Conspiracy deniers claim that the crashes were the result of pilot error, weather, or mechanical failure. The Senator Heinz crash was so egregious that they cannot account for it under any of their implausible excuses.

The assassination of Republican Senator John Heinz III left a very, very bad taste in the mouth of all Pennsylvanians!

Iconic Heinz ketchup bottle.

Almost every person in the world has a Heinz ketchup bottle in their kitchen!

The company was founded by Henry John Heinz way back in 1869.

People always came before profits, and the company did not join the New York Stock Exchange until 1946—the year after Robert Burt Gookin joined the company!



The Heinz factory in Pittsburgh,

John Heinz III was the grandson of the distinguished founder of the Heinz Company and the first person in the House of Heinz to enter public service.

Senator John Heinz III (19391991).
U.S. Senator from 1977 to 1991.


On February 5, 1966, the heir to the Heinz fortune married a gold digger and foreigner named Maria Teresa Simões-Ferreira.

It was a marriage made in hell because Maria Teresa was a Joan Bond on steroids!

The couple had 3 children, and John was the first scion of the House of Heinz to run for public office.


The wedding of John Heinz and Maria
Teresa Simões-Ferreira, Feb. 5, 1966.

While serving in the Senate as a Republican, John was joined by another senator from Massachusetts: a Democrat named John Kerry.

Senator John Kerry (b. 1943).
U.S. Senator from 1985 to 2013.

In 1984, John Kerry was "elected" senator from Massachusetts and he was sworn-in on January 2, 1985.

Having a wife was a political asset for the ambitious politico, so Kerry married Julia Stimson Thorne on May 23, 1970.

Julia was suicidal after the marriage so she divorced Kerry in 1988.

Kerry and his first wife Julia Stimson
Thorne (19442006).

The 2 senators and their wives first met in the Senate in 1985. John Heinz was probably the richest man in the Senate after Jay Rockefeller—who represented the "poor" state of West Virginia.

Heinz chairman Tony O'Reilly masterminded the assassination!!

In 1916, Winston Churchill encouraged the Irish to stage an "anti-British" uprising so that he would have an excuse not to draft them to fight his Huns....At a Supreme War Council in 1917, beleaguered French prime minister Georges Clemenceau implored David Lloyd George to draft the "Fighting Irish." Clemenceau's request was denied, and no "Fighting Irish" draftees were sent to France to fight the Boche!

A farcical "free state" was established in 1922, dominated by the Jesuits, and the Papal "Republic" was a virtual lunatic asylum . . . run by the inmates!

In 1936, Tony O'Reilly was born in Dublin—the capital of the "free state." His father's original name was Reilly, but there was another infamous spy named Sidney Reilly, so he added the O to his name!

His mother and father were not married when he was born, which made him a "handsome" BASTARD....O'Reilly was "educated" by Jesuits, who drilled into him their favorite little ditty "he who would England win (to Romanism) must with Ireland begin!" They also reminded him that he could shorten his time in "Purgatory" by advancing the agenda of the Church Militant.

O'Reilly married an Australian woman in 1962, and they were the parents of TRIPLETS, but the babies were not in honor of the real Saint Patrick.

Heinz chairman Tony O'Reilly (b. 1936) holding the iconic Heinz ketchup bottle!

O'Reilly was a Rugby player and a "jock," so the Jesuits helped him succeed in business without really trying!

He was the James Bond of the corporate world with a license to kill Senator John Heinz.

In 1969, he joined the British subsidiary of the H.J. Heinz Company as managing director!


Tony O'Reilly as managing director
of the Heinz U.K. subsidiary.

It is rare when you find the combination of brawn and brains in the same person....A person who is not athletically inclined will gravitate toward cerebral exercises like reading books and studying....Notre Dame University is famous for his "Fighting Irish" football team . . . not its academic excellence!

No visa or work permit was required to work in Britain, as the Irish "Republic" is still a vital part of the British Empire!

The man responsible for bringing O'Reilly to Pittsburgh was a Harvard MBA execution named Robert Burt Gookin:

The Heinz president and chief executive officer—Jack Heinz still retained the key position of chairman—was a tough, no-nonsense manager with a Harvard MBA who had joined Heinz in 1945 and had run its finances tightly ever since. Steely-eyed and tough, he was known in the company as the 'shiny-arsed accountant.' At that time he was three years into the job of pulling Heinz back from the brink of collapse, and badly needed some help back in Pittsburgh. His plan, although he did not divulge it until years later, was to phase O'Reilly in through the UK operation, important though that was, and then take him back to Pittsburgh, where within a few years he could be one of the runners for his own job—if he performed. (Fallon, The Player: The Life of Tony O'Reilly, pp. 163-164).

The very year that O'Reilly joined the company in Pittsburgh, John Heinz fell out with the company management and ran for Congress.

Chairman Jack Heinz and
Tony O'Reilly.

In 1971, without a work permit or GREEN CARD, O'Reilly assumed the position of senior vice president at Heinz in Pittsburgh.

His bosses were Jack Heinz (19081978) and Robert Burt Gookin (19142002).

John Heinz left the company in 1971 and he began a 5-year career as a Congressman!


Tony O'Reilly and Heinz CEO Robert Burt Gookin.
Gookin retired from the company in 1979.

The British do not recognize the New Jerusalem as a sovereign state, so he was not required to have a work permit or green card!

Chairman Jack Heinz went to meet his Maker in 1978, and the following year Gookin retired as CEO. As chairman, CEO, and senior vice president, O' Reilly was a virtual dictator, and had complete control of the H.J. Heinz Company....All during that time he was a foreigner with an Irish passport.

Senator Heinz's plane was rammed by a helicopter while attempting to land!!

With his vast wealth, the senator did not have his own private jet embossed with the Heinz logo. He chartered a plane from a company called Sun Aviation, who owned the fleet of Piper Aerostars. Senator Heinz loved the common touch and he never went out of his way to flaunt his wealth.

The Piper Aerostar executive twin-engine
aircraft had a perfect safety record.

On April 4, 1991, as the senator's aircraft was preparing to land at Philadelphia Intl. Airport, a Sun Aviation helicopter approached to "inspect" its landing gear!

The helicopter collided with the plane, and the 2 suicide pilots in the helicopter with killed instantly!

Senator Heinz and the 2 pilots were also killed instantly!

A helicopter collided with the
senator's plane.

Pilots are taught to keep a sharp lookout for other planes because any close encounter with another aircraft can be deadly. During aerial displays, the Blue Angels come very close to each other, but they are flown by highly skilled Navy pilots.

That was not a drill....Debris from the plane with
the frightened children in the background.

The collision happened about 12:30 p.m. when the playground was filled with children.

It was a miracle that only two 6-year-old children were killed by the falling debris.

Parts of the plane wreckage was
scattered over a wide area.

While running the company, O'Reilly travelled a lot under his Irish passport, so his location on that fateful day is unknown. He was not a suspect in the murder because he remained head of the company until 1998.

The "grieving" widow and her 3 sons at the
funeral of the senator at the Heinz Chapel.

Maria Teresa and her 3 sons were not on the plane!

No foul play was suspected, and the 2 helicopter pilots were blamed for the crash!.

Dead men tell no tales so they could not be questioned.


A memorial service with President Bush in
attendance was held at the National Cathedral.

As an only son, the late senator was sole heir to the Heinz billions. Nobody knows how much of that fortune Maria Teresa Heinz inherited, but it must have been substantial to entice John Kerry to marry her.

Maria Teresa Heinz married Democrat John Kerry in 1995

Incredibly, the "grieving" widow married her late husband's colleague in the Senate. It was very easy for her to make the switch from Republican to Democrat.

John Kerry married Maria Teresa Heinz in Nantucket, Massachusetts, on May 26, 1995.


The billionairess married John Kerry in 1995.

With unlimited funds the sky was the limit.

With his wife's billions backing him up, he ran for the Presidency against George W. Bush in 2004.


With his wife's billions behind him, Kerry tried
to replace George W. Bush in 2004.

With unlimited funding he expected to win and serve for 8 years. Then it would be Hillary Clinton's turn in 2012.

The war in Iraq was the burning issue in 2004. In order to get elected, Kerry castigated Bush for invading Iraq, and that cost him a lot of votes. He wasn't very disappointed with the loss because he expected to run again in 2008.

Professor Joe Biden and John Kerry are "Purgatory" Catholics!

Hillary Clinton resigned from the Senate to take the position of secretary of state. The Senate is the most exclusive club in the world, with only 100 members. Hillary Clinton had to make John F. Kennedy, Jr. fall from the sky in order to join that club!

With her hand on the Bible, Hillary was sworn-in
as secretary of state on Jan. 21, 2009.

John Kerry expected to be Vice President under Obama in 2009, but that position went to Professor Biden.

As a consolation he expected to be secretary of state, but that position went to Hillary Clinton.

Finally, in 2013, he became secretary of state during under Obama's second term.


With his hand on the Bible, Kerry was sworn-in
as secretary of state on February 1, 2013.

John Kerry wanted the position of secretary of state in 2009, but he deferred to Hillary because he knew that she would resign in 2013 to concentrate on her 2016 Presidential bid.

Hillary Clinton castigating Prime Minister
Putin on the radio in Moscow.

In October 2009, secretary of state Hillary Clinton delivered an anti-Putin speech at a Moscow radio station, where she castigated him for "human rights abuses" and invading Georgia.

Kerry castigated Bush for invading Iraq, but he was gung-ho about invading Syria.

Kerry meetings with the Putin double to discuss
the war in Syria, March 24, 2016.

The invasion of Syria would have compounded the disastrous situation in the Mideast, with millions of Muslims displaced and invading Western Europe!

The official Professor


Professor Joe Biden and John Kerry were terrible disappointed that Hillary was not in the White House in 2017.

In 2021, the Biden double invented a new position for Kerry called a "Special Envoy for Climate."

It is not as powerful a position as Vice President, or secretary of state, but Kerry still has the Heinz billions!

What makes those 2 men tick is the fact that they are both "Purgatory" Catholics, and any crime is justified if it advances the agenda of the "Church Militant."


The current John Kerry portrait.

It is a very, very dangerous to be an honest, patriotic politician in the New Jerusalem at the end of time....The murder of so many prominent people since 1989 cannot be attributed to the weather, pilot error, or mechanical failure!

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