.

Emperor Geta
Emperor Geta

Strangely, absolutely nothing is known about Britannia before the Roman invasion of 43 AD. It is certain that the Druids did not want the world to know anything of the WICKED doings of their country.

In the Congregation at Corinth, there was a WICKED man sleeping with his mother, and Saint Paul rebuked the Christians sharply for allowing such a WICKED practice to continue:

It is actually reported that there is fornication among you, and such fornication as is not so much as named among the nations, that one should have sex with his father's wife (I Corinthians 5:1).

Saint Paul told them to excommunicate that WICKED man:

But those who are outside Elohim judgeth. Therefore put away from among yourselves that wicked person (I Corinthians 5:13).
That WICKED man was a forerunner or type of the Antichrist who was to be revealed before the end of time:

And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom JEHOVAH shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming (II Thessalonians 2:8).

The very thing that Saint Paul predicted began to come to pass in 208 AD with the visit of Septimus Severus to Britannia.

Constantinus Chlorus (c. 245 - 306).
Esus Constantinus Chlorus
(c. 245–306).

The baby born to Domna in Eburucum was adopted by a Roman Tribune named Esus Constantinus.

Constantinus was the father of Esus Constantinius Chorus.

In 212, Caracalla gave Roman citizenship to all free men and women in the Empire.

Around 274, Constantinus Chlorus married Druidess Helena.


A mosaic of Helena in Trier,
A mosaic of Helena in Trier,

Thanks to the new law enacted by Caracalla, Druidess Helena was now a Roman citizen.

Although Constantine was born at Eburucum (York) he claimed to be in the direct line of succession from Severus and Caracalla. That was his claim to the throne of the Caesars. Later English historians claimed that Helena Augusta was the daughter of King Coel of Colchester. Nothing could be further from the truth as British kings had no claim to the throne of the Caesars.

The future Emperor Jesus Constantine was born in Eburacum in 274. His father was Constantinus Chlorus "Paleface" and his mother was a British Druidess named Helena.

Emperor Constantine 272 - 337).
Emperor Jesus Constantine (274–337).
Misruled from 306 to 337.

Constantinus Chlorus divorced Helena around 285 AD, so his son Jesus Constantine could marry his own mother Helena!

On her coins Helena is called Augusta which was a title given to the wives of Roman Emperors.

Together, Jesus Constantine and Helena founded the Papacy and the city of Constantinople.

Helena Augusta coin.
Coin of Helena with her title of AUG (Augusta).

It is also possible that the first "Christian" Emperor had at least 3 children by Helena. Constantine destroyed so much of ancient history—both pagan and Christian—in order to hide his marriage to his mother . . . and the true genealogy of his sons.

Nimrod and Semiramis, the Old Covenant counterpart of Constantine and Helena, were also notorious for incest!

Esus was worshipped by the Druids in Britannia!!

Druidism in Britannia had much in common with the diabolical Canaanite religion. When Joshua the son of Nun drove the Canaanite giants from the Promised Land, many of them escaped to Britannia. They were the builders of Stonehenge and the progenitors of Druidism.

The cross and crescent moon were the revered symbols of the Druid sorcerers....Along with Belenus and Teutates, one of the three chief false gods of these sons of darkness was named Esus.


The Druid priests were the most powerful sorcerers in the ancient world.

They were notorious for bloody human sacrifices to their tree god Esus . . . and for their secrecy.

Cannibalism and eating the SACRED HEART was a vital part of their diabolical religion.

Esus inscription in stone.
Esus inscription in stone.

The Druids were the original terrorists and their big night was October 31—the eve of Samhain—which was the beginning of the Druid's New Year. Human sacrifices were made to their demon god Esus by hanging the victims on trees.

The deadly Druid Men of Oak terrorized Britannia for 1500 years.
The deadly Druid Men of Oak terrorized
Britannia for 1500 years.

The cross and crescent moon were the revered symbols of the deadly Druid priesthood.

Sacrifices were made to Esus by hanging the victims on trees!

The "holy" Druidic tree.
The "holy" Druid tree.

Constantine borrowed the cross symbol from his fellow Druids in Britannia:

The cross, as a symbol, was known to and revered by the Druids, and their mode of consecrating an oak tree was first to fasten a cross beam upon it if the two horizontal arms were not sufficiently prominent. Upon this right branch they cut in the bark, in fair characters, the word "Hesus", upon the middle or upright stem the word "Taramis," and upon the left branch the word "Belenus." (Wright, Druidism: the Ancient Faith of Britain, p. 181).

The Druids ruled the kings of Britannia and the common people with fear. The story of Merlin the wizard and Camelot are all based on Druidism.

Druid human sacrifice wicker man.
Druid human sacrifice wicker man.

The Druid priests did not allow the Britons to have a written language.

Everything was passed down orally from generation to generation.

It took 20 years to be fully initiated into all their diabolical arts.

Burning wicker man
The wicked Druids delighted in burning
humans alive in a giant wicker man.

Nobody knows what language the Britons spoke before the arrival of the Romans because everything was TOP SECRET.

Emperor Constantine (274 - 337).
Emperor Constantine (274– 337).
Emperor from 306 to 337.

Constantine the Canaanite and Helena the Druidess made a deadly duo.

Latin was Constantine's native language.

At age 24, he left Britannia and joined the court of the infamous persecutor Diocletian at Nicomedia

Statue of Constantine the Briton in York, England.
Statue of Constantine the Briton
in York, England.

Growing up in Britain, Constantine would have seen crosses everywhere as it was a ubiquitous Druid sun worship symbol.


Constantine claimed to have seen a cross in the sky with the words: IN HOC SIGNO VINCES or IN THIS SIGN DIVIDE AND CONQUER.

The cross and the words IN HOC SIGNO VINCES or IHS became the battle standard of the Papal Roman Empire.

The cross is the one indispensable MARK of the Papal Roman beast.
The cross is the one indispensable MARK
of the divided Roman Empire.

As a Carthaginian and a Briton, Constantine inherited a dual hatred for Roman rule. He only visited the imperial city twice, and then built a new capital at Byzantium, which he renamed Constantinople.

This was the beginning of the great harlot as predicted in the Book of Revelation:

And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH (Apocalypse 17:5).

This was also the beginning of the division of the Roman Empire into the 2 legs of iron according to the great prophecy of Daniel Chapter 2.

The fiction of finding the true cross!!

In 326, Constantine promoted his Druidess mother to Empress or Augusta, and sent her to the Holy Land to "discover" the location of the "true cross" which he had already foreseen in a vision!

She claimed to have found 3 crosses at the present site of the "holy sepulchre" which had not rotted after 300 years.

Mount of Olives overlooking Jerusalem.
Mount of Olives overlooking Jerusalem.

Helena's "miraculous discovery" of the "true cross" occurred in the year 326.

Constantine and Helena changed the location of the Resurrection of Christ from the Mount of Olives to the former Temple of Venus.

Church of the Holy Sepulchre, former site of the Temple of Venus.
Church of the "Holy Sepulchre"
former site of the Temple of Venus.

The Mount of Olives was the location of the Resurrection, BC–before Constantine:

Believers in JOSHUA all congregate from all parts of the world....that they may worship at the MOUNT OF OLIVES opposite the city....TO THE CAVE that is shown there. (Eusebius, Proof of the Gospel, Bk. VI. ch. 18).

Writing in code that only true Christians could understand, Eusebius referred to this new Constantinian religion as "madness and folly," but the only way he could preserve his writings was by lauding or flattering Emperor Constantine.

Druidess Helena had already "discovered" the site of the resurrection, and her son ordered the site to be dug up:

This also was accomplished without delay. But as soon as the original surface of the ground, beneath the covering of earth appeared, immediately and contrary to all expectations, the venerable and hallowed monument of our Saviour's resurrection was discovered. Then indeed did this most holy cave present a faithful similitude of his return to life, in that, after lying in darkness, it again emerged to light and afforded to all who came to witness the sight, a clear and visible proof of the wonders of which that spot had once been the scene, a testimony to the resurrection of the Saviour clearer than any voice could give, (Eusebius, Life of Constantine, Book XXVIII.)

The real site of the Resurrection on the Mount of Olives was never hidden, as it was visited for centuries by people from all over the world.

The Donation of Constantine forgery!

The Donation of Constantine was one of the greatest forgeries of the Dark Ages.

This Donation was based on the legend that Pope Sylvester cured Emperor Constantine of leprosy and then baptized him. As a "thank you" to the Pope, Constantine gave him dominion over the entire world!!

According to Constantine's biographer Eusebius of Caesarea, Constantine was not baptized until shortly before his death in 337.

Monks writing the missive from St. Peter up in heaven.
Benedictine monks forging the missive
from "St. Peter" up in heaven.

The temporal power of the Papal Pontiffs was based upon the forgery called the Donation of Constantine.

Italian author Lorenzo Valla was the first to expose it.

King Pepin was astonished that St. Peter even knew about him!!
King Pepin was astonished that "St. Peter"
even knew about him!!

This forgery seems to have been created at the time of Pope Stephen II (752-757) who was desperate to get the help of the Franks in expelling the Lombards from Italy. Here is an excerpt from that forgery:

And we ordain and decree that he shall have the supremacy as well over the four chief seats Antioch, Alexandria, Constantinople and Jerusalem, as also over all the churches of God in the whole world. And he who for the time being shall be pontiff of that holy Roman church shall be more exalted than, and chief over, all the priests of the whole world; and, according to his judgment, everything which is to be provided for the service of God or the stability of the faith of the Christians is to be administered. (Medieval Sourcebook, The Donation of Constantine).

This forgery was also used to donate the entire New World to Spain after the return of fake "discoverer" Portuguese Salvador Fernandes Zarco a.k.a. Christopher Columbus:

And on these churches for the endowing of divine services we have conferred estates, and have enriched them with different objects; and, through our sacred imperial decrees, we have granted them our gift of land in the East as well as in the West; and even on the northern and southern coast;-namely in Judea, Greece, Asia, Thrace, Africa and Italy and the various islands: under this condition indeed, that all shall be administered by the hand of our most blessed father the pontiff Sylvester and his successors. (Medieval Sourcebook, The Donation of Constantine).

The infamous Rodrigo Borgia became Pope in August 1492; the following month, Portuguese "Christopher Columbus" left Spain for the New World.

Pope Alexander VI (1492-1503).
Rodrigo Borgia (1431–1503).
Pope from 1492 to1503.

Rodrigo Borgia became Pope Alexander VI in 1492.

Pope Alexander VI used the forged Donation of Constantine to give the entire New World to Spain.

It was the greatest double cross in the entire history of the world.

Portuguese Salvador Fernandes Zarco a.k.a. Christopher Columbus (c.1436 - 1506).
Portuguese Salvador Fernandes Zarco a.k.a. Christopher Columbus.

Rodrigo Borgia became Pope in August 1492, and the following year fake "discoverer" Portuguese Christopher Columbus arrived back in Spain. At that time, Pope Alexander donated the entire New World to Spain:

Furthermore, under penalty of excommunication late sententie to be incurred ipso facto, should anyone thus contravene, we strictly forbid all persons of whatsoever rank, even imperial and royal, or of whatsoever estate, degree, order, or condition, to dare, without your special permit or that of your aforesaid heirs and successors, to go for the purpose of trade or any other reason to the islands or mainlands, found and to be found, discovered and to be discovered, towards the west and south, by drawing and establishing a line from the Arctic pole to the Antarctic pole, no matter whether the mainlands and islands, found and to be found, lie in the direction of India or toward any other quarter whatsoever, the said line to be distant one hundred leagues towards the west and south, as is aforesaid, from any of the islands commonly known as the Azores and Cape Verde; apostolic constitutions and ordinances and other decrees whatsoever to the contrary notwithstanding. (Inter Caetera Bull of 1493).

By this decree, the very British nation that co-founded Papal Druidism was excluded from the New World....It was the dirtiest double cross in the entire history of the world.

Constantine was the father of Jerome's Latin Vulgate Version!!

Constantine—with a lot of help from his Druidess mother Helena—was the father of the perverted Latin Vulgate Version. Constantine's native language was Latin, but he ordered Eusebius to make 50 copies of the Greek Septuagint and send them to his palace at Constantinople for his inspection:

It happens, through the favoring providence of God our Saviour, that great numbers have united themselves to the most holy church in the city which is called by my name. It seems, therefore, highly requisite, since that city is rapidly advancing in prosperity in all other respects, that the number of churches should also be increased. Do you, therefore, receive with all readiness my determination on this behalf. I have thought it expedient to instruct your Prudence to order fifty copies of the sacred Scriptures, the provision and use of which you know to be most needful for the instruction of the Church, to be written on prepared parchment in a legible manner, and in a convenient, portable form, by professional transcribers thoroughly practiced in their art. The catholicus of the diocese has also received instructions by letter from our Clemency to be careful to furnish all things necessary for the preparation of the copies; and it will be for you to take special care that they be completed with as little delay as possible. You have authority also, in virtue of this letter to use two of the public carriages for their conveyance, by which arrangement the copies when fairly written will most easily be forwarded for my personal inspection; and one of the deacons of your church may be entrusted with this service, who, on their arrival here, shall experience my liberality. (Eusebius Life of Constantine, Book XXXVI).

That was like sending copies of the Scriptures to Apollyon himself for his inspection.

It was typical of Constantine to try and bribe everybody with his liberality. That was how he made converts to his church.

This perversion eventually evolved into Jewrome's Latin Vulgate, with JEHOVAH changed to Dominus, Joshua changed to Jesus, and Miriam changed to Maria.

The true Messiah promises complete victory over Satan!

As there is a counterfeit "Christianity" with headquarters at the Vatican, that just proves that real Christianity exists because nobody can counterfeit something that has no existence.

The Holy Bible, correctly translated, is the Christians' sharp sword....It promises complete victory over Satan, his perverted translations of Scripture, his Papal Pontiffs, his British Druids . . . and over ALL the power of the enemy:

No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of JEHOVAH, and their righteousness is of me, saith JEHOVAH(Isaiah 54:17).

JEHOVAH also promises us that no Druid sorcery or divination would work against the New Covenant Israel:

Surely there is no sorcery against Jacob, neither is there any divination against ISRAEL: according to this time it shall be said of Jacob and of Israel, What hath God wrought! (Numbers 23:23).

Joshua the Messiah said:

Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you (Saint (Luke 10:19).

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