For the first 3 centuries, there were 10 great pagan persecutions of Christianity, culminating in the longest and bitterest under Emperor Diocletian. It is called the Era of the Martyrs, and the bishops and deacons were always the first to be arrested and executed. In Roma, it is known as the Era of the Catacombs, when the life of the Christians consisted of persecutions above ground . . . and prayer underground. Persecution kept the Congregation pure and nobody lifted up his head above his brothers, or sought preeminence.

Pope Clement I (8899)
never existed.

It is historical fiction to claim that there were any Popes in Roma prior to Pope Julius I.

The handsome Emperor Trajan was sole ruler of the Empire during the reign of the mythical Pope Clement I.

After 313, when Romulus and Remus became Saints Peter and Paul, the stage was set for the rise of the Papacy!


Roman Emperor Trajan (53117). Emperor from 98 to 117.

The name Cement is a Latin name and it means mild or merciful. The PR department at the Vatican could not have chosen 2 better names than "Innocent" and Clement.

Pope Clement II.
Pope from 1046 to 1047.

One of the first acts of the new Pope Clement II was the coronation of Henry III as "Holy Roman" Emperor.

That happened on December 25, 1046.

Then the newly crowned "Roman" Emperor was sent back to his palace at Aachen, in Germania.



Fake "Roman" Emperor Henry III. (1017–1056).
Reigned from 1046 to 1056.

Pope Clement was succeeded by Pope Benedict IX, who was pontiff on 3 different occasions. His third term followed Clement's Papacy in 1047.

Pope Clement III (1130–1191).
Pope from 1187 to 1191.

Clement III was pontiff during the Third Crusade when 3 rivals vied for power: King Richard the Babylonian Lionheart, King Philip Augustus of France, and Barbarossa.

In April 1189, Frederick Barbarossa "Redbeard" left Germany with over 100,000 men to conquer Constantinople and then Jerusalem.

Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine had spies in the German camp and Barbarossa was assassinated by "drowning" before he reached Constantinople.


Frederick Barbarossa
"Roman" Emperor from 1155 to 1190.

The Third Crusade turned out to be a complete disaster: Barbarossa was assassinated, King Philip of France returned home, and that left the Babylonian Lionheart free to conspire with Saladin in the Mideast.

Pope Clement IV (11901268).
Pope from 1265 to1268.

Denial of the Holy Trinity is the cardinal doctrine of Islam!

At the beginning of his pontificate, Clement summoned monk Thomas Aquinas to Roma to be his "spiritual adviser."

Aquinas, called the "Dumb Ox," was one of the foremost theologians in the Babylonian system.

He advocated replacing triune immersion in baptism with single immersion, and he adopted the filioque, which states that the Holy Spirit is a hybrid!


Thomas Aquinas

Aquinas admitted that Augustine required triune immersion, but then he quoted Pope Gregory to show that the rite was changed to single immersion by the Spanish Fourth Council of Toledo in 633:

On the contrary, Gregory wrote to the Bishop Leander: "It cannot be in any way reprehensible to baptize an infant with either a trine or a single immersion: since the Trinity can be represented in the three immersions, and the unity of the Godhead in one immersion." (Robinson, History of Baptism, p. 200).

Baptism by triune immersion is the first and most essential rite in Christianity, and it is meant to portray the Holy Trinity in an unmistakable manner. Additionally the Fourth Council of Toledo adopted the filioque, which erroneously states that the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father . . . and the Son!

Pope Clement V (1264–1314).
Pope from 1305 to 1314.

Pope Clement V was the first Avignon Pope.

On Friday, October 13, 1307—a very, very "lucky day" for France, King Philip secretly arrested all the Templars. They were guilty of all kinds of abominable crimes. The worst was worshipping Moloch.

In 1311, at the urging of King Philip, Pope Clement V convened the Council of Vienne, which officially abolished the Knights Templar.


King Philip IV (12681314).
King from 1285 to 1314.

That suppression by the king of France and Pope Clement V was the precursor to the permanent and perpetual abolition of the Jesuits in 1773.

Pope Clement VI (
Pope from 1342 to 1352.

Pope Clement VI was the Fourth Avignon Pope!

The year 1335 had passed and Europe was still not Muslim, so he used the keys of Romulus and Remus to unlock the Bottomless Pit.

No contemporary survivor could explain the true cause of the Black Death, only that it originated around the Euphrates River.

That dire event was predicted in Chapter 11 of the Apocalypse.

Most of Europe was doing the
Dance of Death in '48 and '49, and
Clement was playing the tune.

People reported seeing strange lights in the sky like modern day UFO's. No natural or rational explanation has been offered for the origin of plague because it was indeed supernatural!

The Black Death did not make Europe Muslim, but it opened the door to the Terrible Turks, who began threatening Constantinople about that time.

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