Rockefeller Buys Encyclopedia Britannica!!

The Encyclopedia Britannica was first published in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 100 weekly parts from 1768 to 1771. It was then bound into three volumes. This work was planned by a "Society of Gentlemen," composed of three Scots: editor William Smellie, who wrote the principal articles, printer Colin Macfarquhar, and engraver Andrew Bell. It contained distinct treatises and long articles but also included definitions of technical and other terms in alphabetical order. These general characteristics have been retained in each of the successive editions since the 18th century. The second edition, published between 1777 and 1784, also in weekly parts, was eventually accumulated in 10 volumes.

The last free independent edition was the 9th Edition published from 1875 to 1890.

Last edition of the famous encyclopedia before it became the property of the Rockefeller syndicate.


Britannica becomes "Britannica, Inc.," after its purchase by the Standard Oil Company.

There was no 10th Edition of the Encyclopedia. Like the Titanic, it must have sunk while making the crossing of the Atlantic....The Rockefeller syndicate came out with the 11th edition around 1910.

A unique example of U.S. British cooperation!!

By 1900, the Encyclopedia had left Great Britain to seek its fortune in the New World. But guess what? Cambridge University in England now does the editing. There was no warning about this chicanery in the 11th edition. This proves that "SCHOLARS" can be bribed by Rockefeller money just as well as oil refiners, railway owners, and politicians.

Cambridge University was once a bastion of the Reformation. William Tyndale -- the father of the King James Bible -- was a student there.

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Lies and Fallacies of the Encyclopedia Britannica by Joseph McCabe.

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