Chapter 6

The Pope's "Preventive War" Miscarries

The signs were in that same year (February, 1951) that Pius XII had warned Catholics of the "barbaric invasion." The U.S. and sundry other Catholic Hierarchies followed suit. Pius XII's was not mere rhetoric. It was the colorful wrapper of a colossal promotion of religious mass superstition, directed at fostering ideological fanaticism via the cult of Fatima, the miracles of the whirling sun, and the divine messages direct from heaven to the Pope, as complementary aids to the diplomatic, political and, above all, military activities which, meanwhile, had been set in operation throughout the West.

These military activities were not confined to any abstract armchair strategies. They were real, positive and concrete. The general of the American Army, on the active list, who had been designated ambassador to the Vatican had not been assigned there to count the number of rosaries being granulated by American visitors. He had originally been posted to Rome "to assist coordinating the effort to combat the communist menace" with the Vatican (i.e. with Pope Pius XII) "vigorously engaged in the struggle against communism," as the explanatory statement from the White House had itself declared on October 21, 1951, after announcing the appointment.[1]

Mr. Kennan, leader of the "Free Russia Committee," designated as U.S. ambassador to Moscow, went there in 1952, while Mr. Dulles appealed to the world to speed up a powerful atomic striking force "to deter the threat of Russian aggression by a decisive counterstroke." [2]

In Europe super-Catholic Chancellor Adenauer, who daily recited the rosary to Our Lady of Fatima, in November 1951 went to Paris to meet another Catholic leader, also a devotee of Our Lady, French Foreign Minister and former Prime Minister Schuman, to plan the building of a supranational army "to fight to save Christian civilization." Simultaneously with all these sinister events, a gloomy world press reported that the head of all the American and European armed forces, General Eisenhower, had arrived in the Holy City, preceded and followed by the Foreign, economic and war ministers of twelve European nations, meeting in Rome to organize the "anti-Russian military front." General Eisenhower informed the war ministers of the twelve nations that they had met to rearm the West as fast as possible, because of the imminence of a new Dark Age and of a "new barbaric invasion," the very words used by Pope Pius XII.

Their task? The prompt organization of an American-led European Army of forty fully-armed fighting divisions by 1952 and of one hundred by 1953, the very same dates when Collier's special issue had so confidently predicted the invasion and occupation of Russia would take place.

General Omar Bradley, Chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, meanwhile was received in audience by Pius XII (end of November, 1951), followed shortly afterwards (December 6, 1951) by Field Marshall Lord Montgomery, Deputy Supreme Commander of Allied Forces in Europe.[3]

Sundry Army, Navy and Air Force saturation-bombing experts from Spain, France, England and, above all, the U.S., continued to be granted audiences by His Holiness, Pius XII. To read the official lists of war leaders visiting him at this period is like reading a list of war leaders going to be briefed at a global super-Pentagon. While the council of the war ministers of twelve nations, and the sundry generals on active lists, were sitting under the walls of the Vatican, the Australian Parliament were asked to give a pledge of secrecy before being addressed by one of their generals, H. Robertson, former Commander in Chief, Commonwealth Forces in Japan. The general's secret message? "Major hostilities (that is, World War III) were going to break out soon." [4]

The following year (June, 1952), the Vatican protested that Communist agents had tried to steal secret documents from the Vatican Radio Station. These consisted of a "cipher book," which according to the radio director, Jesuit Father F. Soccorsi, "did not exist." Yet scores of Vatican staff were thoroughly fingerprinted. Cominform agents had, indeed, been ordered by Soviet Intelligence to get hold of the "nonexistent" Vatican Radio's cipher book. Why? Simply because Vatican Radio was beaming code messages to anti-Communist intelligence and Catholic underground elements in sundry Communist countries. At that time it was broadcasting in over twenty languages, most of them those of Russia's satellites, such as Albanian, Ukranian, Lithuanian, etc.

Notwithstanding repeated denials, the Vatican finally had to admit that, while its Secretary of State was in communication with apostolic nunciatures "in cipher" quite often, information which it transmitted "and received" via its radio reached Rome through "underground channels." [5]

The reality of the situation, of course, was that the Vatican was communicating with its most active agents, as well as with some of the members of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (very often the same persons), ready to combine their efforts for the forthcoming "liberation" of Russia and other Communist countries. In this manner, the Vatican was acting not only for the U.S. but as the top intelligence of the Central Intelligence Agency itself.

Only a few months before, the U.S. government had passed a bill of the most ominous nature. This was the American Mutual Security Act. Its central mission: the planting, coordinating and directing of a vast intelligence system within the countries soon to be "liberated." The Act allocated no less than 100 million dollars for the creation of an army of saboteurs, spies, agents and terrorists, not only composed of anti-Communists residing in the U.S. and Europe, but "to help any selected persons who are residing . . . in the Soviet Union and her satellites . . . to form such persons into elements of the military forces." This, as a Congressman who introduced the Act explained, in order "to render aid for underground movements in Communist countries, starting with Russia."[6]

By 1952 (the year when the U.S. was to attack Russia), uniforms, the regulation shoulder flashes on which, instead of being U.S.A. ominously enough were U.S.S.R., had already been issued to selected groups of Eastern European émigrés who could speak fluent Russian. Significantly, the majority of these were Catholics.[7] In Rome, Catholic priests and Jesuits who had learned Russian and been trained in the practices of the Orthodox Church, were asked to "stand by."

Rome, claiming to be a center of peace, had become a vast, sinister center of war. The ever more imposing procession of generals, admirals, war ministers, saturation bombing experts, clanking their boots along the Vatican's marble corridors, was the damning demonstration that these individuals, professional war leaders, were there to see another war leader, Pope Pius XII—who, by way of a most ominous contrast, at this period had hardly received a peace delegation, either from the East or from the West. The skillful amalgamation of papal diplomacy, religious administrative might and organized superstition had made of the Pope one of the supreme war leaders in the active promotion of a third World War.

The identification of Fatima with the Vatican, and the calculated political exploitation of the religious belief in the new cult, were made crystal clear by the Papal Legate, Cardinal Tedeschini, when, after having told his one million listeners of "the messages" so miraculously sent to Pius XII by heaven, concluded with the significant question mark statement: "Is this not Fatima transported to the Vatican? Is this not the Vatican transformed to Fatima?"[8]

It was. For as the promise of Our Lady was the occupation and liberation of Russia, resulting in that country's ultimate conversion to the Catholic Church, so the sundry war leaders of the West, by planning an atomic war, had become the instruments of a vast politico-religious plot directed at the final attainment of that very objective. At the center of it all stood Pope Pius XII, repeatedly telling the Catholic millions that Our Lady had again performed the miracle for him personally in Rome in 1950, in order to cause him to go ahead with fulfilling her Fatima promise: the occupation, liberation and conversion of Soviet Russia. Thus, he had come squarely on the side of those lay forces which had decided to risk an all-out conflict to further their own plans.

The cult of Our Lady of Fatima, therefore, independently of its purely mystical factor, in the hands of Pope Pius XII had been expressly transformed into a psychological weapon of war directed at conditioning millions of Catholics to accept the outbreak of an atomic conflict. This, so as to carry out one of the most sinister designs of conquest of the Catholic Church in modern times. Albeit potentially to repeat, on a colossally large scale, all the horrors of Croatia. That Pius XII knew very well that his sinister activities with the many generals and politicians with whom he was continually dealing were no mere political bravado but terrible realities was proved not only by the secret disclosures at the Australian Parliament. It was authenticated by a person, who, more perhaps than anybody else, knew what was going on in the sacred corridors of Washington and the Vatican. Namely, none other than the President of the United States himself.

Harry S. Truman, when all the above was going on, was President. As such, being at the very center of these machinations, he was bound to deal with the very forces then working for the promotion of a Third World War. "There are a few misguided people who want war to straighten out the present world situation," he wrote. After which (December 9, 1951) he added in despair: "We had conference after conference on the jittery situation facing the country. I have worked for peace for five years and six months, and it looks like World War 111 is near."[9]

This, it must be noted, was while Pius XII was telling Catholics to prepare to fight "the barbaric invasion" and had disclosed to them how the Virgin of Fatima had personally sent him a message concerning the conversion of Russia to the Catholic Church, with all the horrific implications of a war holocaust in it. The launching of an "atomic preventive war" miscarried. Yet the attempt to unleash it upon the world should not be forgotten. It might have succeeded.


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