Last photo of Avro Manhattan

Last photo of Mr. Manhattan before his homegoing in Nov. 1990

A shory biography of Baron Avro Manhattan

Born April 6, 1914, in Milan, Italy, of American and Swiss/Dutch parents. He was educated at the Sorbonne in Paris and the London School of Economics. He was jailed in Italy for refusing to serve in the Fascist dictator Mussolini's army. While imprisoned in the Alps he wrote his first book on astronomy.

During the war, Mr. Manhattan operated a radio station called Radio Freedom broadcasting to the partisans in occupied Europe. For this service he was made a Knight of Malta. His aristocratic roots meant that he was a Knight of the House of Savoy as well as a Knight Templar and a Knight of the Order of Mercedes.

His more than 20 books include the best-selling The Vatican in World Politics, one of the best-selling books of all time. It was translated into most major languages including Chinese, Russian and most recently, Korean.

He was a member of the Royal Society of Literature, Society of Authors, Ethical Union, P.E.N., British Interplanetary Society, etc.

His other books include:

The Rumbling of the Apocalypse, Airoldi, 1934;

Towards the new Italy (Preface by H.G. Wells), Lindsay Drummond, 1943;

Latin America and the Vatican, C.A. Watts, 1946.

The Catholic Church Against The Twentieth Century, C.A.Watts, 1947, 2nd edition, 1950;

The Vatican in Asia, C.A. Watts, London, 1948.

Religion in Russia, C.A.Watts, London, 1949.

Catholic Imperialism and World Freedom, C.A. Watts, London 1952, 2nd edition, 1959;

Terror Over Yugoslavia, the Threat to Europe, C.A. Watts, London, 1953;

The Dollar and the Vatican, Pioneer Press, London, 1956, 3rd edition, 1957.

Vatican Imperialism in the 20th Century, Zondervan, Michigan, 1965.

The Vatican Billions, Chick Pub., Los Angeles,1983.

Catholic Terror in Ireland, Chick Pub., Los Angeles, 1988.

Vatican Moscow Washington Alliance, Chick Pub, 1982.

Vietnam . . . why did we go?, Chick Pub, Los Angeles, 1984.

The Vatican's Holocaust, Ozark Books, Springfield, MO.1986.

Murder in the Vatican, American Russian and Papal Plots, Ozark Books, Springfield, MO. 1985.

His friends included H. G. Wells, Pablo Picasso, George Bernard Shaw, and scientist Marie Stopes.

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